10 Eco-friendly hostels perfect for the sustainable traveler

A list eco-mindful backpackers around the world

For the experienced traveler, staying at hostels can be an amazing way to save money and make friends. But when you’re trying to find the right hostel it can be easy to forget about sustainability. Luckily, more options are coming up for eco-friendly hostels, and we take you on a trip to some of the most amazing cities around the globe.

If you’re a sustainable traveler, hostels may not sound as appealing due to the fact that these typically are places that deals with a lot of guests, and therefore produce a lot of  single-use waste. Yet, you may agree that being recognised as a sustainable traveler or not, Recycling waste should be an everyday routine. 

Fortunately, there are sustainable hostels worldwide, and there’s bound to be one that’s perfect for you. So, sustainable travelers need to look no further because here’s a list of 10 eco-friendly hostels around the world!

1. City Backpackers Hostel – Stockholm, Sweden

eco friendly hostels sustainable traveler

This Swedish hostel takes its global environmental policy to heart, allowing guests to enjoy a truly sustainable experience. At City Backpackers Hostel, all dishes are reusable, and almost all of the waste is recycled. 

This hostel only uses sustainable resources, making sure to use energy saving light bulbs. If you’re into free pasta, movie nights, and bicycle rentals, this hostel just might be perfect for you!

2. Jetpak Eco Lodge – Berlin, Germany

eco friendly hostels sustainable traveler

At its peaceful setting, Jetpak Eco Lodge is surrounded by trees and outdoor tracks. The hostel only uses renewable resources, heating the building with a system that doesn’t produce CO2 emissions. The water is heated using solar panels, and the hostel offers bicycle rentals to its guests. Jetpak Eco Lodge gives you a little bit of nature in the middle of the bustling city!

3. Urban Garden Hostel – Lisbon, Portugal

eco friendly hostels sustainable traveler

Offering free pancake breakfasts and a free communal dinner, Urban Garden Hostel allows you to socialize and meet new people. With its common room and nature-inspired patio, you will be able to relax and find peace in the middle of Lisbon. Amazingly, this hostel is within walking distance of the city’s attractions, yet it still feels like you’re surrounded by nature. 

Urban Garden Hostel is also extremely sustainable! It offers a recycling program, half discharge toilets, recycled paper products, energy-efficient light bulbs, and washable hand towels. Enjoy making friends and helping the environment in this urban hostel!

4. The Yard Hostel – Bangkok, Thailand

eco friendly hostels sustainable traveler

At The Yard Hostel, you can enjoy locally-sourced milk, homemade yogurt, and organic coffee. All these goodies are from Thai farmers and merchants, allowing you to support local businesses. 

These treats are also packaged in reusable containers, so you won’t be throwing away tons of plastic while staying at this hostel. The coolest part of The Yard Hostel is its green space, which allows you to find peace in the middle of Bangkok. This green space is home to birds, squirrels, and other animals. 

While staying in Bangkok’s trendy neighborhood, Ari, you will be able to enjoy reusable water bottles and energy-saving air conditioning. The toilets, rooms, and lighting were all created to be as sustainable as possible. At The Yard Hostel, you will have a truly unique experience!

5. Apollo Bay Eco YHA – Apollo Bay, Australia

eco friendly hostels sustainable traveler

Apollo Bay Eco YHA takes sustainability seriously, helping backpackers find a place that doesn’t harm our environment. Also, the natural resources near this hostel are amazing! Guests get to enjoy deserted beaches, national parks, a rainforest, and waterfalls. 

This hostel includes a solar design with thermal storage, a solar-heated water system, low energy lighting, double-flow toilets, urinals without water, low-cost electric heating, recycling stations, and more. Additionally, all organic waste from the kitchen is composted, and the hostel promotes the use of public transportation. At Apollo Bay Eco YHA, you will be a sustainable traveler!

6. El Jardin de Frida – Tulum, Mexico

eco friendly hostels sustainable traveler

This hostel is not only great for all the sustainable travelers out there, it’s also perfect for art enthusiasts. El Jardin de Frida is inspired by Frida Kahlo’s life and the culture and traditions of Mexico. Its peaceful garden is meant to help guests heal and relax, allowing you to feel at home in an unfamiliar environment. 

At El Jardin de Frida, solar panels generate 80% of electricity, and a system treats all organic waste. The staff raises awareness regarding sustainability, promoting activities that help our earth. Staying at El Jardin de Frida is sure to be an amazing experience for sustainable travelers looking for a colorful, energy-efficient destination.

7. Muendo Nuevo Minca – Minca, Colombia

eco friendly hostels sustainable traveler

This farm hostel allows guests to enjoy nature while learning about indigenous culture, sustainability, and organic agriculture. You will also get to take in the incredible views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range! 

This sustainable hostel features furniture and structures made from fallen trees, eco-friendly soap, and septic composting tanks. At this unique destination, you will learn how to protect the Sierra Nevada from further deforestation, enjoy homemade food, and experience breathtaking views!

8. Twentytu Hi-Tech Hostel – Barcelona, Spain

eco friendly hostels sustainable traveler

This eco-friendly hostel is energy efficient while also promoting a fun, communal atmosphere. The amazing rooftop hosts yoga, dance classes, parties, and communal dinners. 

As a sustainable property, Twentytu Hi-Tech Hostel features a water recovery system, timed water faucets that save between 40% and 60% more water than a typical system, and timed energy-efficient lighting. Staying at this prize-winning hostel is bound to be an adventure!

9. Ecomama – Amsterdam, Netherlands

eco friendly hostels sustainable traveler

This cozy hostel promotes green living, allowing you to be comfortable and sustainable during your trip. Ecomama features cradle-to-cradle (C2C) furniture, a waste-minimizing production system, a natural stone heater, the use of fair-trade materials, an ecological water system, and a dedicated recycling system! As you enjoy exploring Amsterdam, you’ll also enjoy coming home to this amazing hostel.

10. Alter Hostel – Lyon, France

eco friendly hostels sustainable traveler

Alter Hostel is amazing because it’s dedicated to a green lifestyle, but it also invites its guests to events where you can meet local people, participate in fun activities, and volunteer for local organizations. 

As a sustainable location, Alter Hostel uses thermal insulation, saving energy and resources. Energy is supplied by a French company called Enercoop that works with producers of renewable energy. The property also has dry toilets, communal compost, rainwater collection, a leftover exchange corner, bicycle and kayak rental, secure bike parking, and more. 

This sustainable hostel is sure to help you meet other environmentally conscious people as you travel!

What did you find about these eco-friendly hostels?

You don’t have to leave your sustainable life behind when you travel the world! With this list of 10 energy-efficient hostels, you’ll be ready to find your next favorite place. All of these hostels offer sustainable features, a communal environment, fun activities, and a completely unique experience. Have fun adventuring, sustainable travelers!

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