Mulebox, a sustainable drink truck traveling to events with a purpose

Sharing stories, sharing fortune, sharing drinks. Cheers!

When we thought we had hit the peak of the mobile trucks serving food, now Mulebox brings this innovative concept with their sustainable drink truck supporting social entrepreneurs, fair trading, and eco-friendly habits. Based in London, they travel to events all over the UK, for your wedding, your parties, corporates, or open-air events! Ready to sip all the goodness?

Mulebox is this sustainable drink truck that goes from one event to another, with the aim of making people happy in every sip. The philosophy behind this mobile bar is that sharing makes us grow and prosper; did you realized we do it all the time? We share stories and fortune with our beloved ones, and that usually goes well with a drink! CHEERS TO THAT!

sustainable drink truck mulebox social enterprise food truck

The founder, Katie, had the clear aim to push and promote the agenda of social enterprise, fair trading and sustainability by picking only events and brands with a purpose.

Their first bar is a converted horsebox, and because the mule is the animal that would traditionally transport such a vehicle, and is also a reference name for great cocktails such as the “Moscow mule”, they created their brand identity in the shortest and most punchy way possible!

Each time you hire Mulebox you will buy social, as all the beverages they have on board belong to businesses that inspire positive social change by donating or re-investing 50% or more of their profits into charities and initiatives. These are also fair trade, where you make sure the supply chain gets a fair deal in order to create prosperity and future growth in their communities. Last but, of course, not least, you contribute to a more sustainable planet: no unnecessary waste is served, but compostable or reusable cups and containers instead… AND Mulebox also supports organic farming!!

sustainable drink truck mulebox social enterprise food truck

Here are some of the brands that are served at Mulebox:

Ginerosity – This Gin brand donate their profits to a charity called ‘Challenges Worldwide’ who help disadvantaged young adults to apply to International Citizenship schemes.

FAIR drinks range – The first range of completely fair trade spirits.

Fatty’s Organic Gin – A completely organic Gin from Dulwich.

sustainable drink truck mulebox social enterprise food truck

Brewgooder – Donate all of their profits to helping provide access to clean water for those in need.

Toast Brewery – Use up surplus bread in their brewing process that would have otherwise gone to waste.

sustainable drink truck mulebox social enterprise food truck

Karma Cola – A Fair trade brand that works with cola nut farmers in Sierra Leone to ensure that the whole production process is fair and sustainable.

“We want to promote the agenda for social responsibility within the drinks industry and so collaborating with brands is a big part of this – we would love to see more and more brands emerging who have social-purpose at their heart.” Katie Agar, Founder Mulebox

The kind of cocktails they specialise in are whisky and gin, representing some fantastic independent distilleries. They love to encourage folks to try something new by offering playful garnishes and innovative mixers, whilst staying true to the individual qualities and ingredients in each spirit.

You will also access a range of fantastic wines, beers, alongside with some great non-alcoholic and low-alcohol options.

The drinks are also served in fully compostable PLA tumblers, as their aim is to contribute zero waste to landfill.

Conscious events need a sustainable drink truck like this!

Whether you are planning a new local market, an open day, a pop-up cinema or another great event, such as a wedding or the party of your life, Mulebox will travel to where you are. Mailbox rides far and wide, especially for events that are aligned with Mulebox’s ethos!

Planning a product launch? a charity event? Your wedding?! Or just want to celebrate your employees and their achievements?

sustainable drink truck mulebox social enterprise food truck

This sustainable drink truck also loves to get involved in exciting projects and meet new people.

“We work in partnership with our customers to ensure that we serve up the perfect offering for your event, and we have plenty of options for customization and personal touches.” Katie Agar, Founder Mulebox

In these lines, if you also need caterers for your event, founder Katie would definitely be able to recommend you some!

So whatever your event may be, check out their website to learn about all the hiring options… AND CHEERS FOR MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!

Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below, and we will make it happen!

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