10 Simple ideas for your next DIY repurposed project

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Been thinking of restyling your home but need a bit of inspo? Whatever your budget is, creativity has no limits. Look around to find some items to convert into your next DIY repurposed project!

Repurposing items is now more important than ever! Repurposing items reduces waste, saves money and energy, and boosts creativity. Mother Nature will thank you for reducing waste in the landfills and your brain will thank you for the stimulation. Not to mention you’ll feel great about yourself and have a beautiful new item to show off in your home, office, or any other place you choose. 

If you want to start taking on DIY repurpose projects but have no idea where to start, you’re in the right place! Read on to find inspiration for your next DIY repurposed project. 

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Repurposed Furniture

Repurposing furniture is one of the most popular kinds of DIY projects. Paint it, upholster it, reconstruct it – the possibilities are endless! Here are some examples of repurposed furniture projects that you can try:

1. Old dressers made new 

Don’t throw away your old dressers! If you’re wanting to have a fresh look in your bedroom and you’re thinking about buying new furniture, stop right there! Your new dresser is already looking at you. All you need to do is sand down your old dresser, paint it with a creative mind, and boom! 
Even if you’re starting fresh in a new place and need a furniture set, a good option is always to buy furniture that needs a little TLC from a yard sale and repurpose it. Aside from painting old dressers, you can also convert them into craft supply storage units, tool chests, a bench, or even a dollhouse! Think big, think small, think bright pinks or subtle greys – the world is yours when it comes to repurposing furniture!

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2. From babies to toddlers 

Do you have an old crib catching dust that you no longer have use for? No problem! A simple way to repurpose a crib is to use the side railing as a bookshelf for your toddlers’ new books. Or, you can turn that side railing into a towel rack for your laundry room.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can convert a crib into a porch swing or even a toy chest. Just about anything in the world can be repurposed, and a crib is definitely one of the top things that you can use for your new project.

3. Repurposing pallets 

There are so many things that you can do with old pallets. With a bit of sanding and painting, you can have a brand new headboard in under 24 hours. Or, you can construct a DIY baby gate to protect the little ones from injury on the stairs.
If you have enough pallets, you can even construct a sectional sofa! Don’t throw your pallets away, take a look at what you need, get creative and start your pallet project today.

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4. Table makeover 

A vision, sanding, and painting can alter your entire living room area. If you think it’s time for something new, go ahead and give your old dining room table, or any table a new look.
If you’re looking to convert your home from a traditional styled look to a modern farmhouse style look, repurposing furniture is definitely the way to go. Your new furniture will have an authentic rustic feel and you will have achieved all of this by adding zero waste to the landfill. Cheers to that!

5. Headboard benches

If you got new headboards and you’re trying to think of what to do with your old ones; a headboard bench is a very fun and unique idea. Add a special touch to your front porch or back patio. A headboard bench can even inspire a new backyard design with a picnic setup using ideas like yard signs.
There are a lot of things you can do with a headboard bench and a lot of places that it will fit perfectly into your home or yard. All it takes is a bit of reconstruction, sanding, painting, and a brand new home, for your brand new bench. 

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6. Repurposed Lights 

If you have an old slab of wood laying around somewhere, then you have a brand new barn light beam fixture. Light beams are trendy, aesthetically pleasing, and creative. 

Creating your own light beam fixture leaves so much room for artistic expression and thoughtful design. Add whichever kinds of lights that you love, make it lighter in color or darker – the ball is in your court!

10 Simple ideas for your next DIY repurposed project
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7. Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable Gardening is a personal gift from yourself to Mother Nature. A sustainable garden is a self-reliant garden that does not use harmful pesticides or other chemicals while growing fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, sustainable gardening is not a hard thing for you to practice. 

A simple practice of sustainable gardening is using compost to treat the soil in your garden or yard. “Compost is decomposed organic material. Compost is made with material such as leaves, shredded twigs, and kitchen scraps from plants.” – University of Illinois Extension. So, instead of throwing away banana peels and apple skin – save them for your very own compost.

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8. Old Door Project 

Old doors can be used as a new entryway staple! Sand it, paint it, add a small shelf and some coat hooks, and you’re good to go. Another simple idea for old door repurposing is adding some shelves and making it a bookshelf. Or, add some table legs and renovate your dining room area with a brand new look.

An old door can turn into so many things. Take a look around your house and think about something that you’ve been wanting to add for a while, then grab a hold of the old door you were about to throw out and make it! 

9. Upcycled Window

Yes, even windows can be repurposed. Your old windows which were once considered an exterior feature can now be an added interior feature to your home. You can add shelves to old windows and make them books cases or replace the glass with a mirror and have a new beauty corner. Or even, hang them on the walls and have the most unique photo frames that anyone has ever seen. 

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10. Repurposed Trays

Repurposed trays can be perfectly made into new ‘message centers’. Like with most DIY repurposed projects, a little bit of paint and a vision goes a long way. Paint your old tray whichever color you’d like, place it upright in a vertical position, add a few clips for post-it notes and some hooks for keys – and you’ve got yourself a brand new entryway message center. 

Be sure to paint a section of your repurposed tray with chalkboard paint so you can write quick messages for your family and friends. Message centers are a great way to stay on top of family tasks and an even better way to ensure you never lose your keys!

DIY Repurposed projects are fun and creative activities for families and individuals to do. And most importantly, repurposed projects contribute to a greener Earth. Having a greener Earth will benefit our generation and all generations to come. Let’s all do our part and reduce waste by repurposing and reusing items that are commonly thrown away.

10 Simple ideas for your next DIY repurposed project

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