Benefits of reading with toddlers: how it improves attachment & cognitive skills

Meaningful activities with your children (which can be done in nature)

With the burst of technology it seems that books have been long forgotten in cupboards. Yet there are incredible benefits by reading with your toddlers. We explain how it improves attachment and the cognitive skills of your little ones!

Reading with your toddler is a great way to improve their cognitive skills, and it also helps foster a strong attachment between you and your child. 

Besides many other benefits of reading with your toddler, they learn new words and concepts and develop a sense of security and trust. In addition, many studies have shown that children who read too frequently have higher IQ scores and better reading comprehension skills later in life.

While virtual reality and interactive STEM apps is transforming education today, we believe that a good book can change the life of your little ones! Reading with your toddler a fun bonding activity which can give your children lasting benefits for their future success.

Here are ways in which reading with your toddler improves attachment and cognitive skills.

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1. Build Word Power & Vocabulary

Reading to your toddlers helps them learn new words and concepts. They learn these concepts by hearing them repeated so many times until it has become a part of their vocabulary. This helps them get the “meaning” behind the word, and it also helps develop their word power. 

When you read with your toddler, you are building an ever-growing number of words they can use in everyday life. These words can be used in conversations, and they can also be used to their advantage when it comes to reading. To build your toddler’s vocabulary, you can play word games like “I Spy.” This helps your child learn words from their surroundings and apply them later.

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2. Gives Confidence & Builds Self-Esteem

One of the greatest benefits of reading with your toddler is building their self-esteem. Kids feel good when they read with you because they get a sense that they can do it correctly. They get a feeling of accomplishment, which helps them develop a sense of pride in themselves. 

When your toddler reads to you, he is also building up his confidence by showing you what he has learned throughout the day and challenging you to see if he understands something correctly. Always give positive feedback to your toddler, and tell them how proud you are of them.

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3. Exposure To Worldwide Knowledge & Understanding

When reading with your toddler, you expose them to knowledge beyond their culture and topics they might embrace later in life. Reading to your toddler helps them understand concepts and ideas they may not be exposed to in everyday life. 

As they read with you, they learn what other people worldwide experience, giving them a sense of belonging in their community. It helps them feel like they fit in with everyone else at their age level. This will help them develop a sense of compassion for people and a willingness to understand their opinions.

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4. Strengthens The Mind & Memory

As you read to your toddler, you are building their memory and helping them store new information in their minds. When a child reads, they develop what psychologists call “a mental bridge” that is shaped in the brain. 

This is something that helps build the brain’s physical structures, and it is something that will benefit them for the rest of their life. Connor Boyack books are an excellent example of books to use. Consider buying him a Connor Boyack book, and help him learn everything he needs to know to become an excellent reader.

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5. Builds Security & Trust

Building security and trust is a very important part of reading to your toddler. It helps them feel more secure, and it helps foster a sense of security that will help grow their attachment to you. 

When you read with your toddler, you help them learn how to trust you. It also helps them feel more secure when they see that you are loyal to them and that it’s not just another toy or game you are trying to play with them.

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Bottom Line

These are just a few of the benefits of reading with your toddler. These benefits will help them in the future and help you form an even stronger bond with your child. So if you want to improve attachment and cognitive skills, start reading to your toddler today. 


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