10 Homemade Gift Ideas Your Family Members Will Love

Homemade gifts for a meaningful Christmas on a budget

Are you considering DIY Christmas presents over purchasing? If you also think handmade is better, here are awesome homemade gift ideas to make everyone smile big this holiday season!

Gift-giving holidays are notoriously wasteful. Everyone’s buying new things, wrapping them in single-use supplies and tossing bags of garbage in landfills. 

This year, instead of contributing to waste, use these ideas to create eco-friendly, homemade gifts your family will love and truly appreciate.

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1. Knitted Scarves

Knitting is an excellent hobby if you have experience or the time to learn. You could knit a simple scarf for each of your loved ones and make them sustainable using recycled wool. Scarves only require a certain length, which you can find by measuring the ones you own or looking up the expected size online.

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2. Hot Cocoa Jars

Cocoa plants need tons of water to grow, so they aren’t very sustainable. Find eco-friendly brands that employ thoughtful farming practices to make hot cocoa jars for each of your loved ones. You could even wrap them in compostable paper to make your gifts greener.

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3. Rustic Wood Ornaments

Ornaments are a classic gift idea, so put an eco-friendly twist on the tradition. Use a saw to make wood slices from your backyard and decorate them with eco-friendly paint.

Research shows that 32% of people don’t have holiday budgets, which can complicate making sustainable gifts. Plan what you want to make and create a budget around how many supplies you need to buy, like paint, brushes and string.

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4. Homemade Body Scrub

It’s always nice to treat yourself to a spa day, so give your loved ones a homemade body scrub in a jar. They’ll feel like they’re on a relaxing getaway before it’s time to jump back into their daily routine.

Sustainable beauty brands avoid using chemicals in products to ensure they don’t harm the environment, even when washed down a drain. Use them as inspiration to find organic ingredients that look and smell wonderful for each of your family’s body scrub gifts.

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5. Homemade Bonfire Starter Kit

Bonfires are an enjoyable winter activity, but you must know how to start a fire to relax by one. Make it easier for everyone by creating bonfire starter kits with recycled candle wax. Use your older candles to mix resin with flammable twigs and other materials in seasonal or used containers.

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6. Recycled Plants

Loved ones who adore gardening might be thrilled with a cutting from your household plants. Research how your specific species propagate and cut the leaves or stem according to what works best for them. It’s like giving part of your home to your best friend or family member in a reusable jar where it’s already forming new roots.

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7. A Personalized Scrapbook

Scrapbooks showcase your eye for design and the memories you share with someone. Make one with recycled paper for a sustainable gift that your loved ones will cherish forever. You could also make a digital scrapbook if you’d rather not use paper or print your pictures.

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8. Reusable Tea Bags

Tea is a lovely hot beverage during cold winter months, but the bags end up in landfills every day. They aren’t naturally biodegradable, so your loved ones may have a bigger carbon footprint than they’d like.

Take care of that problem by picking seasonal fabric and making reusable tea bags. You only need a few supplies to make one per person. Fill each with the recipient’s favorite loose-leaf tea to upgrade their eco-friendly lifestyle with a thoughtful gesture.

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9. Homemade Shower Steamers

Mildew can sometimes leave an unpleasant smell in the shower. Homemade steamers eliminate that problem while giving you a custom scent for your post-shower activities. Put them in a jar with your loved one’s name on the lid. You’ll only need a tiny bow to make this gift look perfect.

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10. Chocolate-Covered Peanuts

Chocolate-covered desserts are a special part of winter holidays. Lean into the festivities by gifting chocolate-covered peanuts to your loved ones. Peanuts are naturally sustainable because they add nitrogen to the soil to replenish its nutrient profile. Buy your ingredients from fair-trade, organic brands and put everything in reusable containers to give people the greenest present possible.

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Plan Homemade Gift Ideas

Anyone can make homemade gift ideas like these that also support the environment. You’ll give everyone cherished presents that don’t hurt the planet and celebrate the holidays with all your favorite people. That may be the greatest gift of all.

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