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Comparing safety razors vs cartridge razors

Plastic Free July challenge: ditch your disposable razor

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Today we compare the safety razors vs cartridge razors. After doing the maths we have realised it is good for you, good for your pocket & good for the planet! Did you know that 2 billion cartridge razors are thrown away every year only in the US? That’s enough razors to wrap around the earth end-to-end 6 times. This Plastic Free July challenge is a perfect time to ditch your disposable razors & move to a long-term relationship and fancy better grooming.

If you were to compare cartridge razors vs safety razors you will find that you will be moving to a long term alternative. And most likely you’d be surprised how beneficial it is for your pocket. And of course for your skin. Many men who have tried to groom with safety razors vs cartridge razors they have felt single-use plastic cartridge razors often involve cuts, bumps, ingrown hairs or general discomfort from blades that tug and pull.

Instead, with the safety razor will go away from the gimmick features such as rotating balls, vibrating handles or lube strips of the overpriced cartridge razors will eliminate razor burn & ingrown hairs. Turns out that you can still find the perfect safety razor depending on your skin or hair type with adjustable shave settings that work for you.

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When it comes to pricing, the best cartridge razors in the market could cost you $20 for a pack of 4 (if not less) and you will not get as many shaves as on a safety razor blade anyway! So if you are one of those who shave often, cartridge razors vs safety razor can become quite expensive. One of the most popular brands for safety razors, Rockwell, can go from $15, $30, $50 up to $100 and in most cases other safety razor brands would offer around 100 blades for only $10. Each blade is for 3-5 shaves (or more) it’s easy to see why safety razors are becoming more and more popular. Safety Razors are designed to last a lifetime so you don’t even need so much to recover your initial investment.

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And what about the planet? From packaging to the actual product, cartridge razors are an environmental nightmare.

“The plastic-and-metal cartridge monstrosities are impossible to recycle (as are disposable razors). Also, the contents of the mass commercial stuff usually include palm oil, petroleum, animal fats, all sorts of unsavoury stuff.” @intehstudy said on Reddit – and we could not agree more

The nightmare of is so that about 2 billion cartridge razors are thrown away every year only in the US. That’s enough razors to wrap around the earth end-to-end 6 times. Now estimate the impact worldwide…

And guess what? Disposable razor blade cartridges cannot be recycled because they are made of many different materials, including plastic, steel and rubber. This means cartridge razors making their way to the landfill as soon as they hit your bin (not to mention the plastic packaging waste)!

Safety razors give your bathroom a cool vintage look. And you will finally forget about the hassle of buying razors every month. It’s shaving, reinvented.

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