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23 recycled plastic bottles made this backpack. From their headquarters in California, the guys of 8hz have started strong! Their collaboration with Saber, one of most well-known graffiti artists in the USA, has brought you a reversible bag with a great design. Functional, whether you travel or you decide to use the recycled plastic backpack every day, carry your impact and beat 8hz.

8hz is the beat of the planet, an electromagnetic field surrounding the earth; connecting us all, humans. This is why the recycled plastic backpack takes this name.

The brand wants us to connect back to nature. A backpack you can carry everywhere, to showcase that every little contribution matters. That the fashion industry does not need to use virgin plastic to produce high quality and cool, trendy, hip!

8 hz plastic recycled backpack reversible

That we can produce at home, with no need to sweatshop or manufacture the products in countries where the process is highly detrimental to the environment, or to the people working in the factories.

“This is why we chose to make our products out of waste and help this way of manufacturing become the new norm.” Mateo Neri, CEO & Co-founder

The wake-up call came when Mateo Neri was working for a large project on climate change with scientist and health experts around the world. He was stocked on how suffocated the planet was, and his firsts steps to contribute was to enter the world of recycling, upcycling and more specifically, saving the oceans.

This is how the heart of 8hz beats: making beautiful products out of recycled materials and working with an organisation to help prevent plastics from getting into the oceans.

The shell and liner fabric of the backpacks are 100% made out of recycled plastic bottles, and the dyes and treatments are also eco-friendly.

8 hz plastic recycled backpack infographic impact

The 8hz Hatch backpack takes 23 bottles to make, preventing to go into the landfills and oceans. 8hz just launched, but on every plastic recycled backpack, we are saving so much more than plastic going to the oceans.

The plastic recycled backpack has 75% less carbon footprint, 70% less energy consumption and 86% less water consumption.

8hz recycled plastic backpack – MADE IN USA

The production takes place right in California. Choosing the U.S. for the full process wasn’t the cheapest route, but 8hz can name every single person behind the brand.

“We pride ourselves in designing all our products here both in Northern California and Southern California. Frankie designs, prototypes and test products out of the farm, and then our Ventura team makes patterns and production.” Mateo Neri

One of the latest collaborations that became a reality for 8hz was to get on board the well-known graffiti and fine artist Saber. He is the one who created the world’s largest graffiti piece on the bank of the LA River, which was visible and documented by satellites in space.

8 hz plastic recycled backpack Saber graffiti collection

Saber believes in the project on saving the oceans and is “extremely passionate and dedicated”,  as Mateo proudly explains. The contribution to 8hz does not only limit to just doing art but also as a strategist and connector.

“What’s great, is that Saber can go off the cuff and do whatever he wants, that’s who he is as an artist but it is powerful to see him communicate this through his medium and emotion.” Mateo Neri

The 8Hz backpack is reversible, two designs for one backpack. Here’s how Saber smashes it!

8 hz plastic recycled backpack infographic impact Saber art8 hz plastic recycled backpack infographic impact

If you are curious how the production looks like, here is a pretty cool animation showing the process of making the products – “from bottle to backpack”.

The manufacturing happens in Ventura, where the backpacks are crafted by experts, like Alba Alargunsoro, who have made quality products for Patagonia for 25 years.

8 hz plastic recycled backpack made USA California Saber

The fabric 8hz works with is Waste2Wear, which has earned an official certification that verifies every step of the recycling process (SCS), as well as a Garment Quality Guaranteed by international test reports (ITS) and BSCI approved production facilities.

Also, the non-profit partner is local. The 8% of the profits goes to 5 Gyres, an organisation that empowers action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education and adventure.

A promising future for 8hz

And there’s more yet to come! 8hz started with backpacks because this is one of the items we use and need on a daily basis and it only takes one decision that matters. But what the brand aims for is to “impact this industry to do better. We want to collaborate with brands to help them become more sustainable, whether it is manufacturing for them or co-branding, our goal is on a much bigger scale to help the planet.”

8hz is also looking into clothing, however, they have realised that “rPET, it is not up to our standard because of the microplastics that get was he into the water streams, so we are looking into other options”.

To start with, the team is currently innovating and testing with 3D printing with 90-100% recycled material for backpack parts and products that will include accessories, household goods, office goods and more. Stay tuned!

8 hz plastic recycled backpack Saber graffiti USA

Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below, and we will make it happen!

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