Top 10 must-watch life-changing yoga documentaries 

The mindfulness films for every yogi 

If you are a yoga or a wannabe, we take you on a journey to respond to life’s big questions, by sharing stories of people who have changed their lives through the practice of yoga. The best entertainment comes packed with our top 10 picks of meditation, mindfulness & yoga documentaries.

Exercise is a type of activity that promotes strength and wellness. There are lots of benefits that exercise can contribute to our body. It helps to regulate the blood flow properly. It helps in releasing hormones that are essential for brain function. It has a vital role in maintaining good cardiac activity.

Aside from those benefits, exercise also promotes a stress-free lifestyle and a big help in improving one’s mental health. This article is about yoga and the ten documentaries you need to watch as an enthusiast.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an exercise that helps in improving one’s mind, focus, and body. It is an ancient exercise originating from India that focuses on your movement, mental health, improves breathing technique, and promotes the practice of meditating. It is also considered a therapeutic exercise that contributes to a healthy mind and body. 

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Benefits of Yoga 

Is this your first time hearing about yoga? Do not worry because you are not alone. Before performing a yoga exercise, you must know its benefits and risks. Here are some of the benefits of yoga exercise:  

  • Improves flexibility and balance 
  • Relieves back pain 
  • Ease swollen joints, especially for people with Arthritis 
  • Improves cardiac activity 
  • Results to a better sleep 
  • Increases physical and mental energy 
  • It helps in managing one’s stress 
  • Improves alertness 
  • It connects you with yourself and other people 
  • Promotes self-care 

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Take note: Yoga is not for all people, and there are still limitations in doing this exercise. If you are about to try yoga, you need to consult an expert before pushing through with the exercise, especially if you have physical conditions. Yoga may cause immobility and other severe conditions if not performed properly. 

10 Life-Changing Yoga Documentaries you should watch to get started 

These ten yoga documentaries can help you become inspired in continuing your yoga journey. Each film shares an inspiring testimony with a story on how yoga changed their lives:

1. Awake: The Life of Yogananda (2014)

This is about the story of a man who shares with the world how Indians practice meditation and yoga. Witness how his story brings a big impact on a person’s spiritual behaviour. 


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2. Samsara (2011)

Samsara is a Sanskrit word, meaning “the ever-turning wheel of life.” This film portrays humanity and our roles in life. It is quite similar to interactive films that let us interpret and use our imagination through the help of music and images.  


3. I AM (2010)

This is an excellent documentary for yogis and people who wonder how they can play a significant role in the world’s improvement and how they can contribute to a better life. 


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4. I Am Not Your Guru (2016)

Sometimes, we questioned ourselves about the clarity and genuine meaning of self-love. This documentary film will make you stop asking and help you radiate the self-love you are longing for. 


5. The Secret (2006)

Do you believe that the things you attract the most will mainly become yours? Believe in the magic of the “Law of Attraction” and start building up the foundation of your spiritual practice. 



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6. In Pursuit of Silence (2015)

This is one of the highly recommended documentaries that will teach us to appreciate the beauty in silence and how noise can make an impact in our lives. 


7. The Power of the Heart

Sometimes, we tend to forget that our heart also plays a vital role in making decisions. Watch this documentary and learn how to listen and trust what your heart is telling you. 


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8. Waking Life (2001) 

This film is perfect for people who are curious about life’s deep meaning and those who still doubt their mind’s power and capability. 


9. Peaceful Warrior (2006)

This is about a famous novel inspired by true events that will make you appreciate life and become a better person despite the hard life lessons and mental challenges we faced. 


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10. The Connection

This documentary film unveils the deeper knowledge and power of medicine and different stories of people that turn their hopeless situation into inspiring stories of recovery and renewal. 



There are lots of ways to improve your physical and mental health. All you need to do is to become resourceful. The yoga documentaries mentioned above can turn your wondering into witnessing life-changing scenarios of different people across the globe. You might as well want to try it by yourself. There are lots of means to try and experience yoga. If you do not have extra money to enroll in a yoga class, there are lots of videos online that you can use for free in the comfort of your home. When to start? Start as early as possible! Do not miss any chance to make your body a home of positive thoughts and a healthy, sound mind. You can start by checking out these true-to-life stories of yogis and their success.

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Top 10 must-watch life-changing yoga documentaries

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