This Eco-Friendly Pregnancy Test Should Be on Your Radar

Yes, you’ve heard right: there is an eco-friendly pregnancy test. And here are all the good reasons why you should switch to a more sustainable alternative to find out if you are pregnant!

Sustainability has influenced many areas of women’s health, but the pregnancy test sector has remained untouched for many years. However, it is changing, as six companies are revolutionizing the market by creating products that green enthusiasts approve of. 

Find out more about how pregnant women can contribute to global sustainability efforts and how a simple decision to buy an eco-friendly pregnancy test can save the planet.

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How Do Conventional Pregnancy Tests Affect the Environment?

Traditional pregnancy test kits are made of 100% plastic, so the only place they end up after a single use is in landfills. Based on reports, these items contribute to over two million tons of plastic waste every year.

The environmental impact is worse with digital test kits since they come with electronic components and batteries that are more harmful to nature. These parts add to e-waste, which is turning into a global concern.

Types of Common Pregnancy Test Kits 

You’ll find several products on the market that can detect pregnancies. The most common ones are:

  • Strip tests
  • Cassette tests
  • Midstream tests
  • Digital tests

These diagnostic tools include a plastic case that locks and holds the test strips. This is essential for getting accurate results.

A test kit can only be used once. Like a plastic straw, it’s thrown out after one use, generating considerable plastic. In addition, they’re often packed in the same nonbiodegradable material. It’s an area sustainability experts desperately want to change to reduce environmental waste.

Fortunately, there’s hope. The strong push toward going green has led sustainable experts to discover ways to minimize plastic waste. From reusable straws and green packaging and now biodegradable pregnancy tests, everyone is coming together to protect the planet.

Are There Eco-Friendly Pregnancy Test Options?

Innovations have led people to create eco-conscious pregnancy tools that can help mitigate climate change impacts. They’re much better than the traditional kits because of these benefits:

  • Less waste: These products use zero to minimal plastic, curbing the waste problem.
  • Reliable: They’re as trustworthy as conventional kits in detecting pregnancy.
  • Easy to use: Nothing has changed aside from being plastic-free. Eco-friendly pregnancy test options are used the same way and are handy and easily disposable or recyclable.
  • More affordable: They may come with a higher upfront cost, but you’ll find reusable options, making them budget-friendly in the long run.

Why Does Sustainability Matter During Pregnancy?

If you care about creating a better planet for your future child, making environmentally favorable decisions from the start will help achieve this goal. While going eco-friendly during pregnancy is mostly a personal choice, learning how climate problems affect your well-being will change your mind. It’ll make you reconsider your lifestyle choices during this critical period.

Experts have gathered evidence that worsening climate change has direct and indirect consequences on pregnant women. Environmental disasters like extreme heat, floods, and drought can lead to pregnancy loss, low birth weight, restricted fetal growth and other complications.

Moreover, global warming changes the natural and social environments that may indirectly affect soon-to-be mothers. For example, a warmer temperature will discourage you from getting fresh air outside.

Going green is a personal choice, but consider the upsides to your health. Participating in such initiatives is good for you and your baby.

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What Are the Best Eco-Friendly Pregnancy Tests?

If you’re a green enthusiast, you’ll love using these kits because they meet the standards for being good for the planet. Here are six eco-friendly pregnancy test options that should be on your radar.

1. Lia’s Plastic-Free Pregnancy Test 

Lia is a diagnostic company based in Pennsylvania that created the first flushable, biodegradable pregnancy test. The innovative idea emerged after the founders thought of how these materials were only used for a few minutes but would sit in landfills for decades. They wanted to match the product with its lifecycle and the result was the first compostable diagnostic product.

You can conveniently flush it down after one use. This is great for the environment and mentally comforting if you want to keep your pregnancy private until you’re ready to reveal it. Visible test results thrown in the bin can’t provide this kind of privacy.

Lia’s eco-friendly pregnancy test is made from natural cellulose fibers, which disperse in water and disintegrate quickly in soil. Instead of the plastic that holds the diagnostic strip, they created a proprietary coating mimicking its robust features that breaks down after use.

The product has also been approved by the FDA, making it safe to use. It’s a unique innovation in the feminine and intimate care space everyone has been expecting for years.

2. Hoopsy Eco-Friendly Pregnancy Test 

Hoopsy is another brand offering a green midstream pregnancy test. The kit is created from 99% paper from responsibly managed forests, making it miles better for the planet than conventional ones.

The best thing is it’s recyclable. Tear the test in half, mix the dry end in your recycling pile and throw the other half in the bin.

Since it’s paper-based, many are concerned about its accuracy. So, are the results reliable? The enterprise is proud to share that its kits are over 99.8% accurate and usable five days before you get your period. The test is easy to use and read, and results are available after 5–10 minutes.

The top selling point of this product is its intentionality of sustainability. Plastic wastes overwhelm the planet, but using this will make you part of the solution to this seemingly endless environmental problem.

3. OVUM Early Detection Pregnancy Test

Do you want an eco-friendly pregnancy test that’s 100% recyclable? OVUM’s products perfectly fit the bill.

Its Early Detection Pregnancy Tests are 99% accurate — no false positive results. It stands out because each pack you buy includes free access to a guided meditation by fertility mindset coach Alice Rose. You’ll feel the business’s genuine support in this tiny detail.

OVUM’s test kit isn’t plastic-free, although the company is currently working on a prototype that will eliminate all plastic. However, it’s recyclable. The item you purchase comes with a prepaid envelope in which you can put your used tests, desiccants and foil wrappers and post them to Enval — their recycling partner. At the facility, recyclers use a unique process to return plastic to its original state and reuse it in other applications.

4. Ovry Pregnancy Test Strips

Ovry is a 100% women-owned and operated brand. The founders know the common concerns of their ideal target market, such as cost, reliability, and environmental impact. That’s why they made the product more affordable by packing several tests in a box. You can test as often as you like without increasing the plastic waste.

They also did their best to champion sustainability by manufacturing the product locally in Canada to cut down the carbon footprint associated with production. Moreover, the product uses 90% less single-use plastic and isn’t encased in the same material, so you’ll feel less guilty about using many strips.

5. Natalist Pregnancy Test Strips

Natalist is an enterprise that prides itself on selling products that are 100% plastic-neutral. For every pound of plastic it sells, it removes a pound of pollution by partnering with rePurpose Global — a leading plastic waste recovery platform. This means your purchase leaves zero plastic footprint, promoting you as an environmental steward.

It became the first in the space to reach the plastic-neutral goal in 2022. The eco-friendly pregnancy test kits use 81% less plastic and don’t produce electronic waste through batteries or digital components that other midstream tests have. Additionally, they use 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. If they do include plastic, it’s made from environmentally stable material like high-density polyethylene, which is also 100% recyclable.

6. Medasia’s Dual-Function Pregnancy & Ovulation Test 

Another option companies use to switch to green methods is creating pregnancy tests that users can use multiple times. One called Medasia is spearheading this innovation with its three pregnancy test products.

Its Dual-Function Pregnancy & Ovulation Test, Digital Pregnancy Test With Weeks Indicator and Reusable Digital Ovulation Test all have reusable digital display pens. The idea of rehashing test kits isn’t new, but the problem lies with their accuracy. Once you reuse one, the results become less reliable.

Medasia addresses this loophole with their innovative pregnancy test, allowing you to reuse the digital pen by simply replacing the strips. Doing so won’t affect the results — it remains 99% accurate when spotting early pregnancy. The brand takes sustainability further by contributing 1% of its revenue to carbon removal. You help achieve this goal with every product you purchase.

This eco-friendly pregnancy test also offers a cost-effective way of examining if you’re conceiving, especially for those who need three or more tries to feel reassured of the results. It’s a practical option for eco-conscious mothers.

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What Are Other Ways to Stay Sustainable During Pregnancy?

The whole pregnancy journey is a special period in a woman’s life. You can make it eco-friendly by advocating for the environment. One tiny change you can make today is choosing a pregnancy test kit that won’t harm the planet. 

However, do you want to become a full-fledged environmental steward? You can inject sustainability into many areas of life while you’re expecting. Here are some suggestions. 

Eat a Plant-Based Diet

Opting for an environmentally friendly meal option is an excellent way to embody green behaviors while you’re expecting. When pregnant, most of the vitamins and nutrients you get from food go to the baby, so you’ll need more nourishment.

Embracing a green eating habit increases your nutritional intake and reduces the pill or beverage supplementation you may need. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your plate boosts your fiber intake, lowering your risk for diabetes and digestive issues. This eating lifestyle will make it easy to manage your weight more effectively so you don’t go beyond healthy limits.

Switch to Nontoxic Personal Care Products

Most skin care and hair care products on the shelves are loaded with chemicals that degrade the environment and can potentially be toxic for babies. Some of them contain phenols, parabens, organic solvents, heavy metals and other harmful substances. These chemicals penetrate your skin and expose you and your body to toxicity.

A study in France showed 37% of health care professionals consider the use of these items a risk for pregnant women and their unborn children. In addition, a Chinese study found a higher risk of small-for-gestational-age children in pregnant women who used makeup, lotion, and creams. This condition happens when a baby is smaller than the expected number of weeks of pregnancy, resulting in birth weight problems.

It’s best to stay away from products full of chemicals when you’re pregnant. Ask your doctor for organic and safer options — ones without artificial fragrances and detrimental compounds.

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Set up a Green Nursery

Make your child’s room eco-friendly by using furniture and materials that are good for the environment:

  • Choose a crib made of bamboo or any wood.
  • Buy sustainable mattresses and toys.
  • Install an eco-friendly wallpaper for decoration.
  • Opt for LED light for an energy-efficient power source.
  • Add potted plants to spruce up the entire space.

Doing these can reduce air pollutants in the nursery, contributing to a healthier environment for your young one.

Choose Eco-Friendly Baby Products

Go green with your baby’s essentials, too. Pick products like organic wipes, biodegradable diapers and natural skin care items. You can minimize rashes and problems on your baby’s sensitive skin by being mindful of what you buy and use for them.

Choose to Go Green During Pregnancy

Practicing sustainability during pregnancy offers multiple upsides. Organic skin care products can reduce exposure to harmful chemicals that penetrate your skin and affect your unborn baby. Moreover, protecting the environment has direct and indirect consequences for your well-being. Reducing plastic can delay the planet’s warming, giving you more time to enjoy the outdoors.

Don’t think your impact is insignificant because those tiny ripples result in massive changes. Who knows — you might inspire another pregnant woman to make a green switch, too.

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