10 benefits I have noticed when fasting

Fasting for GOOD. The most personal thoughts of someone on a fasting diet.

Fasting is the new black. Probably if you ask around you will find many people who have done some fasting diet. But what are really the benefits of fasting? We are going to give you an honest and real example, stolen from my personal diary. Here’s what happened to my brain and body.

When I started the diet, I basically associated fasting with hunger. I was lucky enough to find out about a product that helped me a lot to avoid that horrible feeling of being hungry all the time.

If you can control the huger, you will become the observer of your body. You will realise that many of these occasions are to cover a particular emotion, and psychological motivations on weight loss might help improve this process.

And the PUM! Magic happens. You will see the beauty of the process that your body goes through when fasting.

Here are some of the incredible things that have happened to me personally. I decided to grab a notebook and write down all the thoughts that were coming up associated with the fasting experience.

The power of fasting

  1. We feel the stomach empty, but the reality is that we are used to chewing. I was drinking a powder to get all the nutrients my body needed; I really missed the chewing feeling. Most of the times it was not because I felt hungry, but because I associate eating with particular moments, such as catching up with friends, watching TV, when you arrive home from work, etcetera. There are a lot of actions we take during the day that we convert in a good excuse to put something in our mouth.
  2. Because you go through an extended period where you cannot eat, you become more aware which are the moments when you are craving food. You will realise that many of these occasions are to cover a particular emotion (could be happiness, sadness or boredom). Observe these moments, and you will learn a lot about yourself. And this is, in fact, what will help you to change habits in the future straight after your fasting diet.
  3. We have plenty of time to do some other things: like finishing a long task without being interrupted by the cooking; or taking care of ourselves; or having sex.
  4. Sex: you feel hungry, and you need to use your time to get distracted. You better not go to social media because you will see food everywhere – which is a horrible feeling when you are hungry ¡I tell you!. And because you want to avoid that, another great option is having sex. As well, when you do fasting you feel good, and sex is the best opportunity to enjoy yourself (and of course your partner will feel this too).
  5. Taking care of you. You are expecting to see an improvement soon (especially if you are using this product s such as FAST Missience – which will make a big difference to your skin, for example). Because of that, you do some extra things because, besides of willing to get distracted, you want to reinforce and help the process of well-being. You’ll prepare all sorts of teas, turmeric or ginger infusions; you take that magnesium lost in the depths of the cupboard; you will try new things, such as rinsing your mouth with coconut oil to remove the bacteria – which surprisingly helps also to lose your wild appetite.
  6. More energy than usual. I could be hungry sometimes but, still, I had more vitality. This was the moment when I realised that having a full belly makes us tired. Digestion is a process we put our body through at least four times per day. It is exhausting… Imagine how much stress we accumulate just by eating. And of course, fasting gives our bodies a rest.
  7. You will feel powerful. Believe me: the very first day I started the fasting, our friends caught up to watch the new chapter of Game of Thrones and there was pizzas, pop-corn, pies… But I had my drinking bottle with a mixture of the FAST and Vegan protein of Miessence. For sure I wanted to eat! But after the party, I felt that nothing could beat me!
  8. After the second day fasting, you will be okay. If you have decided to do you fasting diet for 3 or 4 days, the moment where you start eating again you will do baby steps as with tiny amounts you will feel satiated. Use this as an advantage to keep your habit of healthy eating going; this is, without doubt, another great benefit of fasting.
  9. You drink more water. Because we are used to putting something in our mouth and water seems the most accessible way to the fasting diet. A headache, for example, is a common symptom but you will solve it by drinking water instead of taking a pill. Then you realise that all your body needs are to get the habit of using water for recovery.
  10. Acne? Water accumulation? Bad blood circulation? Well, I have all of them, and it disappeared after two days fasting. Then I was clear about how important it is to have a healthy diet every day.

Have you ever done a fasting diet before?

What products did you use? Did you found out about other benefits at all?

Please share your comments with us; I am sure our community would be pleased to hear other experiences!!!

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