Eco-friendly brands of natural baby products for your newborn [Ultimate Guide]

Your ultimate guide of sustainable, healthier and convenient baby care brands

How to avoid using products with toxins and nasties (aka phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances…!) on your everyday choice of baby care? We bring you a guide with some of the most ethical and sustainable brands using healthier ingredients in their natural baby products range so that your newborn is not exposed to the cocktail of chemicals!

This is a big deal for many parents. How can we avoid exposing our little bubs to the cocktail of nasty chemicals and toxic ingredients? If you haven’t read our guide with some of the most common 50 dirty ingredients in beauty products, we can ensure that the market is still saturated with baby care brands that could put your children’s as much as your health at risk. And because this is incredibly important, we’ve put together a basic list of eco+health conscious brands bringing a range of natural baby products that you can trust and won’t take hundreds of years to degrade on our beautiful planet. Ensuring the future for our children is as important as it is to take care of their health. 

As we hear many mums, they share their experiences that keeping your eyes on your newborn is one of the most challenging tasks that you’ll ever come across. The first few months spent with your newborn is crucial to shaping its physical and emotional development, which includes being mindful of the products you use to take care of your baby. Better if natural and organic, that’s obvious for many of us!

As a parent of a newborn, you want to ensure that you are providing your baby with a safe environment that includes extremely healthy and natural baby products. This can include food, wipes, nappies, toys, and even bedding. All these are in constant contact with our baby, not to mention those are critical years in which they put “everything” in their mouth! So let’s get right into some of the bigger categories in which we list sustainable and eco-friendly brands for baby care that many people are already loving!

How to read to truly UNDERSTAND a label when buying organic and natural brands?

How to switch to natural baby products & everyday brands to consider

Newborns are sensitive in every aspect. Products that contain ingredients and/or materials that can be harsh to a baby’s digestive system or skin may lead to health issues. Using natural and sustainable products is your best way to guarantee that your baby will stay healthy, safe and happy. Below are some guidelines to use when purchasing natural products for your baby. 

1. Natural baby food brands

Mother’s breast milk is the main source of nourishment for a baby at least for the first few months. However, when you switch to packaged food, you need to consider the nutritional breakdown of such food items. Their base constituent plays a significant role in your baby’s growth. 

Ideally, you can prepare your own babies food. As we realise, many parents have a busy lifestyle and work long hours, besides their family life, therefore we’ve thought on the convenience aspect as well. This will at least ensure that we avoid all those nasties and toxic ingredients our newborns can so easily be exposed to!

Your child’s diet should comprise high fibre, besides all the essential nutrients. Avoiding added sugars, soy-based ingredients are another key aspect to look for.

If you are at the stage of feeding your baby with formulas, then always check for certifications, ensuring it is organic and Non-GMO, with USDA organic or EU organic certifications. This means that it was produced without pesticides, GMOs, hormones, and should have no artificial or synthetic ingredients.

Here are some of our top natural baby food brands that you should consider for a healthy way of feeding your kids:

2. Use natural, biodegradable diapers

Nappies take over 500 years to discompose in landfills. On average, a baby can go through around 2,200 diapers in their first year. That’s a lot of diapers and a lot of diaper changing, and with all the babies in the world, the diapers issue get’s really crappy.

But not only for the environment, but your baby’s skin is also exposed to a few nasties when using single-use petroleum (plastic) based nappies. Therefore, you should always consider using natural diapers as your thumb rule for baby care. Babies tend to have delicate sensitive skin that is prone to rashes and infections. 

Mostly we recommend mums to attempt with zero waste and reusable diapers. But if this not an option for you, and being a busy mum/dad puts convenience at the top of your list, then at the very least we should consider more natural, healthier and safer alternatives. 

Eco-friendly brands of natural baby products for your newborn [Ultimate Guide]

Allergens and irritants, TBT, parabens, latex, and more are often found in diapers. The phthalates may be used not only in the plastic components of diapers, but also in the glues, synthetic fragrance, and dyes. All of these should be avoided in the baby’s diapers to ensure the health of your newborn. Using natural baby diapers made of biodegradable materials, such as bamboo or cotton, will help keep rashes and infections at bay while providing the utmost comfort. 

From the environmental aspect, diapers should be either Elementally Chlorine Free (ECF) or Totally Chlorine Free (TCF), and be free of petroleum-derived plastics. There are now enough bamboo and other plant-based diapers on the market. 

So you know, 95% of the nappies on the market are made with 80% oil plastic, which can be toxic. The baby’s skin is 33% more sensitive than the skin of an adult. Here are some of the good brands of natural and biodegradable baby diapers we could find for you: 

Eco + Healthy features: bamboo diapers, unscented, 100% chlorine, alcohol, and latex-free with no additives or phthalates.

Eco + Healthy features: bamboo diapers with a Nordic Swan Eco-tag, not containing harmful chemicals, ie., chlorine, heavy metals, formaldehyde, organotins, plastic, and latex; hypoallergenic with no optical brighteners, fragrances, essential oils, ointments, or odour removers.

Eco + Healthy features: FSC licensed wood pulp, chlorine-free, no fragrances and dyes, use a corn film.

Eco + Healthy features: free from latex, chlorine, scent, and dyes.

Eco + Healthy features: made of plant-based ingredients, not containing latex, chlorine, scents, & petroleum-based creams.

Eco + Healthy features: bamboo diapers free from chlorine, alcohol, latex, plastic, TBT, and antioxidants.

Eco + Healthy features: bamboo diapers are free of chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, TBT or Phthalates like perfumes; unprinted, unscented, soft and absorbent. Standard 100 certified by OEKO TEX

Eco + Healthy features: bamboo diapers free of latex, PVC, TBT or antioxidants, also hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

Eco + Healthy features: chlorine-free, fragrance-free, made of sustainable wood pulp, BUT it does contain some petrochemical components.

Eco + Healthy features: free from chlorine, scent, and lotion; HOWEVER not 100% biodegradable as they also have spandex as well as petrochemicals.

Motherhood & Zero-Waste Living: Is It Possible?

3. Switch to natural non-toxic baby wipes

Baby wipes can be used for cleaning your baby during a diaper change as well as quick on the go cleanups. Since they come in direct contact with babies’ skin, using natural baby wipes will help prevent skin irritations, as they are void of harmful ingredients. 

Ideally, the healthiest and most sustainable option would be to choose to use reusable wipes. But we know many mums need convenience with their babies when on the go, therefore we’ve listed some good and real non-toxic baby wipes. 

For starters, some of the ingredients to avoid in baby wipes are phthalates (endocrine disruptors), which often come hidden under the name of “fragrance” or “parfumes”. Additionally, many conventional “natural” or “organic” labelled guides contain phenoxyethanol (a suspected carcinogen). Because this is important, we have done a bit of research on the best brands out there:

Eco-friendly brands of natural baby products for your newborn [Ultimate Guide]

4. Organic baby body care

As we already shared in this toxin-free organic baby products guide, your newborn will be needing a large range of body care beyond nappies and wipes. From moisturising, bath & shampoo, teething, sun protection and more!

This list of organic baby body care brands are definitely worth looking into:

Eco-friendly brands of natural baby products for your newborn [Ultimate Guide]

5. Non-toxic baby toys

Children have the tendency to put almost everything and try taking it in their mouth. Similar is the case with the toys that they play with. Therefore, you should try giving special attention to the type of toys you select for them. Make sure that you buy toys that are non-toxic, made without PVC, BPA and phthalates.

While two of your safest chances can be wooden and cloth-based toys, you should always make it a thumb rule to buy developmental toys that help your child in their growth. In this guide on eco-toys you may be able to find some great brands!

30 Eco toys gift ideas your eco kids will love this Christmas

6. Organic mattress for your baby

Ideally, one of the important factors that you should consider is to get an organic mattress for your baby’s crib. Remember, your child will spend almost the entire day in bed (until they learn to walk by themselves). Further, organic mattresses have fewer chances of developing bacteria due to the baby peeing on them frequently.  

12 organic mattress brands that are non-toxic & all-natural [Ultimate Guide]

7. Eco-friendly and organic laundry

Washing your babies clothes (as much as yours!) is another key element to keep your bubba away from as many nasties as possible. In this guide of zero-waste and toxin-free laundry detergents, we show you some of the best brand alternatives in the market so that you move onto a more eco-friendly makeover!

11 Zero waste detergents & DIY toxin-free laundry alternatives


Babies are soft and sensitive, and always require some extra care! While the market is flooded with a variety of products, but so are good brands out there. For your newborn’s health, the care of the planet and even budget reasons, we most definitely recommend you selecting organic, natural baby products & eco-friendly brands.

Eco-friendly brands of natural baby products for your newborn [Ultimate Guide]

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