Top 10 flouride-free organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]

Using the right products for a healthier & more sustainable oral health routine

Since you should brush your teeth at least 3 times a day, ensuring no nasties are put into your mouth should be a no brainer! This guide shows sustainably made organic toothpaste brands that don’t contain parabens, fluoride, sulfates, nor triclosan!

Our mouths and teeth are our calling cards. Our teeth not only allow us to chew, digest food, and drink, but they also help us to speak clearly, plaster emotions (happy smiles, grinning, etc.), and regain our self-esteem and confidence. On the whole, our oral health is a window into our physical and emotional health. 

For most of us, brushing our teeth and flossing have turned into morning and nightly rituals. While it is true that maintaining our oral health is crucial and has a positive impact on our overall health and social lives, it is also true that these healthy habits can turn into a strain on the environment.

How to make your oral health routine more eco-friendly

Fortunately, it is possible to retain our oral health without damaging the environment by putting into practice a few simple tips: 

  •  Reduce the amount of water when brushing our teeth
  •  Avoid toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and floss that contain plastic
  •  Use recycled and chemical-free products 

Bamboo Toothbrush  

Bamboo toothbrushes are an excellent alternative to plastic ones. Unlike plastic toothbrushes that do take thousands of years to break down in the landfill, toothbrushes made from raw bamboo are biodegradable. Since bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, we are talking about a multifaceted, sustainable, and renewable resource. 

Some of our favourite eco toothbrushes are the ones at Eco Roots, the social enterprise The Toothbrush Project, the stylish bamboo toothbrush Mable and Bogobrush, which is not bamboo but biodegradable.

Top 10 organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]
Photo Ceredit: Nati Melnychuk from Unsplash

Recycled Products

Bamboo toothbrushes are not the only eco-friendly alternative. Traditional plastic toothbrushes can be easily replaced with toothbrushes made from recycled materials. Instead of floss made from nylon, you can opt for floss made from silk.  

The Eco-Floss which you can find in Biome is a great option and also Eco Roots vegan floss collection, including refillables for the dental floss.

Avoid Products with Chemicals

Many people associate teeth whitening with intense bleaching treatments, but there are a variety of natural ways to brighten your smile.

All natural whitening products typically skip the peroxide that other at-home whitening options use, so what ingredients do they use to strip away your stains? The full ingredient list varies from brand to brand, but the active whitening ingredients can be anything from charcoal to coconut oil.

Avoiding chemicals in your oral care routine means you won’t suffer from the tooth sensitivity that traditional whitening treatments can cause. Though the results are usually slightly less dramatic than peroxide options, all natural whitening formulas are typically safe for daily use — so you can maintain your results long term.

From natural teeth whitening products to natural types of toothpaste and powders, such as those offered by Elevate Dental, there are many chemical-free products that can keep your mouth clean, bright, and fresh without putting a strain on the environment.

Even if you are wearing clear aligners, natural products are equally efficient, allowing you to keep your Byte aligners clean. 

Organic and eco-friendly brands for you 

If you have decided it is time to turn flossing and teeth brushing into eco-friendly habits, here are some brands you might want to check out:

1. Georganics Natural Toothpaste 

Based in the UK, Georganics has made it its mission to ensure natural, sustainable, effective, and accessible oral care. Georganics offers a wide range of natural, chemical-free mouth care products for your loved ones and you: Mineral Toothpaste, Toothsoap, Mouthwash Tablets, Oil Pulling Mouthwash, Mineral Toothpaste Tablets, and Mineral Toothpaste Powder. Their products are approved by reputable accreditors such as Cruelty-Free International, The Soil Association, 1% for the planet, the Vegan Society, and the Vegetarian Society. 

Top 10 organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]
Photo Ceredit: Toa Heftiba from Unsplash

2. Native Whitening Toothpaste 

Free from fluoride, triclosan, and sulfates, the Native Whitening Toothpaste is a safe and efficient whitener that contains naturally derived flavors and clean ingredients. There are two available options: Wild Mint (Fluoride Free) and Charcoal (Fluoride Free). If you prefer a formula with fluoride, there are two options: Wild Mint (Fluoride) and Charcoal (Fluoride).

Top 10 organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]

3. Butter Me Up Organics organic toothpaste 

A zero-waste company, Butter Me Up Organics offers two types of high-quality, organic toothpaste: 

  •  Remineralizing Toothpaste / Whitening Toothpaste 

This toothpaste contains baking soda, essential oils, sea salt, calcium, and coconut oil. This combination not only stops tooth decay but also has antibacterial properties.

  • Organic Activated Charcoal Toothpaste / Whitening Toothpaste

This toothpaste contains activated charcoal, Calcium Citrate, Sodium Bicarbonate, organic certified Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Vegetable Glycerin.  

Both kinds of toothpaste are cruelty-free and contain no sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, or synthetic fragrances. You can get a 10% discount at any of the Butter Me Up Organics product range by using the code OURGOODBRANDS!

Top 10 organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]

4. Lebon Organic Toothpaste

Lebon offers an Organic Oral Care Collection based on five main attributes: Organic Certified, Clean, Vegan, 100% Eco-Friendly, and Cruelty-Free. The collection includes nine naturally flavored types of toothpaste and one mouthwash. All the products Lebon offers are free from parabens, fluorine, dye, and saccharin. Additionally, the tubes are recyclable.

Top 10 organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]

5. Natural Toothpaste by Tom’s of Maine Cavity ProteTom’s 

Dedicated to providing natural oral care products, Tom’s of Maine puts at your disposal a rich range of safe and effective types of toothpaste that are Cruelty-Free and contain 0% artificial colors, flavors, fragrance, and preservatives. From types of toothpaste specifically designed for children to natural mouthwashes, whitening formulae, and toothpaste with or without fluor Bronner’s are over 40 products to choose from.

Top 10 organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]

6. Dr. Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste 

Cruelty-Free, NON-GMO, OTCO, and NSF-certified, the toothpaste varieties Dr. Bronner offers are made with 70% organic ingredients and contain no fluoride, SLS, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, carrageenan, or detergent foaming agents. There are four flavors to choose from: peppermint, spearmint, anise, and cinnamon.

Top 10 organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]

7. Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and containing 0% fluoride, triclosan, and SLS, the Triple Action kinds of toothpaste offered by Kiss My Face have been designed to:

  •  Removes plaque
  •  Whiten 
  • Prevent tartar build-up

You can either choose the Triple Action Fresh Mint Paste or the Triple Action Cool Mint Gel.

8. Desert Essence Coconut Oil Toothpaste Essence’s

Free from fluoride, SLS, and gluten, Desert Essence’s Activated Charcoal and Coconut Oil toothpastes has been formulated to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy and ensure a fresh breath. Vegan and Non-GMO-Project certified this toothpaste contains: Organic Coconut Oil, Zinc Citrate, and 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.

Top 10 organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]

9. Procoal Activated Charcoal Whitening Powder 

Safe to use and gentle on the gums, the unique formula of Procoal’s Activated Charcoal Whitening Powder will help you to remove the stains and discolouration caused by tobacco, wine, or coffee from your teeth. Vegan, fluoride, cruelty, and gluten-free, this toothpaste contains high-quality coconut charcoal and absolutely no fillers and binders.

Top 10 organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]

10. David’s Organic Toothpaste  

According to David’s, natural toothpaste should meet the following criteria:

  • Contain naturally sourced and derived ingredients
  •  Be Cruelty-Free
  • Should contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, and sweeteners
  •  Be vegan
  • Be fluoride and sulfate-free
  • Come in sustainable packaging

And these are precisely the features that turn Davids’ toothpaste range into a high-quality, highly effective, and eco-friendly alternative. 

Top 10 organic toothpaste brands made with healthy ingredients [Ultimate Guide]

Wrap Up

There is no need for our oral health to impose a high cost on the environment. From eco-friendly toothbrushes to eco-friendly tubes of toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwashes, there are many available alternatives thought out to ensure sustainability and preserve the environment.

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