Wait What?! Paraben free and vegan condoms that safe lives?

Hero Condoms. Sustainable condoms: saving lives just by having sex

Imagine making love in Australia and saving lives on the other side of the world… Now it’s a reality with this brand of paraben free and vegan condoms. But it’s only for heroes!

save lifes africa hero condoms donation

Think protected sex sucks? Well, it doesn’t – you’ve just been using the wrong type of condoms.

The first vegan condoms that have committed only for heroes: every time you buy a Hero condom you will donate another one to a developed country. Consequently, you will help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and save lives. Hero condoms is another buy one give one business model, therefore another fabulous giving for the world: educating the community on the importance of safe sex.

Most noteworthy, the quality of Hero vegan condoms exceed the standards. Also, they are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. They manufacture the products by using solar power and recycled water; as well, its packaging is reused carton. In conclusion, the company is working towards becoming a carbon neutral company!

We especially love the hero lubricant with natural aloe vera product, because it is vegan-friendly, ph balanced, petrochemical and paraben free. Furthermore, all of them have a non-spermicidal lubricant, which contains low odour latex. Alos it’s 100% electronically tested.

This is the impact of Hero condoms

Hero paraben free vegan condoms brand impact infographic

In Botswana 1 of each 4 people have HIV, and over 1.7 million people died due to AIDS in 2011.
Hero Condoms was born for all those heroes that wanted to use cruelty-free vegan condoms, but also to solve this problem. So far the brand impact is massive: a donation of 67,650 in Australia and 575,000 to Botswana. The idea is to donate 2,000,000 condoms to Botswana by the end of 2018.
Also, the brand has an enormous environmental impact, as they use solar power and recycled water in their production. Last but not least, the packaging is made of recycled boxes.




Do you choose to be a hero? Get yours here!


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