6 Sustainable outdoor decoration ideas for your dwelling

Tips to keep your garden deco beautiful & green

In times where being out in the open is becoming more trendy, we intersect it with a green concept to bring you some tips for sustainable outdoor decoration. Take good note, because these ideas will inspire you to live in a healthier space, whether it’s to lay down and watch the stars, enjoy your yoga sesh or vino with friends as the sun goes down. 

Whether it is your home garden or the local park, people are becoming more and more conscious of the importance of outdoor spaces these days. While patronage of the regional and local parks has increased since 2020, an appreciation from the homeowners to marry the outdoors with the indoors has also seen a rise. And because we like to make everything as eco as possible, here we bring you some sustainable outdoor decoration ideas.

That said, with a sustainable approach to outdoor space, there is everything to gain and nothing to lose so long as your ultimate goal is to become more environmentally friendly as possible. These time-tested solutions will tell you how to go about it.

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1. Set an earth-friendly stage

The first step in creating your dream outdoor retreat is by choosing items that save on water consumption and energy. By incorporating them you not only save money every month but will lay a strong foundation for the later stages of your exterior design.

Options that can be included in designing a walkway or pool deck is to use low-maintenance paving stones that are durable and can be cleaned of debris easily. In addition, they will provide a non-slip surface and in case of damage can be replaced easily.

Replacing your grass lawn with synthetic turf will lower the carbon footprint and your water bill for the house will reduce greatly since you will no longer need edge trimmers or lawnmowers.

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2. Use sustainable patio furniture

Once the foundation and the surrounding concrete resurfacing are complete, start to select furnishings that will give you peace of mind and comfort. Shop for eco-friendly outdoor furniture that is made from recycled or sustainable materials.

Use reticulated foam that does not mould or get mildew growth for the sofa. Use harvested certified teak or eucalyptus, the two most popular wood options that are widely made by an array of reputable manufacturers in the market.

When shopping for eco-conscious wooden furniture for your outdoors, independent certification is important. This is to ensure that the company you have chosen adopts environmentally responsible practices and uses only sustainably harvested materials. If possible search for a craftsman or local eco furniture companies. Neighbour’s Products, for example, are excellent for giving an instant facelift to your patio. 

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3. Choose renewable textiles

To give the finishing touch to your furniture use eco-friendly textiles to complement them. The furnishings you ultimately choose will provide the desired feel to your environment.

Use textures and colours that tie the place together and give it a solid look. Select fabrics of organic materials for curtains and throw pillows and outdoor rugs made from sustainable stuff such as jute or bamboo.

You can even re-upholster your old furniture with natural fabrics and give it a new home. You not only save money but save on the energy needed to transport new furniture to your home.

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4. Greener cooking options

Outdoor living space is made for entertainment and relaxation. As such, cooking and grilling form an integral part of outdoor living, whether it is your private party or the entire neighbourhood is invited.

To make sure about the safety of friends and family members, the BBQ grill you select should be safe. One such choice could be a charcoal grill fueled by natural lump charcoal instead of laden charcoal which is not considered safe for pets and people.

If you plan to run the house on green energy, you can try a natural gas grill as it gives off less smoke, which makes it safer than other grills. Moreover, after-party cleaning is easy and the grill can be turned on or off whenever needed.

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5. Install eco-friendly lighting

How your patio looks at night and how easily it is accessible to visitors is an important feature that merits careful consideration. With a range of solar-powered lights available in the market, these days outdoor lighting fixtures can easily transform the landscape.

You can even choose candles to provide soft lighting to set the tone for the evening. However, make sure that e only purchase those all-natural products manufactured from beeswax and infused with essential oils for scent. If you don’t know how to get started, there are ways that an electrician can make your home more sustainable.

Creating an ideal outdoor space and maintaining it is easier said than done. Having said that, a sustainable outdoor space can be carefully created by taking expert advice from horticulture and landscaping professionals.

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6. Set up a water feature

Do you know that water in your garden highly benefits the animal & plant ecosystem? Not that you will now receive unwanted visitors, but instead, you’ll see more chirping birds, thirsty bees that will help your garden’s pollination. If you are serious about them, here’s a full guide on how to save the bees

On the other hand, you may think of your water spending! But what if you start a little outdoor area in which you can harvest rainwater? Getting started is actually easy, and it will bring you endless benefits, for your water feature and beyond.

A water feature in your outdoor area will add a decorative element, and it will also give you peace. The sound of the water, the little visitors will not only make it a placid dwelling, but will bring you closer to nature.

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