The must-have reusable period pads to Wear’em out

For the mainstream women to get excited about their period again

Wear ‘em out are the reusable period pads every woman needs: breathable fabrics, no smell, designed for extreme comfort and with the confidence that it won’t leak! In just a few months customers from all over the world have saved over 1 million single-use menstrual products.

We interview Lauren Derrett, she’s created a brand that educates and empowers without judgment. These reusable period pads are ideal for the eco-curious women who care about the environment or the mainstream ladies who are done with putting nasty products close to their intimate parts. Lauren shares with us why Wear’em out are such a revolution and got all the ladies talkin’ about their periods again! Without further ado, we hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did!

The must-have reusable period pads to Wear’em out

Hi Lauren, what led you to start a brand of reusable period pads?

I was already using reusable pads but couldn’t find a brand that I felt represented me, or that I’d be happy talking to my friends about which meant the conversations weren’t being had, so I designed the brand I’d been looking for. 

Your brand inspires joy and having fun, which can be very untypical for menstrual products. Can you share with us the concept behind Wear ‘em Out?

The concept of the brand was to create a must-have sanitary pad so that mainstream women got excited about their period. It was also to share the message around the effects of menstrual waste on the environment but without judgment or blame, and empowering the eco-curious, women who maybe are only just stepping into the eco world. Our brand educates and empowers without judgment.  

The must-have reusable period pads to Wear’em out

And what are the values & the mission of Wear ‘em Out?

Our values are known better do better, we have so much information now to show us the damage disposable periods are causing. This is not about laying the blame of applying guilt, it’s about getting educated and being responsible with the knowledge you get. And of course, our mission is to convert the world to make the switch for the good of our personal and planetary health.

I guess the question everyone asks when switching to a more sustainable period-proof alternative is: will it smell, will it be comfortable, will it leak?

Periods don’t smell, the single-use plastic used in disposable pads means our bodies can’t breathe and bacteria build up causing the odour. To solve this, our pads have breathable fabrics that are moisture-wicking pulling moisture away from your skin and into the pad.

Our pads have been designed with comfort in mind and the one thing our customers are most shocked by and feedback on reviews are how comfortable they are. The comfort has come to the fabrics we use, the double popper wings hold them firmly in place so movement is minimal, which means you’re not chasing it around your pants all day.

The must-have reusable period pads to Wear’em out

Absorbency was something we focused on in design, the modern woman needs to be confident that she won’t leak out so we carefully selected fabrics to work hard inside the pad, and a waterproof layer for extra confidence. We have 4 different pads, all created differently depending on the absorbency needed. We’ve not been told of any leaks, but we have been told of all the times they haven’t leaked.

We’ve read amazing reviews of people who’ve already used Wear ’em Out reusable period pads. Why people love them so much?

Because they’re so good? Haha, also I think it’s because of the quality of our fabrics and design, they’re hardworking and comfortable.  

The must-have reusable period pads to Wear’em out

People period differently. What reusable period pads do you have in the range? 

Our pads range from the Mini Flo, useful for barely-there bleeds, everyday freshness and even bladder weakness, whatever you’re using a panty liner for. We then have a Medium Flo which is like a ‘normal’ disposable, for normal blood loss (and bladder weakness). Our Mega Flo is for those heavier bleeding days or night-time bleeds and our biggest pad is the Mega-Mega Flo, which does what it says on the packet: it’s designed for post-birth and problematic, heavier than ‘normal’ bleeds, and also, perfect for a confident good nights sleep.

How regularly should we change the period-proof pad?

This will depend on how much you bleed, we’ve had many reviews to say women were changing them far less than disposables as they’re so absorbent and comfortable. But for a guide, you would just replace the number of disposables for the same in reusables.

When looking for the number of pads you may need for a month, we recommend our Starter Kits as a way to gauge what you’ll need. They come in a lighter bleed or heavier bleed kit and also have an Out and About waterproof bag to store your clean and used pads on the move. 

If you wanted a slower transition, our Trial Packs are a good way to get a feel of the pads. We do of course sell them individually; it’s about finding your way as everyone and their periods will be so different.

The must-have reusable period pads to Wear’em out

Now, someone who decides to get a Wear ‘em Out period-proof pad: what are the care instructions?

When you’re ready to change your pad give it a rinse in cold water to minimise staining and to remove excess blood. You can then set it aside for cleaning.

To clean your pads you can throw them in with the rest of your laundry (up to 40oC). Your usual detergent will be fine, but don’t use fabric softener, as this will affect the pads’ absorbency.

Alternatively, you can hand wash your pads, wash and wear, cuts down on the water, electric and the number of pads you’d need (we wash ours in the shower with us #ecohack)!

Give your pad some love when wet, a quick stretch and reshape, be aware that some very slight shrinkage may naturally occur after the first wash.

We recommend you air dry your pads, no direct heat as this may cause excessive shrinkage (i.e no radiators/tumble dryers). When all freshened up, store your pads flat to help pad maintain their shape.

The must-have reusable period pads to Wear’em out

What is the leak-proof technology in the reusable period pads to ensure our menstruation won’t leak out?

It’s a plastic-coated fabric called PUL, which is the same as you would find in reusable nappies. This gives the extra layer of confidence.

Why should people switch to a more eco-friendly option for their periods?

The main two reasons would be 1 – Disposables are currently sitting in a landfill for up to 800 years, they’re infiltrating our waterways and our seas, it’s a huge environmental issue that we can change so easily, never before has there been so many reusable options for menstrual products. 

And 2 – There are reportedly up to 3,000 harmful chemicals in current disposables, chemicals that can affect our feminine health (to a large degree) chemicals that we sit on, on the most absorbent and sensitive part of our bodies 24/7 for up to 10 days a month. 

What is the impact an individual could make just by using reusable period pads?

The average women use approximately 22 menstrual products a month, that’s 264 a year. If you made the switch to reusables (which last up to 3 years, maybe longer) those 264 x 3 years are a saving of 792 disposable products from potentially hitting the landfill. And if she tells her friends that number will be doubled and another friend, it’s tripled so we can see the ripple effect it could cause. Plus the overall financial saving is 40% when switching to reusables, so it makes financial sense too.

What is the eco-friendly packaging used to ship Wear ‘em out pads?

We have recycled cards, tissue, and stickers, we use cardboard boxes or compostable mailing bags.

What has been the greatest success of the brand so far?

We only launched on 31st January 2020 and we’ve had 1,491 customers. When using the equation above that is a potential 1,180,872 menstrual products being saved from spending up to 800 years rotting away in a landfill. Now that’s the success we’re after with our brand. Our customers are all over the world which is also pretty cool!

The must-have reusable period pads to Wear’em out

One of the key distinctions most of the eco + social entrepreneurs have in common is that they tend to collaborate. How do you perceive collaboration and how has it helped your business?

We’ve had a lot of support from influencers on social media, of course, it’s amazing to collaborate for brand awareness and helping to educate an audience you may not necessarily meet. For our product, that will be sold far wider with word of mouth and recommendations I think it’s essential. We’re also in the process of doing a collaboration on an exclusive pad design with an incredible designer to raise money for charity, we’re very excited to reveal that when it’s ready.

Is there any advice you’d like to give to other small businesses trying to make a difference?

Be as personable as you can be, every large marketing campaign you see is built on connection with the customer on an emotional level, you have to touch people so they can relate to you and in time, trust you, and therefore, trust your product. People will know if you have a passion for your product and in turn, they will become passionate about it too.

If you could write a message on a big wall that the entire world could read, what would it say?

Let your conscious lead you, if you feel you could do better, do better, if not, then fair play to you my friend. 

Finally, where can we find you? Shop, online, worldwide…?

Find us online at www.wearemout.co.uk. And say “Hi” on Instagram @wearemoutpads we are very active and put out plenty of IGTV for your enjoyment. Psssst… Sign up to our mailing list on the website and get 10% off your first order!

The must-have reusable period pads to Wear’em out

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