8 Reasons why switching to the menstrual cup is a life-changer

Affordability, convenience, healthier & more eco-friendly periods

Menstrual cups have changed the life of many women, and it could also change yours – and on the top of it you will save thousands of disposables to end in landfill. If you’ve been debating on whether or not to hop on the menstrual cup bandwagon, then keep reading! 

Every woman knows that periods can get messy and uncomfortable. Changing pads every few hours or remembering to change a tampon during a busy or hectic schedule can be taxing. There’s a solution to lessening the mess and hassles of frequent changes of a sanitary napkin or a tampon – the menstrual cup. Have you considered making the switch? 

Here’s a list of reasons to help you consider why changing over to the menstrual cup would be a good idea.

Plastic-free periods: healthy flow & planet-friendly

1. Menstrual cups are healthier 

Menstrual cups are a healthier option as compared to sanitary pads and tampons. They are made of medical-grade plastic which means that it bends to take the shape of every vagina. You don’t have to worry about your heavy flow days. Menstrual cups take about eight hours to get filled which means you can comfortably go about your day without too much worry.

Your chances of contracting a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or worse TSS (Toxic Spurred Syndrome), which can be fatal. If your tampon has a higher absorbency rate your risk shredding. The tiny bits of cotton cause little lesions in your vaginal wall and this is a breeding ground for the bacteria that cause TSS. It also reduces the chances of you getting vaginal rashes during this time as up to 90% of a disposable pad is plastic – a substance you don’t want near your intimate areas.

8 Reasons why switching to the menstrual cup is a life-changer
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2. Menstrual cups are cost-efficient 

Investing in a menstrual cup is a cheaper option in the long run and helps you save money. Instead of spending Rs. 100-250 a month, you make a one-time payment on a menstrual cup which lasts ten years and costs as much as a couple of months’ worth of pads. It’s a great money saver and you won’t have to make a monthly trip to the pharmacy to buy a stock of sanitary napkins or tampons. 

3. No more restless nights 

Remember how you have to wake up in between your beauty sleep and change your pad or tampon? With a menstrual cup, you can have a well-rested, uninterrupted sleep even on your heaviest flows. What’s more, is there’s no stress of leaving any stains on the sheets.   

4. Menstrual cups make no mess 

With a menstrual cup, you won’t have to skip spending a day by the poolside with your friends, hanging out at the beach or worry about stains and leaks. Menstrual cups are a stress-free, fuss-free option. 

8 Reasons why switching to the menstrual cup is a life-changer
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5. Menstrual cups are chemical-free 

There are no chemicals or toxins in a menstrual cup. Sanitary Pads contain plastic, chemicals, perfumes and dioxins as well as bleach to make them appear white. All these are extremely unhealthy for the body and cause itchiness, chafing, rash and more.

6. Menstrual cups are environmentally friendly 

Sanitary Pads last for up to a decade and are biodegradable. Switching to one means you’ll be contributing to less sanitary waste and will make a huge difference in saving the planet.

7. Dress without stress 

By switching over to a menstrual cup you will not have to worry about the line of your pad showing through your clothes. No more anxieties of stains on your clothes especially during formal gatherings. 

8. You can work out in peace 

You don’t have to take a break from the gym, yoga, swimming or any other sport you practice. You don’t have to fret about not being able to do certain stances in yoga. Your day will flow just like every other day. 

8 Reasons why switching to the menstrual cup is a life-changer
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Before making your final choice, do a little research on the best menstrual cups. If you’re convinced to make the switch, you should check some great brands out there!

We also love AllMatters and Ruby Cup, as both give back to education & dignity for women with their buy-one-give-one programs.

Overall, you should definitely consider switching to a healthier option, whether it’s a menstrual cup, reusable pads, period-proof underwear, or at least, organic tampons. Here is an extensive guide for plastic-free periods that would suit your body needs, and will get you to avoid contributing to the 45 billion menstrual products that are disposed of every year all over the world. Keep it healthy, keep it clean!

8 Reasons why switching to the menstrual cup is a life-changer

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