A circle for purpose with home & kitchen items made from textile offcuts

Capsule collections of zero-waste reusables made with repurposed textiles from brands 

Kitchen, living or dining room, your office… no matter where in your home, every space should reflect who you are. If you are someone looking to reduce your environmental impact and fill your home with purpose, here some stylish decoration made from the waste other brands create. 

The United Kingdom produces 206.456 tonnes of textile waste in a year, and quoting Orsola de Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution, “transforming this waste into a product takes time and creativity…” By upcycling we’re avoiding that items end up in landfill… and with an estimated £140 million worth of clothing going to landfill annually (Wrap, 2020) this comes at a pretty good time!

Now, you’re probably thinking: how can I purchase new things for my home without contributing to more textile production?

Well, here’s where Circle For Purpose comes in! We partner with brands to create (very!) exclusive and capsule collections made from textile samples, deadstock or leftover textile, and repurpose them into home textiles.

Circle for purpose with home & kitchen items made from textile offcuts

We’ve created essential home textiles that harmonise design and lifestyle purpose, to reflect our sustainable mindset. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all looking for? From napkins and placemats to mousepads and laundry bags… you can fill your home with purpose whilst closing the loop of a circular living. We’ve teamed up some of our favourites to show you how:

1. Rise and shine

Last year baking skills quickly hit the chart. So we’ve created the perfect way to store your bread. Unlike plastic, which can quickly turn bread tough and soggy, storing your bread in a fabric bag can help the bread stay fresh for longer.

Circle for purpose with home & kitchen items made from textile offcuts

The best part of our bread bag? It’s multi-functional and around for many years – take it to the bakery, store your bread or even bring it to the table for Sunday brunch.

2. Going crazy and heading to the supermarket?

Well, it’s time you avoid all those plastic nasties and take groceries to a whole other level. Did you know that over the past 50 years, world plastic production has doubled? And when confronted with the fact that plastic items take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills and are littering our oceans, threatening the lives of millions of marine animals, we really don’t want to be a part of this constant production. So, we simply found a way out of it and created the perfect alternative to plastic consumption, with our grocery bag. Always finding an alternative to buy fruit and vegetables in bulk and reuse this time and time again, without harming the planet.

Circle for purpose with home & kitchen items made from textile offcuts

3. Time for lunch!

We believe you should make your table setting so good that people won’t even want to eat. A beautiful table setting sets the mood for your entire dining experience, so we just love to spend some time and have fun when dressing our table! Whether you’re going for a more classical look or bring that pop of colour… get creative! From cotton to linen and leather, these small details can really make the difference, so get some inspiration from the perfect table setting with reusable dining items to impress your guests.

Circle for purpose with home & kitchen items made from textile offcuts

4. Working from home?

While all of us have adapted quickly to working remotely we believe it’s important to make the most of your new workspace. We found that creating a customised and eco-friendly workspace can go a long way in helping your productivity. Made of end of leather rolls used to produce shoes, we’ve developed our extremely comfortable leather mousepads and made them available in many colours, such as green, blue, salmon, red, neutral and brown to fit your personality.

Circle for purpose with home & kitchen items made from textile offcuts

5. Netflix and Chill

The hardest part won’t be choosing the movie anymore… try leaving the couch. With unwanted fabric rolls used to create dresses and jackets, we’ve repurposed this into our amazing range of wool pillowcases and blankets that will be absolutely essential for your living room decor.

Circle for purpose with home & kitchen items made from textile offcuts

6. Anything else?

We’ve created convenient and naturally beautiful options for your day-to-day. From our jewellery holders (made out of the end of leather rolls) to store your most valuable items; laundry bags for your kids (that were repurposed from faulty t-shirts), backpacks to take all your essentials when going out, our AirPod cases (made out of sample books) to our shoe bags; we truly believe there is a way to avoid more textile production and waste and make the most of what’s already in circulation.

Circle for purpose with home & kitchen items made from textile offcuts

Circle for purpose with home & kitchen items made from textile offcuts

But, that’s not all! To help any eco anxieties we also send some of our products in reused boxes donated by brands such as Struts Lisbon, or even by you!

Now is the time to question your consumption habits, and help keep the fashion industry circular. Like all of us, our products have a story to tell and they do it (beautifully!) connecting their history to our values. Let us help you create new narratives and build a zero waste home decorated full of meaning and purpose.

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Mafalda is the co-founder At Circle, a zero-waste shop that saves and awakens textiles. The brand partners with amazing brands to rescue and repurpose their unwanted textiles, to increase their lifespan to their full potential. Before waste, now home textiles. All the pieces are made of materials that were unused and considered waste, which makes their appearance absolutely unique, perfectly imperfect and naturally beautiful. From napkins to mousepads, from 1 to 50 pieces, from organic cotton to leather... “What will be joining our circle?” Who knows! But that's just the beauty of keeping things circular.

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