7 Sustainable children gifts ideas

Because green is actually more meaningful

Many gifts for kids are made of plastic and do not decompose. Some are cheaply made and don’t get played with much. However, eco-friendly gifts are durable and high-quality, and many decompose. Here’s a look at some ideas for “green” gifts for kids.

1. Wood

Wood toys are fun and appeal to a variety of ages. For example, there are wood rattles and clutching toys for the youngest kids. Meanwhile, preschoolers should enjoy toy cars and toy toolboxes. Good gifts for kids a bit older include building blocks, musical instruments and marble runs.

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2. Recycled Materials

Kids’ toys can be made from materials that used to be milk jugs, clothing, or wrappers, among other things. You can give the gift of a functional robot from what used to be a soda can. Likewise, “green” submarines, emergency vehicle toys, and stacking cups are commonly made from milk jugs.

Many handbags, wallets, and even backpacks are made from recycled materials, and they look great. Some are even made from vintage clothing, tire belts or candy wrappers.

Charlie, the chair. Sustainable educational furniture made out of magic flakes

3. Solar Chargers

If the child has electronics, a solar charger is an environmentally friendly way to ensure the child gets his or her charge on. Many of these chargers can also be used as flashlights. They come in especially handy on camping, hiking and road trips.

4. Art Items

If the child likes art, give him or her an art pad made of 100% recycled paper. Alternatively, you could gift a paint kit made from natural pigments and organic materials such as cornstarch. Crayons made from beeswax are available as well. For playdough lovers, look for dough made from vegetable, fruit and plant extracts.

How to reduce our environmental impact these holidays if you have kids!

5. Seeds or Garden Kits

With seeds or garden kits, you and the child together can add to the plant life in the area. The child will think of you as the plant/flower/herb grows, and this gift can keep giving for years.

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6. Experiences

Experience gifts are underrated, but a hike, camping trip or canoe trip can solidify the bond between you and the child. It could be what a child remembers years later rather than the other gifts he or she got. Other options include picnics, composting classes, foraging hikes, rock climbing and tree planting.

5 reasons to take your children on a family safari in Africa

7. Custom Greeting Cards and Charitable Causes

Don’t forget the card that goes with the gift. Look for greeting card companies that donate a percentage of the card’s purchase price to a cause important to the child. For instance, Cards for Causes donates 20% to a charity of your choice, and you can personalize the cards via ink, foil color, four lines of personalized text and other attributes. If your child’s charity is not listed, you can submit it for consideration. Approval should be easy as long as the charity is recognized by the IRS and is able to do business in the United States. The custom greeting cards themselves are compact space-savers, and if you choose a “green” charity, you’re covering all of your bases.

Check out some ideas for custom greeting cards that we offer. The cards work for birthdays, holidays, thank-yous and any occasion, really. That’s the fun of customization.

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What have been the best brands that do eco-friendly gifts for children? Share them with us in the comments below!

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