6 Natural products to fit into your daily beauty & wellness routine

Tips to improve your everyday beauty with all-natural healthier ingredients 

It is estimated that every day the average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals directly onto her body. Over 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, giving all of this poison full access to our entire internal operating system. If you are looking to make your beauty routine a little healthier, here some easy ways to incorporate natural products. 

5 Natural products to fit into your daily beauty & wellness routine
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In daily life, we usually do not give much thought while selecting products that are used regularly for beauty and wellness. We do not choose natural and organic products and go for synthetic and chemical-laden products to save our time and energy. But a little effort and some research can save us from serious future health-related problems.

We usually become the victim of false marketing of synthetic products and overlook the need to confirm if these products are actually beneficial or not. We need to take this matter into serious consideration because such products that are in direct contact with the body can affect our health. Here in this article, we are going to share some highly beneficial natural products that you should replace with your chemical products to improve your overall wellness.

5 Natural products to fit into your daily beauty & wellness routine
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1. Himalayan Salts

Himalayan crystal mineral salt is the purest salt in the world and has long been known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Salt therapy has been used and trusted for many centuries and has been long known to help loosen mucous build-up and phlegm. 

Himalayan salt gets absorbed into the skin and mineralizes it. A warm bath can relax all your joint and muscles and give you a spa-like soothing experience. If you want to spoil yourself once a month with a spa-worthy treatment, Himalayan salt will add some health benefits such as improving respiratory diseases, balance your body’s pH, reduce the signs of aging, improve sleep quality, regulate blood sugar and increase libido!

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You can use Himalayan salt in many different ways, such as cooking, home decoration, beauty & wellness. For example, when washing your body, you can give some extra care by using these wonderful salts. To get more information about Himalayan salt, you can visit Ittefaq Salt, a Supplier of Himalayan Salt a social responsibility that is engaged in fair trade, conflict-free sourcing of these Himalayan salt.

2. Essential Oils

Due to their benefits for the human body, essential oils are used since the olden times in treating many skin and body diseases. These oils are the extract of almost all parts of the plant such as bark, peel, flowers, leaves, resin, and roots. 

Through distillation, these oils are extracted from all the parts of the plant. So, basically essential oils are the true essence of plants that poses potent healing qualities in them. Essential oils are very concentrated that is why only a few drops of them can do wonders.

Due to their detoxifying, antifungal, antibacterial, and antidepressant properties, these oils are being used in aromatherapy, cleaning agents, skin care products, and cosmetics. 

When applied topically, essential oils can help treat many conditions. Some oils are great for moisturizing and nourishing the skin because of their high vitamins and mineral content. Every oil has its own special power to treat a certain skin, hair, or body problem. For example, ylang-ylang, lavender, rose chamomile, lemongrass is great for relaxing your senses and relieving stress. Next time, when you are having a headache, apply a few drops of lavender oil instead of taking painkillers.

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3. Sea Sponges

Forget about synthetic sponges and scrubbers and get your hands on completely organic and natural sea sponges. These sponges are obtained from the floor of the oceans that is why they are eco-friendly and highly sustainable. 

Sea sponges are basically multicellular organisms that live like plants. Due to increased awareness about using organic products for health and beauty, these sponges have also gained popularity.

5 Natural products to fit into your daily beauty & wellness routine

These sponges are very useful and offer a plethora of benefits. You can use them for removing makeup, gently exfoliating your skin and as a bath, accessory to clean your whole body. Unlike synthetic sponges, these are more soft and smooth to give you a luxurious experience. Sea sponges are suitable for all skin types especially for sensitive skin because of their hypo allergic nature.

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4. Aloe Vera

This is considered to be a magical plant for skin and body. It is being used for its healing properties for centuries as an active ingredient in various health and beauty products. Aloe Vera is enriched with anti-oxidants that help to eliminate harmful free radicals. It can also heal cracked skin and wounds and make your skin smooth.

You can easily grow an aloe Vera plant at home and use it in different ways. It acts as a natural sunscreen and a great moisturizer. It is also beneficial to increase the growth of your hair and make them shiny and manageable.

You can even eat it to avail of various benefits. It has the ability to make your joints strong and lower down blood sugar. Aloe Vera juice is very popular among health-conscious people.

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5. Natural Hair Products

Just like your skin, your hair also deserves your love and care. Chemicals are the enemy of your hair and scalp and can make them brittle, weak, and frizzy. Switching to natural and organic hair products can save you from all these troubles. You can easily find organic shampoo and conditioners for your hair easily in the market. Natural products not only treat hair problems but also save them from damage.

If you still want to use your regular shampoo, make this a ritual of adding fresh aloe Vera gel to the shampoo, and then apply it to your hair. This will save your hair from the harsh effects of chemicals.

You can use essential oils for your scalp and hair as well. For baldness, thinning of hair, gray hair, fizziness, and split ends, these essential oils can be quite helpful. You can either topically apply any essential oil you find suitable for a certain hair condition, by mixing in another carrier oil, on your scalp and roots.

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6. Handmade Soaps

We recommend these handcrafted soaps made by artisan women of the Kumaon region in the Himalayan mountains, using naturally medicinal herbs that encompass peace, healing and strength. All soaps and scrubs are 100% Natural and 100% Vegan. Bathe in the richness and natural ingredients from the lap of the Himalayas!

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5 Natural products to fit into your daily beauty & wellness routine

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