Ready to join our community of eco-bloggers?

We would like to give contributors (professional or occasional) the opportunity to be part of our high-quality non-sponsored articles that we publish on Ourgoodbrands. We have very high ethical standards and so we are looking forward to meeting genuine blogger committed to the sustainability cause.

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How it works

If you decide to apply to become a contributor, together we select well-researched topics. In the process, we help the contributor to structure and edit the article to maintain easy readability to generate high traffic. 

Each contributor will get a bio profile and potentially be featured across selected digital channels, with options to write for us on a regular basis.

What are some of the topics we like to write about?

Ethical Fashion, Eco-friendly fabrics, Innovative eco-materials, Fair trade, Ethical certifications, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Empowerment of communities, Positive green activism, Environmentally-friendly initiatives, Minimalism, Zero Waste, Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Organic, Educational impact.


Please follow carefully the process below if you want to contribute with a guest blog:

  • Read and download the guidelines.
  • Email us at and share with us at least 3x titles for a content pitch.
  • We choose the topic together and you share with us your social media handles to proof authenticity (yes we get a lot of inbound agencies with fake profiles, which won’t be tolerated).
  • The article should be written within 2 weeks in an original word document with the images attached to the email.
  • Biography with profile image must be sent, including all the personal (not business) social media handles.
  • We will review the article and give you feedback.
  • As soon as the article is finished we will schedule it in our editorial calendar ready for publishing.
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