AndAgain, the jeans with a new twist. Vintage, hand-made, exclusive and sustainable.

Bridging the gap between sustainability & fashion through everyoneʼs favourite material: DENIM

AndAgain proves that deadstock fabrics are the best way to create unique designs that empower consumers with choice individualism. The most exclusive denim pieces for sustainable fashion lovers.

AndAgain is like falling in love at first sight. Right outside of Philadelphia, in what could be a vast empty garage… you can only find recycled jeans and sewing machines. And a small team giving a second life to the denim Again.

andagainco sustainable denim jeans


Every piece created in their headquarters only use second-hand and forgotten denim. The designs go from sketchbook to the online store in about a month. AndAgain designs are all created in-house and continuously evolving for you to access the most exclusive models.

Morgan Young and Greg Harder founded the brand as university students when they learned about the extreme amount of pollution the fashion industry creates.

As we explained in the article about fast fashion, only up to a 10% of the clothes we donate get sold in second-hand stores. On top of that, if the charity can’t sell the garments, these are packed and shipped to underdeveloped countries destroying their economy.

Each year, over 13 million tons of textiles are thrown away around the world. Also, the production of a single pair of jeans uses over 5,678 litres of water!

So far, AndAgain has had a massive impact as they have saved over 4.1 million litres of water from going to waste. Without counting the thousands of kilos of discarded denim saved to end-up landfills.

Every pair used in the creation of these garments is a small step in fighting these wasteful trends.

andagainco sustainable denim jeans


Inspired by a minimalist aesthetic with hints of athleisure street style, you can pick the most contemporary designs, sustainable and eco-friendly garment that is truly special. Check their website to make sure you don’t miss the last designs.

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