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organic eco baby kids wood collection toys aleta kids
Credit photo: @mk_press_ Children playing with Aleta Kids toys. Find them at Blue Brontide

Remember those times when exploring the world was wooden and fun? Then we moved onto the plastic era till we came to the point that 90% of the toys were made with this material, that accumulates on landfill by 8.5 millions of them only in the UK every single year. Blue Brontide is come with a passion for natural design on a mission to make a greener world for generations to come. Toys and ethically crafted goods that will last a lifetime, that will tell stories and gather memories in your family and will be passed down to others. A beautiful and minimal wooden collection of eco-friendly, natural & non-toxic kids products to make all the little things in the baby’s everyday routine memorable and fun.

Toys are the most intensive users of plastics amongst consumer goods, about 15 times higher than the plastic used in food packaging. Not just that, but 90% of toys for babies and toddlers between the age of 0-3 years are made of plastic. With all this plastic mess, and our urge to reduce its use and consumption, it may sound fair to you that Blue Brontide has decided to curate only, and just, an organic, eco-baby and kids collection of sustainable tableware, toys, teethers and placemats.

organic eco baby kids wood collection organic teething dummy clip

“Back to basics”

Having a baby it’s truly a life changer, where all the love for the little ones can be sensed in every corner of the household. We all want what’s best for our children and Blue Brontide believes that being kind to baby & the planet can go hand in hand with sustainably designed baby accessories that are eco-friendly, natural & non-toxic of course!

As babies grow, what once was the most essential item, can end up being just another plastic “thing” taking up the space that ends up being disposed of with more new “stuff” taking its place – the reality is that 40% of toys have a lifespan of no longer than 4 months. Blue Brontide was born to shift the concept of children’s products with an “expiry date”, to become the organic eco-baby and kids collection that’s designed to keep & made to be passed on to new members as the family grows.

organic eco baby kids wood collection toys aleta kids

Wooden toys with a contemporary twist

Simple, wooden and timeless. Toys that are made of natural materials can help children connect with nature & learn through imaginative play. Wood really is the best choice for toys because it is sturdy, safe (non-toxic), environmentally friendly (biodegradable and renewable), durable (wood toys can be easily passed along from generation to generation) and is beautiful. Blue Brontide’s handcrafted toys are designed to encourage your children to use their minds through creative play and help with the development of their fine motor skills. Made in sustainable wood & hand painted in child-friendly water-based paints. Toys that can become treasures & collect stories, making them a perfect heirloom gift.

organic eco baby kids wood collection toys aleta kids
Hop & Peck wooden tractor toys – Find them at Blue Brontide

organic eco baby kids wood collection tableware whale lunchbox

Let’s make mealtimes fun again!

Being a “green” parent or not, let’s face it… Feeding our children can become a challenging deed! Whether you have just started weaning, teaching your toddler to self-feed or you have a master foodie, Blue Brontide comes to the rescue with its wooden divider plates, bowls, cutlery, starter sets & spoons in form of animals, automobiles & more that are not only safe for you & your baby but our earth as well. The perfect alternative to plastic & melamine.

Natural eating at its best!

organic eco baby kids wood collection tableware

Then there’s placemats & bibs perfect for messy baby led weaning, whether you have decided to go down the puree, mashed, finger foods road or you have a master foodie on your hands… these 100% food grade silicone placemats & bibs are here to help contain the tea-time mishaps and are sure to make mealtimes more exciting for your messy little muncher!

organic eco baby kids wood collection silicone baby bib
Lille Vilde Whale Bib in Sky Blue Find them at – Blue Brontide

“Beautiful designs and a conscious intention behind it = perfect for both what I want for my daughter and what I want to teach her about the world. Thank you” Happy customer testimonial for Blue Brontide

organic eco baby kids wood collection tableware whale lunchbox
Whale Bento Box – Find them at Blue Brontide

Teething, let’s explore the world comfortably

We know, we know… babies love to put everything in their mouths! Taste and texture are how they begin exploring the world around them, so at this stage, it becomes very important to ensure that what they put in their mouths is safe.

organic eco baby kids wood collection organic teething
Organic soother clip in ‘Vines’ – Find them at – Blue Brontide

Soothing your baby in the painful teething period is non-negotiable, and with Blue Brontide teethers you can bring comfort and relief to little ones tender little gums. A selection of sizes is available so you can ensure the munching and mouthing, a necessary foundation for your child to learning speech sounds/babbling and Blue Brontide’s organic dummy clips made with sustainable fabrics are perfect for helping to keep soothers & teethers off the floor and close to the hand.

organic eco baby kids wood collection organic teething dummy clip

From traditional wooden toys, egg cups, beautiful bamboo tableware, and fun placemats, it’s all designed to do what is most important to you: to put smiles on little one’s faces.

Blue Brontide adding an extra level of green!

As well as their own range Blue Brontide has curated a collection of eco-designed goods made by ethical small independent “green brands” you can find in Blue Brontide’s ‘Guest Brands’ section and here’s ourgoodbrands sustainability check:

Hop & Peck “items and gifts that have a soul of their own”

  • Oak sourced from fully sustainable forests – American White Oak from the mountains and hills of Tennessee.
  • Handmade in England
  • Minimalism & slow produced

organic eco baby kids wood collection tableware easter

Kolekto “timeless & durable toys that evolve with a child’s imagination”

  • Renewable materials – made of 100% sustainable certified birch plywood
  • Toxic-free, Non-petroleum plastics
  • Handmade in Copenhagen workshop
organic eco baby kids wood collection toys aleta kids
Wooden Architectural Building Blocks available at – Blue Brontide

Aleta Kids “embracing the slow-life philosophy, practising mindfulness and being in the moment”

  • Toys made with sustainable wood grown on managed plantations sourced from responsible German forests and has the FSC and PEFC certifications.
  • Certified beeswax (the natural substance which bees create and use to build the comb structures inside their hives) to preserve wood from humidity. Beeswax is non-allergenic and non-toxic.
organic eco baby kids wood collection toys aleta kids
Aleta Kids Wooden Lacing Tug Boat Toy available at – Blue Brontide

Giving back is another important mission for Blue Brontide coming in the form of trees. For each eco-good purchased that has the ‘one tree planted logo’ means you are planting with the charity onetreeplanted.org, that will in time, absorb carbon, filter water, clean the air we breathe and create habitats for wildlife for many years to come.

And last but not least… the packaging! Blue Brontide has implemented the three R’s of waste hierarchy (Reuse, Reuse and Recycle) with cardboard boxes that are made 100% of recycled content, a biodegradable paper tape free from any animal-based pigments or adhesives including gelatine, ‘low grade’ (the greenest) tissue paper made from 100% UK post-consumer waste, and biodegradable starch-based bags!

organic eco baby kids wood collection tableware cutlery

“Lovely spoons! Arrived quickly and lovingly packaged. Felt like a special package for the arrival of our babys first spoons, even though we were just buying them for ourselves, would be a lovely gift as well. Thanks!” Another happy customer of Blue Brontide

We know all you want to do now is play like a child! If you can’t wait to explore more about all the organic, eco-baby and kids wooden collection hop onto the Blue Brontide’s website or connect with them on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter!

organic eco baby kids wood collection tableware snack plate
Blue Brontide’s Eco Wooden Bear Plate


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organic eco baby kids wood collection toys aleta kids
Credit photo: @themilkminimalist – Children playing with Aleta Kids toys. Find them at Blue Brontide

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