The 20 best sustainability apps for your eco-living journey

Top apps for sustainable living to download in 2020

Want to refill your water bottle? Or prefer using a search engine that plants trees? An app that helps to not waste food? Eco-living has just become loads more fun with these sustainability apps that help you keep track of your day-to-day efforts and eco-friendly habits.

Sustainability and healthy living are essential topics for the society this year. Due to Covid-19, almost half of the Earth population work remotely. It is the main start point for people to think of the environment and our harmful impact we make every time buying coffee in a plastic cup. Sustainability apps are tools that can help you live eco-friendly, so these are our favourite tools to help you start making small changes to your everyday life.

The 20 best sustainability apps for your eco-living journey
 Photo by Jack Sparrow from Pexels

TOP 20 sustainable apps in 2020

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The 20 best sustainability apps for your eco-living journey
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

1. Flora

How to motivate yourself to accomplish all planned tasks before the deadline? Exactly! Grow trees for each finished task. You read it right, because Flora is an app where you can track your progress by growing your tree. Everything is simple: Flora is a to-do list app. You create a task and set up a deadline. The task can be daily or monthly, it does not matter. What matters is that you will finally get your dream forest of achieving your goals. Isn’t it amazing? 

2. Refill

Would you like to join #RefillRevolution? Then this is an app for you. The Refill app is designed to help people use less plastic and save drinking water every day. The app shares a global network of Reduce, Reuse and Refill with the community. Even though it is just an app, it has a powerful background. Today we can help the Planet breathe together. Everything is in our hands (in our smartphones). 

3. OneSave/Day

OneSave/Day is the simplest way to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. The app suggests one eco-action per day which is easy to integrate into your daily life. Every individual action is multiplied by a global community resulting in a meaningful impact on our climate. You can follow your personal progress with monthly recaps and share your experience with Savers from all over the world. Download the app right here!

The 20 best sustainability apps for your eco-living journey

4. #Climate

#Climate is a unique app which can help us protect the environment. The idea is simple: you sign up and choose the issues you would like to be involved in. Daily or weekly, depends on your chosen frequency, you get notifications about new ideas or plans on how to solve the problem. You can also share your ideas with the community. It is practical for the climate change activists to share information and bring essential problems and its solutions to the World’s attention. 

5. Cogo

Cogo app is connecting people and businesses with the same values. This app is the first step to become a carbon-neutral hero. By signing up to the app you show your support to restaurants or shops with less harm impact to the environment. The app tracks your carbon footprint in real-time through your bank transactions (yes, you need to band it with your credit/debit card). No worries, your information is secured, moreover, CoGo is fully GDPR compliant.

6. Open Litter Map

Open Litter Map a citizen science litter-mapping game to clean the planet & earn Littercoins. Sounds cool right? Furthermore, this sustainability app is an open source which collects geographic data on litter, brands, and plastic pollution. This technology empowers anyone to share litter information by using the platform, which can also be downloaded for free (as we all know how expensive plastic pollution researches can be!). But the most incredible part is that Open Litter Map rewards users with cryptocurrency tokens for doing the work of mapping and producing open data to help us clean the planet.

7. DoneGood

DoneGood is an online shopping app for ethically made and sustainable items. If you are looking for eco-friendly clothes, then this app is for you. You can make a huge impact by spending money on sustainable brands, which is impressive. It is not only for clothes, but also for toothbrushes, bed sheets, coffee and more. 

8. Dropcountr

Dropcountr is a unique app that helps users manage water utilities on their mobile devices. It gives you correct understanding on personal monthly water use, comparison with neighbors, setting up water use goals and, overall, to save water, money, and time. Dropcountr provides information on service inquiries and questions. This app can be used for home, business, and clear utility. 

9. Ecosia 

Ecosia works in an innovative but simple way. You need to download the free browser extension then search the web using Ecosia. Search ads generate income for Ecosia, which is used to plants trees all over the world. There is a transparent policy at Ecosia, therefore they publish monthly financial reports on how money was spent. It is important to know that the app does not track or sell you data; a big YAY in the current world!

10. Forest app

The 20 best sustainability apps for your eco-living journey
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Forest app is similar to Flora app. Forest app also motivates you to keep your tasks completed. All genius is simple: at the beginning of your task you have a tree. While working, the tree is growing. If you get distracted during the process, the tree is dying. It is your responsibility to keep the tree alive. Reading the app reviews, it is amazing to realize that it helps millions of users keep focused on their goals. 

11. Gardenia

Gardenia is an amazing app designed for plant enthusiasts. It provides you with botanical tips and botanic information. If you are new to botanic, it is ok, the app helps you explore the world of plants. You can browse information about 2000+ species and get useful information about plants you are growing. The best part of the app is reminding when it’s time to garden. Moreover, it also notifies you about the weather. It is 100% free and (thanks God!) with no ads. 

12. Giki

Giki app is available in the UK. It helps users find sustainable products in the supermarket. All you need is to download the app and scan the products barcode. You will get information on how useful the product is for you and the Planet. Moreover, the app can help you start eating healthy and change your lifestyle for the better. 

13. Good on You

Good on You app is one of the best choices for those who care about sustainable fashion. The app database includes more than 2000 fashion brands with a great impact on people, animals, and the Planet. It is possible to rate brands and choose the best one for your style. No matter where you go, you can always stay stylish and sustainably responsible.

14. Good Notes

Good Notes app is an amazing organizer tool. It has different features: working notes, daily notes, to-do list, video note, speech to text, voice recording, background image (the prioritized note image). This app helps organize and prioritize important tasks and discipline yourself to meet deadlines. There is no need for paper notes anymore, it is possible to save everything in the Good Notes app. Moreover, it recognizes handwriting. The app can search for required keywords in different document formats: handwriting, PDF, images etc. 

15. HowGood

HowGood app has the largest product sustainability database. It works similar to the Giki app. You need to download the app and scan barcodes of the required products. The app provides you with detailed research on how environmentally friendly, minimally processed and ethically produced the product is. 

16. iRecycle

iRecycle is a unique app with the main goal of cleaning up the world. It is a pity, that it works only in the US, but hopefully, in the future it could be available worldwide. iRecycle app provides you information on 110,000 recycling programs at 250,000+ locations in the USA. Moreover, you can read different articles on how to recycle innovative products and services.

17. JouleBug

JouleBug app is an interesting game with sustainable goals. It is the easy way to make your life more sustainable and save money at the same time. The app provides you with useful information on how to change your life for better. Moreover, it is possible to access local challenges and make friends. You can share your achievements in social media and follow friends with similar goals. 

18. My little plastic footprint

My little plastic footprint app helps you reduce a plastic usage by going on a plastic diet. It is possible to reduce plastic consumption and choose better sustainable alternatives. It is remarkably simple to use. First all of all, you need to choose six areas in your life where you would like to reduce plastic from. Then start your plastic diet. It is essential for the community to convince every person on the Planet to think about plastic consumption and take action. 

19. No Waste

No Waste app is the best helper in tracking, managing and organizing the food in your house. The app helps you check what food has left in the fridge, expiration date of the products, plan your meals, create a shopping list, reduce food waste, and save money. Moreover, you can synchronize and share this information with your family members. Personally speaking, this app is not a sustainable one, but also helps with self-discipline.  

20. Olio

Olio app is simple but genius. It connects different people in their neighborhood and local shops to help them share food or other household items that are not thrown away. All you need to do is to share an image of the item with a brief description. Then send a message to the community and mark a meeting place. Usually the listings are requested immediately. It is better for the environment, your budget and community. 

21. Red Carpet Green Dress™

The RCGD App is a step in the direction of making sustainable fashion more accessible, and opening up the conversations around eco-design, sustainability for personal impact and sustainability education with a focus on solutions from personal tips to industry solutions. The App is an informative platform to demystify language around sustainability, provide inclusive content and include an engaged fashion community in dialogue, in both an insightful and educational way.

Red Carpet Green Dress™ best sustainability apps help eco living journey


Sustainable apps provide us with the most useful information on how to change our lifestyle and live healthy, for us and for the planet. I hope this list of apps will be helpful for your future endeavors.  

The 20 best sustainability apps for your eco-living journey

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