The perfect eco-friendly event guide for this Christmas & festive period!

What do you need and how to organise your eco-friendly event

After the Ultimate Ethical Christmas Shopping Guide edition, we have come up with a guide on how to organise your eco-friendly event for this festive period. It’s time to level-up and organise a party or an eco-friendly event that will get everyone impressed (and also get them thinking a bit)!

We have prepared a small but effective guide on how to organise an eco-friendly event. We oh-oh-oh’pe to cover the basics for you to have the most popular festivity of the year, to make it unforgettable and welcome 2019 how it’s deserved. Because sharing love also involves our beautiful planet, for many years to come! Cheers!


We all love stunning and shinning at this time of the year… but all that glitters are not gold. Most often that glitter is microplastic. Unless you get a brand such as Glitterevolution, which is made from plants and fully biodegradable!

eco-friendly event christmas guide glitter

Glitterevolution brings a guilt-free glitter for humans to shine brighter while being conscious caretakers of our planet. It also comes in a plastic-free packaging and you donate 10% of their profits to 5 Gyres for ocean plastic pollution research and education!!

Ready to shine, sure… but like an eco-warrior?

Greeting cards… because recycled is not against design!

Let’s make your greeting cards a bit more eco-friendly too!

For example, Saluti is a brand of beautiful and sustainable greeting cards, notebooks and calendars out of recycled and grass paper + vegetable oil-based ink. No chemicals, using an FSC-certified and Blue Angel recycled paper, so no trees will be killed this Christmas season! The grass paper used is also vegan, compostable.

Christmas ethical shopping guide social entrepreneurs sustainable gifts saluti cards

Sure there are other brands and options out there, just try your best for them to be made out of recycled paper or even Do It Yourself (we love Pinterest to get some inspiring ideas).

For the gifts, wrap, rip, recycle (and if you can, upcycle)!

If you are not using Who Gives a Crap yet – the toilet paper, you wouldn’t have had the chance to collect their funky-cute paper that wraps the rolls. So make sure you start using this brand to wipe your sweet-as like a queen or king, contribute to building toilets around the world, while you also make a favour to our beautiful forests.

eco-friendly event christmas gift wrapping paper who gives a crap

In the meantime, other brands such as Wrappily printed on 100% recyclable newsprint and beautiful patterns available.

And if you want to make something reaaaaally different, then take this idea of wrapping your presents on up-cycled newspaper… not to mention you will also save some money!

Eco-friendly Christmas Trees

Did you once buy a Christmas tree that you still give some use?! Then do it! If it’s time for the tree to retire after all those years, then please make sure you opt for a more sustainable option.

Look at how beautifully natural this tree made out of recycled timber looks like… It’s minimalist, genuinely different, upcycled and warm.

eco-friendly event christmas tree recycled timber
Photo credit: Instagram @wasteknotmelbourne

You can try to Do It Yourself or buy it from brands such as OneTwoTree.

If you opt for a real tree (oh because you love the smell of fresh pine in your happy place), if you can get a Christmas tree that has roots so you can grow it and, eventually, use it again next year. If you cannot afford that, make sure you look for FSC certifications as this ensures the tree has been grown ethically and sustainably. For organic and pesticide-free green-friend find one approved by the Soil Association. Make sure you recycle the tree properly: turn it into chips or composting is always better than throwing it into the landfills.

Decoration for a cosy place

Start with some flowers… they are natural and definitely can make a space more welcoming and brighten… And the smeeeeell!

We love the brand Mystery Blooms, which are heirloom flower seeds, no GMO and fair-trade handmade in Western Australia. What’s even cooler are their bio pots and soil pellets, and the packaging is made out of using recycled material and it’s almost biodegradable. Even the shipping is consciously selected, proudly using Sendle wherever they can to keep carbon emissions. Happy days and unforgettable deco! If you don’t have the time to plant the seeds because the event is around the corner and you have procrastinated a bit longer than you had in mind (all good, we gotcha now!), then considering using Mystery blooms for someone’s gift.

eco-friendly event christmas flowers mystery blooms

If you plan to use flowers at all, supporting your local flower shop is always a good idea… just avoid the plastic ones!

And what about candles?! We all use them at this special time of the year, it makes you feel cosy, relaxed and warm, surrounded by your loved ones. Our favourite ones is the brand M&J London, ethical scented candles with a spark of holistic aromas. It’s important for you to know that whereas candles may seem aligned with a natural, green or eco-friendly way of living, their impact on the planet goes far beyond what we can imagine. Instead, M&J London is an ethical luxury with a minimal environmental impact, bringing an alternative to sustainable and ethical scented candles, with flavours that will conjure your favourite memories of wonderful places and shared moments.

Christmas ethical shopping guide social entrepreneurs sustainable gifts MJ London candle home
Photo credit: Instagram @_kirstiemarie

Plan ahead for big meals (ehem, Thanksgiving)!

As our lovely friend Olivia advised on one of her daily newsletters Today We Will: “Plan ahead for big meals.” Here’s why: “Because “Wasted food emits methane in landfills — a gas worse than CO2 for climate change. We will reduce methane emissions by planning ahead for big meals.” And how? “Hosts, ask people to bring tupperware. Non-hosts, bring tupperware.”

Christmas ethical shopping guide social entrepreneurs sustainable gifts children him her

Food. Deliciousness with a purpose!

As much as you can, avoid plastic. Buy bulk food, at fresh markets and take your own containers and reusable shopping bags. This free eBook can help you make better decisions for an eco-friendly event with 80 tips on how to go plastic free slowly and peacefully, but starting as from today!

eco-friendly food bulk

Also as much as you can, buy brands that are organic or fair trade, such as chocolate! There are many food social enterprises, like the deliciously conscious Hey Tiger a chocolate bar brand that supports communities in West Africa; 17 delicious flavours and a stunning gift box and packaging.

eco-friendly event christmas chocolate fair-trade

Beverage. Activism in every sip!

Nowadays there is a massive amount of beverage brands born with a mission. Here are a few brands that are much more than a beverage, but support causes and have a social entrepreneurial structure. We take you to some of them:

Sparkke: the beverage for activists & changemakers. This brand represents many causes and a wide diversity of people. It’s an activist beverage that wants to see a change in the hottest topics: gender equality, sexual consent, a shelter for the refugees, but also the brutality against the Aboriginals in Australia. The latest beverages are about respecting the mother Earth and, of course, the gay marriage. Sip by sip, drink after drink, you make change happen with the most activist beverage ever made.

Elephant Gin: this gin captures the spirit of Africa in a premium award-winning handcrafted dry gin, supporting elephant conservation, wildlife education and local craftsmanship. The powerful aromas embody the beauty and strength of the elephants.

eco-friendly event beverage

Ginerosity: this Gin brand donate their profits to a charity called ‘Challenges Worldwide’ who help disadvantaged young adults to apply to International Citizenship schemes.

FAIR drinks: the first range of completely fair trade spirits.

Fatty’s Organic Gin: a completely organic Gin from Dulwich.

Brewgooder: donate all of their profits to helping provide access to clean water for those in need.

Toast Brewery: use up surplus bread in their brewing process that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Karma Cola: a fair-trade brand that works with cola nut farmers in Sierra Leone to ensure that the whole production process is fair and sustainable.

WYLDE Coffee: fairtrade and UK based, this lifestyle coffee brand that wants to get more people to buy locally as well as encouraging care for the environment by using biodegradable packaging. WYLDE’s team runs beach cleans combined with tasting events based in the UK. Most importantly, they pay farmers above fair-trade standard and their interest in sustainability led them to explore options for biodegradable packaging created from wood pulp.

Oliver and Edie: if you rather use coffee pods for your coffee machine, then make sure you opt for biodegradable coffee pods. This brand provides eco-friendly, premium organic coffee products that inspire people to connect, share experiences while contributing to a more sustainable future. A delicious coffee with organic integrity and high quality, bringing awareness to the environmental issues around pods consumption and offering a solution with these biodegradable coffee pods.

Wild Tea Qi: ancient artisanal tea organically and fair trade produced. This brand of teas is been hand harvested and handpicked from ancient tree teas at over 1,700 meters high and hundreds to several thousand years old, growing in a naturally organic and oftentimes wild environment. The most ancient tea tree is from Yunnan Province China, the birthplace of tea. By purchasing these teas you support the local people as we deal directly with the farmers to create fair trade tea line. True ancient tree tea can be brewed many times more than a standard tea, thus saving lots of money. Ancient tree tea is like wine in that each cup changes taste and also has a deeper and more complex taste. Support sustainable and go organic, no mass-production here!

eco-friendly event wild tea qi christmas fairtrade

A few options to choose from uh?! Of course, we would recommend avoiding plastic, aluminium or glass packaging are the most suitable recycling options.

Use straws: a bit of fanciness is not made out of plastic!

At this stage, using straws for ANY event should be a no-brainer… you have literally, zillions of brands, colours and materials to pick from! Just make sure you get a large pack of straws for everyone and keep them forever. Plastic straws are not just meant for a-single-use but also are non-recyclable.

eco-friendly event christmas bamboo stainless steell straws

One of our favourite brands for which you can also get a discount with us is Yourstraw, grown and made in Bali. We find bamboo being the most sustainable option when it comes to material options because you can always send it back to nature, where it belongs.

Get a 10% discount for these wonderful bamboo straws using the code “PLASTICFREE“

COMPLETELY avoid any plastic cutlery, plates, bottles… It is a special time of the year and probably the best one to try other options.

Give a Gift that Gives Back

Get a gift for your special human being that is truly useful for them! We have put together a Christmas Ethical Shopping Guide with a large range of choices for everyone: what can you find here?

Some great Discount Codes, yeah! But most importantly, choices for everyone:

For the Mindful HIM or HER

For those WHO like to Dress Ethical with a Conscious Budget

For those Who Like heir Privacy to Breathe & Still Look Great

For the Natural Beauty Lover

For the Green Little Ones, Educational Toys and Clothes

For the Yogis who Bring Consciousness one Asana Further

For those Who Believe Tech can also Be Ethical

For the Eco-Travellers and Wanderlusters

For those who like Mindful Wares for the Naughty and Nice

For the Stunning and the Shining!

Get a gift for your special human being that is truly useful for them!

We are huge supporters of small businesses and social entrepreneurs creating a real impact!!

Donate Unwanted gifts

A reality we face in most of our homes, especially before converting into a more eco-friendly, sustainable or even, minimalist lifestyle, there is a huge amount of stuff that stays in the depths of our cupboards or wardrobes. This year make a special effort to see that any unwanted presents go to good use. Find a local organisation to which you could donate these gifts, such as charities, churches, neighbours…

You will make someone smile and you will avoid it to go to landfill.

Final Holiday To-Do-List

eco-friendly event christmas holidays to-do-list

Do you have any more ideas to run an eco-friendly event this Christmas or festive period? Did we don’t mention a brand worth sharing?! Comment below and share it with everyone!

Enjoy your holidays, thanks everyone for this amazing year and all your support YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!

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