The 5 Best Ways To Live A Completely Vegan Lifestyle

What does it take to opt for a vegan lifestyle? Beyond food, here are some of the ways to transition with grace and knowledge.

When people think of becoming a vegan, their strategies usually begin with the diet aspect. However, being a vegan goes well beyond just trying to cut animal-based foods out of your diet. It also means making choices that reflect your ethical, health, and environmental concerns in every part of your life. 

You will face challenges such as finding clothing and accessories that don’t use animal products like leather or wool, choosing skincare and makeup that are free from animal-derived ingredients, and identifying other everyday items that fit a vegan lifestyle. In this article, we will address some of those challenges and help you live a completely vegan lifestyle beyond just changing your diet. 

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1. Personal and beauty care choices

Switching to a vegan lifestyle means rethinking your beauty and personal care products. It’s important to understand the labels on these products. Although products labeled “cruelty-free” do not test on animals, they might still contain animal ingredients. Look for products that are labeled both “cruelty-free” and “vegan” to ensure they don’t have any animal-derived ingredients.

To start transitioning to vegan personal care products, focus on the items you use every day, like toothpaste, shampoo, and skincare moisturizers. You can find vegan alternatives at health food stores or online. 

Look for trustworthy brands that offer a range of products, including deodorants and makeup. Using vegan personal care products can reduce harm to animals and is often better for your health and the environment, as these products usually contain more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals.

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2. Choose the right clothing

If you’re vegan, you should avoid many common materials like leather, wool, and silk that are derived from animals. Instead, you can choose items made from plant-based or synthetic materials that don’t harm animals.

It’s challenging to find vegan clothing and accessories that are also made ethically, but it’s possible with some research. Look for brands that clearly say their products are vegan. These brands usually also care about sustainability and fair practices in their manufacturing processes. 

You can often find vegan fashion options online or in specialty stores that focus on ethical products. Choosing these items helps you stay true to vegan values and supports businesses that are mindful of their impact on people and the planet.

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3. Household items

Many household products, like cleaning supplies and furniture, might have animal ingredients or companies might test them on animals. For example, some cleaners include animal fats, and certain furniture might have leather upholstery or use animal-based glues.

To keep your home vegan, start by carefully checking product labels and researching the brands you use. Many brands clearly state if their products are vegan and cruelty-free. Look for these labels to guide your choices.

There are many vegan alternatives available now. For cleaning, you can find plant-based products that are both effective and better for the environment. For furniture, choose options made with synthetic materials or plant-based glues instead of animal products.

4. Create a support network

Adopting a vegan lifestyle can be much easier and more enjoyable when you have the support of others. You can find and join vegan communities both online and offline. Online, look for forums, social media groups, and blogs where vegans gather to share recipes, tips, and support. These resources are helpful for learning more about vegan living and for asking questions.

Look for vegan meetups, cooking classes, or clubs near where you live. Participating in these groups helps you meet others who share your values and can provide practical support and encouragement. 

Getting involved in these communities also gives you a chance to take part in vegan activism and educational events. These activities help raise awareness about the benefits of veganism and advocate for issues like animal rights and environmental conservation. 

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5. Always be learning

Keeping up with the latest in veganism is important for maintaining your lifestyle effectively. You should always be trying to stay informed about new health research, vegan products, and fresh recipes. The vegan community is always growing and changing, with new food items, beauty products, and eco-friendly household goods becoming available regularly.

To stay updated, you can follow vegan nutritionists, experts, and popular vegan blogs and websites. These resources often provide reviews of new products, discuss the latest health studies, and share new and exciting recipes. Signing up for newsletters from your favorite vegan organizations can also help you stay informed about the latest trends and news in the vegan world.

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