6 Key Areas to Focus On as an International Green Business

Sustainable brands on the raise, here’s how to go global

What are the common trends among international “green” businesses to keep up with both consumers demands, as well as the environmental and social impact? Here are the key areas to focus on in 2023!

One thing you should know about eco + social enterprises is that they are born out of solving a wicked problem in our world (locally or globally), making a genuine business with a big mission out of it. Nevertheless, many international “green” businesses have seen the potential of these trends, while being pushed by consumer demands.  

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Surveys show that more than 90% of consumers are more likely to trust environmentally or socially conscious brands. They are more inclined towards companies that take measures to minimize or eliminate negative impacts on the environment, local communities, or economy. 

This can be the ultimate measure of the degree to why many global businesses have jumped on the train to become environmentally and socially responsible enterprises.

So here are some of the 6 trends of what you will see international green business doing this 2023: 

1. Technology Works Both Ways

Technology can be a great asset, but it really depends on the way companies use technology that makes it either useful or detrimental. For instance, Cloud computing is a perfect example of how technology can reduce or eliminate the environmental footprint, as users do not need to use paper or their own servers to store information.

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2. Repackaging

Companies that are smart about repackaging minimize their waste. Lots of shipping boxes contain some empty space, which means companies need more boxes. Those who are efficient with their packaging approaches make sure to use a minimal number of packaging resources. They also use materials that do no damage to the environment.

Packaging waste makes up one-third of what is delivered to landfills each year

3. Office Premises

A lot depends on how companies furnish and equip their offices. Using energy-saving bulbs, installing large windows to let lots of light in, and using energy and water economically can make a huge difference. 

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Creating an eco-friendly office space

4. Greater Brand Popularity

Going green makes business sense, too. Those who are ahead of the curve usually prove to be more popular and recognizable internationally. This awareness drives customer decisions about where to buy their products and services. At the end of the day, this could be a game-changer in the international market, saturated with products and services from all corners of the world.


5. Cost-Saving

Many people do not think of green business in these terms, but lots of international companies have already learned the lesson. If you go green, you are likely to make considerable savings. Some have opted for remote working to reduce the cost of maintaining large office premises.

Learn more about the best sustainable business ideas to found a company, even if it’s online-based, saving costs while solving huge social and environmental problems. 

If you dig into it and check out in this massive ethical brands directory, you will often see they require minimal resources, but more so a passion and proper dedication, you can quickly make them work. 

And you can always book a free Eco-Consultation with team Ourgoodbrands to get your feet on the ground!

6. Tax Benefits

In many countries, green businesses enjoy lots of tax benefits and deductions. Not only do they incur fewer expenses, but they also get additional support from national governments, who want to encourage all companies to switch to sustainable models of business making.

While this should not be the soul nature for why you start a company, it definitely is encouraging to know that you can benefit from institutions worldwide to have your “brand on a mission” to get the support it deserves!

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Bottom Line

Lots of companies have gone green these days. It is not just a trend that businesses follow. Nor is it just a statement about companies’ values. It also makes perfect business sense to get involved in green business. That’s what leading companies do internationally. And most of them enjoy lots of cost-savings and additional benefits from national governments.

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