How do the 6 R’s apply to fashion?

It’s time for the R Sustainable Fashion Show

Reinvent, Reconfigure, Restyle, Reproduce, Recreate and Reclaim. This edition is all about the hoarding “Ocean Pollution” topic, for which fashion design students of Edinburg University have created the most exciting sustainable fashion event. A showcase of concepts, materials and innovative solutions to give ocean waste a second-life.

24th March 2019. The second edition of a show that is meant to help discover what the future of fashion is going to look like. The R Sustainable Fashion Show is more than an event, an invitation to being involved in a conversation with passionate young artists and designers about the rising issues surrounding the fashion industry.

As founders Milda Lebedyte & Daniela Groza say, “Fashion designers must think about the consequences of their designs, and how they are going to impact the world, taking multi-functionality into consideration in their wearable creations.”

And that’s what R Sustainable Fashion show is going to bring into the debate.

Sustainability in design is connected to longevity. When creating a product, designers aim to tackle a specific problem. “For example, using recycled materials helps perpetuate a circular model of material production and use, which in turn extends the materials’ lifetime. In terms of material choice, we find that many of our designers use sustainable/novel/innovative materials as a source of inspiration, both on a physical and conceptual level.”

The reality is that designs are often dictated by the way that a specific material acts, but that doesn’t necessarily limit the idea but instead brings it to a new level. Therefore, sustainable design is meant to be environmentally conscious and responsible.

The R Sustainable Fashion Show has a holistic approach, because of the combination of art and science. The selected designers that will showcase have the challenge to work on the conceptual as well as the manipulation of the actual Repurposed materials by giving a new life to discarded items.

This show kicked off in 2018 under the topic of “Cycles”, for which the interest was focused on the never-ending processes of transformation, in this case, the life cycles and the transfiguration of out-of-style clothing items into new wearable pieces of art.

“Young designers are the future” in fashion, and from the projects taking part in the event, we can anticipate the future looks quite exciting.

R sustainable fashion show edinburg reinvent upcycled designer @aureliefontan.design
Incredible sustainable coat made from cable ties by4th-yearr Fashion student @aureliefontan.design
Model @annikawilder 
Photographer @photobyduncanholmes 
RSFS 2018 Cycles

For example, Daniela is manipulating beach plastics that she has collected herself, to turn them into new sculptural pieces of jewellery. Or Milda, who is exploring ways in which food waste can be used for dyeing or the creation of materials such as plastic. Some other upcycled items are textile waste or wood.  

Upcycled materials & local initiatives

The materials used in the different collections are collected from local initiatives such as The Edinburgh Remakery and Shrub.

The Edinburgh Remakery is a social enterprise, community repair hub and second-hand shop based in the Leith area of Edinburgh. Their vision is to create an alternative to a disposable society by making repair education accessible to all, to build a stronger, waste-free community and support vulnerable people within Edinburgh city. Definitely, an interesting business model to look into!

And very aligned, Shrub, a community-led co-operative working for a world without waste. They provide a welcoming space for rethinking our relationship to waste, reducing consumption and developing effective use of resources. And while they do so, Shrub delivers innovative waste prevention, creative reuse and repair practices and skills in a living laboratory of Circular Economy.

Although it’s not mandatory, the designers are encouraged to give a new life to the discarded items provided by The Edinburgh Remakery and Shrub, “This truly gives them a challenge when it comes to manipulating to fit their concept.”

In fact, the fashion design students of Edinburg University not necessarily were previously involved with sustainable fashion, making it an even more intriguing opportunity to utilise the R Sustainable Fashion Show to explore it hands-on. They will be the designers and creators of a more sustainable roadmap in the fashion, setting up a precedent for a more circular economy in fashion as well as eco-conscious practices on those who get involved.

R sustainable fashion show edinburg reinvent upcycled designer @mwilliams_design
Designer @mwilliams_design in RSFS 2018 Cycles

What to expect at the R Sustainable Fashion Show

The event will take place on March 24th, at the Jam House in Edinburgh, from 6 to 10 pm. Once doors are opened you will have a chance to admire the items showcased, dance performance, an exciting talk given by a representative from Fashion Revolution Organization.

This year there’s also an exhibition of a stack of local established ethical brands that have partnered up for raffle and giveaway vouchers to their online shops, eco-friendly skin products, gym memberships, and meals for two people from local restaurants.

The event will end with a preview of “the best of” One Cherry charity shop outfits, a local start-up that digitalises local Charity shops by implementing an online platform, for their products to be advertised, encouraging online charity shopping!

At Ourgoodbrands we are steady believers that this is going to have a huge impact on the education of young fashion designers and the whole fashion community in Edinburg. A wake-up call for all of our consciousness towards a more sustainable and circular economy for the fashion industry.

R sustainable fashion show edinburg reinvent upcycled designer @shannendorothee
Product design student @shannendorothee ?The collection draws inspiration from leaves. The assortment consists of chic and High street style.
Photo by @annemilne67 RSFS 2018 Cycles


R Sustainable Fashion Show 

Topic: Ocean Pollution

Venue: Jam House – Edinburgh, Scotland

Event capacity: 500 people

Date: 24th March

Co-founders: Milda Lebedyte & Daniela Groza, in collaboration with other students at the University of Edinburg.

Confirmed sponsors (so, Good Brands!):


Purl Soho

Bee Bee Wraps 

Rêve En Vert 

Mia Cosmetics 

Swedish Eco 

Monkee Genes 

The Conscious Co-Op 

Pit Putty 


White Rabbit Skincare 

Tick Over 


Neon Kactus 

Edinburgh Remakery




Primal Gym Hendersons

Melon Bay Café

Gautam Nepalese

East Pizzas


R sustainable fashion show edinburg reinvent upcycled
Sponsors 2019 R Sustainable Fashion Show Edinburg

Did you get your tickets yet? Common, this is a unique chance to be part of an exciting conversation around fashion, and you have to be part of it!

For more details, check out the full interview in the exciting conversation we had with the co-founders of the RSFS Milda Lebedyte & Daniela Groza.

Are you excited about the R Sustainable Fashion Show? Pop a comment below and support the Fashion Revolution cause!!

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