7 Sustainable Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

How to minimize budget and maximize eco-consciousness

Another year has passed and we are about to organize the biggest gatherings of the year. But what if we can become wise and sustainable? What if we could repurpose as much as possible to make holiday celebrations more meaningful?

As you face rampant capitalism and frivolous spending habits in your everyday activities, it can be pretty challenging to live a sustainable lifestyle. When these issues reach their peak around the holiday season, it gets all the more difficult to stick to your vow of sustainability. 

But when you remain conscious of small steps, you can still maintain your sustainable practices during the season of joy, fun, and togetherness. To assist you on this necessary path, here are 7 sustainable ways to celebrate the holiday season. 

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1. Shop From Sustainable Brands

If you want to avoid wasting natural resources during the holiday season, you may do well to shop from sustainable brands. These businesses follow sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution practices, which create less burden on the planet while also taking care of local communities. Due to the influence of bigger sectors, such as how the fashion industry is becoming more sustainable, you can find plenty of sustainable brand options across a variety of shopping categories. 

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2. Get high-quality themed clothing 

Speaking of the fashion industry, investing in high-quality clothing that you can wear several times can also help you reduce the burden on the planet. This not only applies to your winter season outerwear, such as men’s leather coats, but also holds true for themed clothing, such as women’s Christmas pajamas. This ensures that you don’t have to keep buying holiday clothes when winter comes knocking on the door every year. 

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3. Reuse Your Holiday Decor

Similar to reusing family heirloom Christmas tree decor every year, you should also make it a habit to reuse your regular holiday decor items. This allows you to reduce waste with your Christmas decor habits while showing your children the basics of a sustainable lifestyle. To make sure that you feel happy with your decision, you can create your own decor with options such as a Christmas stocking knitting kit

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4. Be Conscious While Wrapping Gifts

The importance of sustainable education for future generations cannot be denied. But if you don’t lead by example, your children may find it pretty hard to adopt sustainable living habits. During the holiday season, you can make a conscious choice to reduce waste by reusing gift wrap or avoiding its use altogether. This helps you steer clear of adding to the massive waste of trees that gift wrapping causes every single year.

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5. Don’t Waste Party Food 

While you can never eat too much during a holiday feast, it is still possible for you to contribute to the massive problem of food waste. In addition to the superfluous use of natural resources, food waste also contributes to climate change. To ensure that you do your part in taking care of the planet, you can make it a point to use every bit of holiday food by browsing through a leftover recipe book. 

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6. Use Holiday Lights Wisely

The use of plastic in holiday lights contributes to an inexplicable wastage of natural resources, while the energy that you utilize through them may also create noticeable carbon emissions. When you make a thoughtful choice to use energy-efficient lighting or renewable energy for your home, you can reduce the negative effects that holiday lights have on Earth. You can find plenty of energy-efficient holiday lighting options by browsing through sustainable online marketplaces before the season starts. 

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7. Promote Sustainable Living Through Gifts

The holidays are the season of giving, But as you choose holiday gifts for your loved ones, you don’t have to choose between their happiness and the planet’s health. By browsing through options ranging from cruelty-free lip crayons to vegan handbags, you can easily make gift choices that promote sustainable living in a variety of forms. This can also inspire your family and friends to follow sustainable lifestyle practices on their own. 

These suggestions allow you to continue your sustainable practices through the holiday season. This way, you don’t have to compromise on your lifestyle without sacrificing the holiday cheer. 

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