The Amazing Advantages of Hyperlocal Food Movement

From local to super-local

Taking the local food movement one step further seems a good idea, especially after what the world has experienced with recent COVID-19. This is why you should consider shifting towards the hyperlocal food movement.

The hyperlocal food movement is trending in the US and there are many advantages that can be derived from this practice. The food movement has become very popular over the years and many restaurants are turning to this kind of farming for various reasons. 

What is Hyperlocal Food Movement

Hyperlocal food movement refers to the practice of growing food closer to where it will be consumed. This means that the food is grown just a few meters, not miles from where it will be eaten. Shops, restaurants might grow vegetables within their premises or they can buy from farms nearby. There are so many benefits to this kind of farming. 

It can be observed that perishable fresh farm produce like spinach can lose about half of its vitamin C by the time it is delivered to the supermarket and this affects its value. Farm produce loses freshness and flavor along the way which is the reason why hyperlocal is advantageous. 

Amazing Advantages of Hyperlocal Food Movement
Gardeners tending to organic crops and picking up fresh kale from their small business rooftop garden

Hyperlocal Food Movement Advantages

1. Adds variety to your family diet with fresher food

Rooftop gardens, for instance, can be used to grow vegetables, garnishes, and other related products. You can add variety to your menu by utilizing rooftop gardens or building raised garden beds which are simple to operate. Apart from vegetable farming, you can also engage in mushroom farming in your backyard which also saves you lots of money.   

2. Cuts transportation costs

The food movement also helps shops and restaurants to cut transport costs since they are produced locally. In most cases, farm produce is transported several miles from the farms outside the city to the final destination where they are consumed. Lots of transport costs are involved in the movement of food. 

3. Supports the local economy

On top of that hyperlocal helps to support your local economy. You can procure farm produce locally or sell to the local shops. This will promote the growth of business locally since everything can be done within the same community. The other thing is that this type of farming is not labor-intensive so it is cheaper to practice. 

4. Organic and eco-friendly farming practices produce tastier food

The other important aspect of the hyperlocal food movement is that the fresh produce is eco-friendly. No pesticides or chemicals are involved in the production of different types of vegetables. On the other hand, the food tastes better than products that are grown in bigger farms. On top of that, hyperlocal food adds variety and you can change it according to different seasons.  

Amazing Advantages of Hyperlocal Food Movement

Downsides of the hyperlocal food movement

However, there are also downsides to the hyperlocal movement if you practice rooftop gardening. The issue of additional weight on your roof can be a cause of concern. The weight of soil and water can affect your roof so you should be careful to plan your rooftop garden and avoid overloading it. 

There might also not enough sunlight in winter, which can lead to low yields. Therefore, you should not solely rely on rooftop gardens all year round since cold weather hampers food production in farms. 

Research says consumers reward sustainably produced food

Final Words

Over and above, the hyperlocal food market is significantly gaining prominence and there are so many benefits that can be obtained from this kind of farming. You can cut costs by adopting this kind of farming. 

Amazing Advantages of Hyperlocal Food Movement

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