Using persuasion to make the world more sustainable

When it comes to the sustainability of the world, we should all bring awareness and solutions. Many do not fully comprehend the importance of sustainability. We can use gentle persuasion to convey its importance and to suggest alternative solutions. For example, we should propose more sustainable options in place of fast fashion. Using persuasion, we can make the world a better place. 

What is Persuasion?

 Persuasion is the act of convincing someone to believe something or to do something. According to Merriam-Webster, persuade means “to move by argument, entreaty, or expostulation to a belief, position or course of action; to plead with: urge.” Almost everyone uses persuasion every day. For instance, you may persuade your significant other to order pizza instead of cooking at home. Maybe you convince your boss to give you the holiday weekend off. If you are a lawyer, you may sway a jury that your client is not guilty. 

Persuasion is used in a variety of different ways. Sometimes it can be confused with bullying or manipulation. People may use their ability to persuade for ill intent. Persuasion mustn’t lead to manipulation. To learn more about the art of persuasion and its many topics, consider visiting BetterHelp.

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Persuasion and Manipulation: What’s the Difference?

Persuading is the act of convincing someone of something using reasoning and justification. When you persuade someone, you lay out the facts and use your conviction to thoroughly explain your point. 

Manipulation is the act of using any means necessary to convince someone of something. Manipulative people are often skilled with words and are particularly observant. People that manipulate others will ignore boundaries and rules to reach their goals.  

The biggest difference between persuading and manipulating is the use of facts and logic. Manipulators may emotionally and mentally abuse someone. Dissimilarly, persuaders may use reasoning and rationality. While trying to convince your family and friends to make more sustainable decisions, you must use persuasion and not manipulation. 

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Using Gentle Persuasion to Make the World a Better Place 

Show Them How Easy It Is

 Going more sustainable doesn’t have to be hard! One of the main reasons that people may turn away from sustainability is because it can appear complicated. Those just starting to live sustainable lifestyles can attest to a learning curve. It may feel like you have to relearn how to eat out, throw away the trash, garden, clean, and the list goes on! However, we know that it can quickly become second nature. In fact, it can be easy to go green! Take the time to show what you’ve learned to your friends and family. They are more likely to try it out if it doesn’t appear overwhelming.

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Show Them Budget-Friendly Options

Another reason that people may not want to go green is because of expenses. Living a sustainable life can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider helping a friend start a garden and show them how much money they can save by growing their own food. Or introduce second-hand clothing stores (both online and in your town). Showing people that they can lead an environmentally-friendly life on a budget is a great way to introduce them to a sustainable lifestyle. 

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Show Them How Important It Is

 When showing a person the importance of taking care of the earth, it is vital that you use persuasion and not manipulation. You do not want to guilt someone into going green, but rather show them how much of a difference they can make! If we can convenience even one person to live sustainably, we are one step closer to healing this world. Consider discussing your environmental convictions and concerns. Let that be the first step in your sustainable journey together!

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