5 Sustainably frugal ways to deal with low income & bad paydays

How individuals can be get empowered and be more frugal with low incomes

Do you need some tips to address low incomes and save money? Here are some empowering and emergency tips that can help.

There may come a time in your life when the money that you’re earning is simply not enough to cover your expenses. Or if you work shifts, it might be that you’re not working as much as you were, which can lead to lower pay at the end of the month. 

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There are other ways that you can deal with a low wage at the end of the month, here are 5 tips to help you.

1. Create an emergency fund 

When it comes to dealing with a period of lower pay, creating an emergency fund is always advantageous. You’ll have to start your emergency fund as soon as you can, this means transferring money from your current account to your savings. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just as much as you can afford – but it will all mount up. 

Your emergency fund can be used for exactly that. If you are faced with an emergency expense that your monthly income will not cover, you will be able to deal with it easily. You can also use your emergency fund to top-up periods of low pay, so you can still pay primary expenses easily. 

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2. Talk to your employer 

If you think you are not being paid enough for what you do, or if you work shifts, and you’re not getting as many as you need to help you pay your bills, the best place to start is to talk to your employer about it. 

By doing this, you can make your position clear to them, and they may be able to help you. If you’ve been a trustworthy employee for a long time, getting your work done, and meeting your targets, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask if there’s a possibility for a raise in pay. 

If there are any new positions or promotions within your current workplace, you should apply for them if you think you can do the job. Talking to your employer and letting them know your pay is not covering expenses could be helpful. 

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3. Apply for better-paid jobs 

If you’re worried about your pay, applying for other jobs that pay more is advantageous. If you are hoping to stay working in the sector that you’re currently in, search for jobs that you’re qualified to do and have experience in, that offer a higher salary. 

If you’re thinking about diversifying your skills, you could take the time to research an online course in a completely new job to help you get the boost you need when it comes to your monthly salary. 

Make sure your CV is up to scratch and start applying – and don’t be afraid to apply for jobs you’re not 100% qualified for, you never know what might happen! 

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4. Create a budget 

When you’re struggling with money, one of the best things that you can do is create a budget to stick to. Look at your income for the month and subtract your primary outgoings – this refers to your mortgage, rent, car, and debt repayments – things you cannot live without. 

This can help you identify how much you have left to work with for the month so you can live within your means. It helps you to manage your money more effectively and allows you to identify whether you need to cut your spending. 

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5. Cut unnecessary spending 

After you’ve created a budget, you should look at where you are spending and see if there is anything you can cut back on. Think about if you’re spending too much on your weekly shopping – could you switch supermarkets to a cheaper solution? 

Make sure you don’t have any memberships or subscriptions that you’re still paying for that you never use! You might not think they amount to much in the long run, but they can still free up an extra bit of cash flow to help you manage your money, and periods of low income more easily. 

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