5 Ideas for creating a greener business brand

How to make your business more sustainable?

If you are not an eco or social enterprise you can still make create a greener business. Here 5 easy tips to make it happen!

Businesses around the world are committing to green business practices more than ever, and your business should be doing this, too. To help you with those efforts here is a list of tips you really need to consider. These five ideas can help you create a greener business brand.

ideas creating greener business brand

1. Utilize energy-efficient products

No matter your budget, there are some incredible energy-efficient products you can use at your company. Take time now to look into what products need to be changed out and purchase and install modern products built with efficiency in mind. When you use energy-efficient products, you have access to some cool technologies like remote access and wireless timers.

You will lower your energy bills and reduce company waste. As tax time approaches, you will be able to write off most of your energy-efficient upgrades on your taxes, too. Be sure to also remember that most of these products today can help ensure that your business is safe.

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2. Consider efficiency with your maintenance and repairs

Any time you have maintenance and repairs performed at your home, you need to consider efficiency then, too. Make sure you only utilize pros who are equipped with green approaches to your various upkeep needs. Even if you find a cheaper solution, this does not mean you should sacrifice savings. You also should not ever sacrifice quality.

It does not matter what type of maintenance and repairs you might need. There should be someone nearby who can handle your issues with energy-efficiency in mind. 

You can also consider replacing anything that needs major repairs with newer and more efficient parts. For example, you could add a kiln coating to your industrial furnace to improve efficiency in your building. Another example could be replacing burnt out light bulbs with ones that are more energy-efficient.

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3. Create a green culture at your company

There are certain policies and procedures you can implement today to ensure you have a green culture at your company. Be certain your business has plenty of recycling receptacles located throughout your facility. Make sure to post plenty of signage reminding employees and visitors on your property to recycle, too.

You also want to try and limit your waste as much as possible. Ask your employees to only use new paper for external documents. Anything shared in-house can be printed on the side of the paper your team has not used. Be certain to remind them not to mess with thermostats for your cooling and heating system. Ask them to be sure to always turn off lights when leaving work, too. The aforementioned energy-efficient remote and wireless technologies can help your company with those efforts.

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4. Be sure to source locally as much as possible

If you want to go green, then you also should look into where you source the items your company needs to operate. Always try to acquire goods from local suppliers in or near your community. When you do this, you limit your impact on the environment.

The manufacturing of goods, especially in some foreign countries, releases harmful toxins that damage your environment. Not only that but the transportation of your goods via vehicles and vessels negatively impacts the environment, too. Source locally as much as possible to limit your company’s footprint on planet Earth.

Shipping pharmaceutical alternative products in eco-friendly packaging complement the steps you have taken to source products locally or from sustainable sources. The boxes send a strong message about your company’s commitment to a green business model. Also, you can design the packaging with the products and customers in mind. You’ll stand out for sure.

5. Advertise and market your efforts to go green

A final and very important part of creating a greener business brand is for you to market your going green efforts. Pay attention to the various ways you can advertise and market your efforts. It will pay off for you right away and well on into the future of your company.

Reach out to local and industry media contacts and ask them to cover your efforts and your commitment to the environment. See if you can get free media coverage over TV and radio and through magazines, newspapers, and online blogs. Don’t forget your various social media platforms are great for these efforts, too.

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Get your business to go green now!

No matter the size of your business or your industry, the aforementioned tips will help you. Be sure to take these ideas seriously. When you utilize the steps above, you will notice benefits right away and for many years to come. You can without a doubt create a greener business brand. 

ideas creating greener business brand

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