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Crystal Flow | Sustainable swim and sportswear directly out of the ocean.

One girl's trash is another girl's bikini. 100% regenerated Italian fibre made with consciousness

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Call out to all the ocean lovers, who dream living in paradise seeking new adventures. What if you decide to choose a sustainable swim and sportswear brand that respects the environment by using recycled fibres instead of creating new ones. The ocean is pretty full of trash already, huh?

Imagine walking on the Caribbean beaches, wild waterfalls and endless coastlines. With your Crystal Flow bikini… a sustainable swim and sportswear.

Selecting this brand is a betting to help to keep our oceans clean. Reusing trash was the most important for Crystal Flow, as there is already enough waste and no reason to produce more. One girl’s trash is another girl’s bikini.

Choosing swim and sportswear that recovers plastic waste is the right alternative for ocean lovers, confident women that have the urge to experience the unknown and continuously seeking adventure. For women who are living a fast moving and healthy life with respect for the environment, the dedication to keep our planet clean.

From surf to yoga, or other challenging action sports and workouts, the designs are perfectly made to give your body the flow it needs. Functional, soft, quick-drying material; stylish and available in various bright colours for eco-warriors to shine in paradise.

Crystal flow creates swim and sportswear made of 100% regenerated Italian material, ECONYL. The waste Econyl recovers come from fishing, fluff (the upper part of old, spent Nylon carpets), yarn discards and fabric scraps.

The sportswear designs are made and manufactured ethically in Europe. We truly like the photo of headquarters where the Crystal flow activewear is produced. Shocking, since we are more used to see people in underdeveloped countries living in harsh conditions and low wages – a consequence of the fast fashion industry.

crystal flow sustainable swim and sportswear fair-trade production

Make sure you look into their sustainable swim and sportswear designs.

And don’t forget to use the “Ourgoodbrands” discount code to get a 10% OFF!!

Keep our planet clean and spread the word among other like-minded females to bring awareness on what is possible in fashion. 

sustainable swim and sportswear Crystal flow econyl recycled fibre


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