How to make responsible choices on your family eco-safari

A guide on how to practice ecotourism when on an African safari

Ethical travel is a driving force in the tourism industry and world explorers are becoming increasingly aware of how their travel choices can impact the well-being of the environment, wildlife and people of their travel destination. Traveling with a purpose is of utmost importance to a responsible travel company, Jumbari Family Safaris. Their tailor-made eco-safaris connect travelers to Africa without putting a strain on the natural resources or wildlife of Africa’s unique destinations. 

Jumbari understands the challenges which arise in being a responsible traveler in a foreign country. “Often, we find it’s not the traveler’s unwillingness to contribute to responsible tourism practices while traveling, but rather that they don’t know the ins and outs of what it means to be a responsible traveler” says Lisa Nel, General Manager of Jumbari Family Safaris. To help you become a sustainable traveler by applying Jumbari Family Safaris’ 5 simple tips on how to make responsible choices on your African safari.

01. Work with a responsible tour operator

The first step to becoming a responsible traveler is to select a responsible tour operator that can advise you on ethical travel options in Africa. This means that every element of your holiday will have been carefully considered to ensure your trip has a positive impact on the environment, wildlife and communities in Africa. Jumbari Family Safaris makes a conscious effort to support eco-friendly lodges and hotels that have a limited impact on their direct environment and encourage guests to be aware of their consumption of natural resources.

responsible ecotourism eco safari africa eco lodge
Low impact camp at African Bush Camps Linyanti Ebony, Botswana

02. Pack with purpose

It is important to consider what you put in your suitcase before departing for your chosen destination. Starting with your toiletry bag, make sure to pack eco-friendly biodegradable self-care products for your African safari. There is limited infrastructure in some parts of Africa and water resources can be in short supply, thus some products can be harmful to the water supply. Next up, you can limit your use of single-use plastic by packing a reusable straw and multi-purpose bag, as well as an eco-friendly water bottle. This will decrease your plastic consumption during your visit to Africa, and in turn, support the fight against single-use plastic and reduce plastic pollution.

responsible ecotourism eco safari africa travel kit

03.  Avoid unethical interactions with animals and local communities

Jumbari Family Safaris does not support activities which exploit members of the local community or wildlife. By doing a quick background check on what your tour will include, you can prevent supporting a corrupt cause and secure your A-grade responsible traveler status. A good example of an activity which has a negative impact on the wildlife of Africa is elephant back-rides, lion cub interactions and shark-cage diving.

responsible ecotourism eco safari africa leopard
Support credible organizations like Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

04. Spend locally

Support local artisans, chefs and businesses whenever possible on your African safari. By purchasing organic products which have been sourced and made locally, you will contribute to the sustainability of the economy of the destination you are visiting as well as uplifting the local communities. 

Note – Do not buy souvenirs, photos or tours from companies that you suspect might abuse animals, local people, the environment or the culture of the area you are visiting.

responsible ecotourism eco safari africa organic farming
Sourcing organic produce at Babylonstoren, Franschhoek

05. Consider giving back 

To ensure that your volunteering efforts have a direct impact on others – whether it involves people, places or wildlife, be sure to volunteer at a credible organization that is well-recognized in the industry. Jumbari Family Safaris can organize a range of rewarding volunteering experiences for your family when you visit Southern or East Africa. After your travels, consider giving back to the organizations that protect the beautiful environment or communities you visited during your trip to Africa. You can decide to contribute to a particular game reserve, a specific community initiative or a safari lodge that funds a local cause. 

responsible ecotourism eco safari africa rhino
Support ethical wildlife experiences at Shamwari Rehabilation Centre

Ready to start planning your eco-friendly family safari? Get in touch with one of Jumbari’s expert consultants who will help curate an ethical travel itinerary for your family. To ensure that everyone who travels with Jumbari leaves a positive impact on Africa, Jumbari Family Safaris contributes 1% of each booking value to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, a centre actively involved in the conservation of rare and vulnerable species in South Africa. Learn more about the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre here. 

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