How efficient is a solar panel for your home?

The best way to go cost-efficient in your household with the right solar installation

Have you considered investing in a solar panel for your home but don’t know if the value of money will be worth it? Solar energy surely ensures efficiency and we guide you on what you need to consider so that it performs best for your needs. The bonus is that you will also radically reduce your household environmental carbon footprint.

With the global temperature on the rise and the environment in danger, renewable energies are of utmost importance. Experts are busily working, hoping to discover something that will completely change the way the world is powered. Solar energy is been around for years and technology is helping us to advance pretty fast in space, to the point that more individuals are considering getting a solar panel to light their homes. IF this is you, then you came to the right place as we will go into detail all that you need to take into consideration to ensure that your investment goes towards efficiency.

To give you a little the background, nowadays most studies and perhaps most popular among renewable energies are wind, hydro, and solar, all creating an alternative to fuel which releases dangerous emissions into the environment.

Among the three, solar energy has been around the longest, providing homes with an affordable alternative option to electricity and power.

How to make Solar Panel home Efficient

Though it is proven solar energy helps to decrease emissions and create an all-around healthier and cleaner environment, the initial cost creates a problem. Installing solar power in a household requires a large monetary investment. This has raised the question among many who are thinking about adding solar panels to their home: how efficient is solar energy? 

What do you need to consider before installing solar power in your home?

When thinking about solar energy for your home in the first place, you need to take into consideration a few technical aspects, firstly because there isn’t just one type of panel. 

Two types of silicon panels are among the most efficient with photovoltaic and thin-film cells among the less. With advances in technology, silicon panels have been optimized to provide the best amount of energy for the least amount of surface area. This has made a dramatic reduction in the costs while increasing the amount of energy that the panels put out. 

Newer statistics have been released that show the average solar panel produces 11 to 15% efficiency with the use of photovoltaic panels. Now, the most up to date method which joins multiple cells together has shown a 40% efficiency rating, making it the top recorded rating at the moment. 

While the type of solar panel makes a whole lot of difference, there are other important areas you will need to consider before making the switch to solar power. 

1. The installation of the solar power at home

This may seem like a no-brainer but, as a matter of fact, this is the number one reason why some homes are not reaching the efficiency which they would like to. Each solar panel has a thin layer of glass on the surface which has to be angled properly in order to catch enough sunlight to reach maximum efficiency, therefore, a professional should be consulted. 

2. The roof to install solar panels 

Depending on the slope of the roof, solar panels cannot catch sufficient sunlight and reach their maximum potential. Some more advanced technologies feature tracking systems that follow the trajectory of the sun throughout the day, capturing a large amount of sunlight along the way. 

3. The temperature factor for the solar panels

Depending on location, the temperature can be a factor. Some types of panels are designed to function better at warmer temperatures while others can be substituted for those that function better in colder climates. This could put a damper on the efficiency and amount of energy produced making it a critical point to think about. 

4. Avoid shades limiting your solar panel exposure

Beware of any objects that can reduce the panels’ exposure to the sun. It might not sound like a drastic change but, if even just a tiny corner is shaded, the overall efficiency can drop. Check all around the house and even consider the different positions of the sun throughout the day. 

How to make Solar Panel home Efficient

Should you go solar by installing a panel in your home? 

Understanding that solar energy is an investment that can make a huge positive impact, we still want to ensure efficiency. For this reason, it is very important you consider all of four points listed above before you decide to install solar panels in your home. 

It is simple to find our in your local area on business directories or typing on Google “solar company Chicago” or “solar company Phoenix” or “Solar Panel Installers Cardiff” and you will find the right solar company for you!

The return to the environment is immediate as you’ll immediately reduce your carbon footprint on solar panels are installed in your house. However, in order to see the return on your investment, you’ll need to think about how to maximize efficiency and better energy production. Hope these tips have guided you to enjoy all the benefits that come with converting to solar energy, including lower monthly costs, increasing property value, all while feeling good about creating a healthier atmosphere. 

Do you have solar panels at home or are you planning to invest in solar energy? Share your experience with us all on the comments below!

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