5 Strategies to Teach Foster Children About Sustainability

Environmental and conscious education for kids

What do children need to know about sustainability? What are the most important areas of education for them to think environmentally? Here are some great strategies that are easy to implement.

As a foster carer, you have many roles. Teaching your foster children how to feel safe and showing them stability is arguably the most important bit, but there are other commitments separate from this. As a carer in any capacity looking after the next generation, it is natural to want to impart knowledge about the environment and how to move more sustainably. Thankfully, these habits are easy enough to establish, and here are five strategies for achieving this goal. 

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Be the Change and Lead the Way

A part of being a foster carer, whether it is with thefca.co.uk or otherwise, is understanding the assignment. So, as a responsible adult in their life, you will be able to represent exactly what to do. When children have positive role models, they are more likely to model positive behaviours in their own circle of existence. As they grow, they learn all the time. Children are constantly acquiring new habits, new knowledge, and connections about the wider world. You can show them the way to go because it is fairly guaranteed that they will be watching. 

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

If you haven’t heard this phrase by now, you should introduce it into your household as soon as possible. With a catchy mantra like this, which is easy to remember and action, everyone can get on board. Reduce means reducing your household waste wherever possible and encourages a more mindful approach to daily life. Reuse talks about how to reuse things in your environment as opposed to throwing them away and buying them again. Recycle is all about recycling materials that might have otherwise gone to a landfill, like cardboard and glass. 

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Use Eco-Focussed Products at Home

One of the biggest impacts you can have as a foster carer is sourcing, using, and providing eco-focussed products in your home environment. Companies are also focusing more and more on sustainability and there has been a global step back from single-use plastic. So, this will not be difficult at all. Something simple like buying a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one will be a good habit to introduce, for instance. 

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Make it an Open Discussion

When it comes to conversation, no subject should be off the table. As a foster carer, you will be a point of access for open communication and need to be able to answer anything that comes your way. Make the environment a part of that, and discuss the concerns in the world and positive steps you can take together to make looking after the Earth a conscious practice. Moreover, adding engaging visual aids that tackle nature and geography can provide informative content and spark meaningful discussions about the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship for your children.

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Go Outside Together

Getting outside is fun, great for your physical health, and a brilliant opportunity to teach important lessons about the big wide world. Regardless of where you foster and who you foster with, there is always plenty to do within your local community. Try going for a walk instead of using your car to make the lesson even more valuable. 

Teaching foster children about sustainability is a great thing to do for them and you. It is a hot topic, and it should be discussed in an open way to promote positive change and provoke thought. 

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