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The revolutionising fashion recycling app to ReGAIN with discount codes

An App based in circular fashion partnerships and rewarding sustainable behaviour of consumers

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Because we will never stop buying clothes, the minimum we could do is recycle them. This UK based tech brand has implemented a fashion recycling program that has a long-term goal: a world in which clothes never become waste. It’s 100% FREE and also rewarding, as ReGain has teamed-up with some fashion, lifestyle and experience brands to give you access to discounts. A true example of a circular business model that can only operate if we work together and if we all make better choices. If you just change your textile recycling habits.

Did you know that 70% of the global population are second-hand clothing users? That’s over 5 billion people, and they need your clothing much more than the landfill does.

ReGain comes with this tech to change our textile recycling habits. A platform with a circular economy business model, but most importantly a profound change in the way we conceive fashion and waste. Because many things are made out of recycled clothing, from the stuffing in your mattress, your favourite armchair or the seats in your car. Clothes are also reborn as cleaning cloths and industrial blankets.

With their app they plan to address three main fast fashion issues:

Regain fashion recycling app fast fashion problems

“The only time clothes won’t get used again is if you throw them in the bin, so why do it? We recycle fashion because it is a sin to throw something away that can still be used. That is apart from the obvious harm it would do to the environment.” ReGain

ReGain is an app that gives us all an opportunity to recycle clothes in a way that is easier, faster; more efficient. It’s a promise for your clothes not to end up in landfills, giving them the chance to be reused, or recycled by using damaged textiles for other purposes. A second, third or fourth life.

“We don’t claim we are going to save the planet. But we are going to make it a bit better. A bit tidier and a bit more sustainable.” ReGain

Regain fashion recycling app Quote tagline values

While this app puts into place systems for fashion recycling, they solve three big problems with a sustainable solution: avoiding clothes going to the landfill, making some extra place in your wardrobe and rewarding you for implementing good habits.

How to use ReGain fashion recycling app?

Regain fashion recycling app infographic steps how to use

The ethical app ReGain is completely free to download; even the shipping is for free! To us, sounds like everyone wins!! By doing this, you are helping fashion to become circular. And circular is the only way to go. Thank you.

ReGain startup launched in April 2018 and is already spread across the UK. Some of the other fashion brands and retailers that have joined the circular fashion recycling program are SuperDry, Asics, New Balance, Boohoo and Missguided. Other businesses such as lifestyle brands and experiences are Expedia,, EVE Sleep and

To be or not to be. Is your brand planning to join too?

Some brands we know started-up by using recycled plastic for their products are the yoga and bikini wear Think Love Live, The Salvage, and Crystal Flow, and the backpacks 8hz. There are many more ethical brands we are connected to… if you want to come on board, reach out and we can give you some advice on how to manufacture, the best materials to make it truly sustainable, and how to get your business model for your social entrepreneurial venture right from the beginning!

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