5 Tips to become a more sustainable traveling business person

Travel in business can add on a huge carbon footprint, but with these few tips, you can drastically decrease your impact while making your trip more comfortable!

We all hope for life on the road to be as hassle-free as we can make it, especially when traveling by plane. It’s easy to develop jet-lag, make packing errors, or get bored on a long flight. Our travel planner pros have been there, done that, and found a better way to fly the friendly skies. Read here some clever hacks for surviving life on the go.

1. Be Conscious of Your Impact

Although traveling is often necessary, it is important to do your best to reduce your carbon footprint. Consider where you are going and ask yourself in what ways you can do better. Think about the entirety of your trip and plan your decisions out beforehand. 

If you will need a car at your destination, consider renting an electric vehicle. If you have a long plane ride across the country, do your best to find a flight that has no stops. This is better for the environment due to the carbon emissions that planes release when taking off and landing. Try to research if it is possible to travel by boat or train. These are generally better for the environment.

5 Tips to become a more sustainable traveling business person

2. Pack Like A Pro

Some people just toss any old items in their bags and head for the airport, but a seasoned business traveler should have a packing strategy with the focus on mixing and matching. It is important to pack lightly in order to do your part by limiting carbon emissions from an airplane.

Using a lightweight 55x40x23 cm size cabin bag enhances this approach, minimizing the number of items needed and allowing for flexible clothing combinations for efficient packing.

This conscious packaging method not only streamlines travel but also helps limit excess weight on flights, thereby actively contributing to reducing your carbon footprint.

Adopting this eco-friendly approach to packing with reliable mid-sized hardshell suitcases is in line with eco-friendly travel practices and makes business trips more enjoyable without sacrificing essentials or style.

Pack a blazer with a matching skirt, pants, and dress. For men, choose a multi-tasking jacket, and match your pants, shirts, and ties accordingly. Dark colors are a wise choice for pants and jackets because they can hide any spills. Don’t forget to be practical with shoes as they take up a lot of room in your bag.

3. Be Prepared for the Flight

Sure, you can always nap, especially if it’s a long flight, but coming prepared is the best way to go. Don’t rely on in-flight entertainment and instead try to amuse yourself in a number of ways. 

There’s always listening to music, finishing last-minute details of your trip, playing games on your device, or reading. When you want to stay connected with all of your digital platforms, an epub viewer is convenient for the traveling business person. It syncs seamlessly and optimizes the reading experience. You can now carry a library of books with you on your travels.

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4. Drink Up On The H2O

Let’s face it. Every airplane features arid conditions, and it doesn’t take long for your body to feel the dehydration. Travel experts recommend plenty of water both before and during the flight. Do your best to avoid using plastic water bottles, and instead try to bring your own reusable water bottle. This way you are not contributing to plastic waste in the world. 

The Aerospace Medical Association states that you should drink about eight ounces of water for every hour you’re in the air, especially if you’re on flights longer than three or four hours. If your flight is shorter than that, you will be okay and won’t be experiencing any major dehydration. 

Don’t chug all the water at once, however, because you’re not getting any of the benefits that way. Your kidneys will be excreting water faster that way. The good news about making trips to the bathroom during flight is the exercise for your legs in preventing blood clots. Avoid crossing your legs during the trip, and avoid alcohol before and during travel.

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5. Maximum Charge Before You Fly

The night before you hop on a plane, make sure all of your favorite devices have been amped with the maximum juice necessary. Items like your phone, laptop, tablet, and the like should all be ready to go in the morning. 

If you are traveling overseas, don’t forget to bring along the correct adaptors and converters for your electronic devices. Bring a portable backup power charger, too, to give a quick charge to your phone so that you have battery life when you land.

5 Tips to become a more sustainable traveling business person

Business trips should be as stress-free and productive as they can while being aware of your impact on the environment. You should make your flight as close to a pleasurable trip without actually heading on vacation. Our tips outlined above should help you get to where you’re going in an organized and relaxed manner, and hopefully, you can enjoy a little downtime in between meetings.

5 Tips to become a more sustainable traveling business person

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