Taking ethical brands to the mainstream, collectively

Together we can support small businesses

Imagine a world where we only have sustainable products. For sure we are changing the demand and we are now ready to support the change-makers and innovators in business. Shall we try?

Ever wondered why an eco-friendly and ethical business hasn’t been mainstream media until recent times? If you delve into the world of ethical sustainability there’s so much to love. The obvious jumps out… Our planet sees a future with sustainable products and our most disadvantaged people who rely on the most delicate of ecosystems are nurtured out of the inhumane capitalist vortex we often throw our money into.

I see even more than that. There’s a collective of very smart, very talented people. Innovators if you will. Working tirelessly day and night with a passion so resolved that their very own lives often struggle for the greater cause they pursue. These gorgeous souls are creating really amazing, morally high achievements in both business and community, yet often without an audience to captivate.

Sadly, I liken it to a struggling musician playing in little known bars every night to a really devout local audience. They have a really close following within their circles but step outside of that into the big smoke and people struggle to follow. That is, until one day, a voice big enough decides they need to be heard. Suddenly the musician (or in my case the little eco-warrior), is placed onto a platform that becomes highly accessible for the world to see and suddenly the devout local audience becomes a worldwide mainstream phenomenon. What if the same could be true for little known people of sustainable and ethical practices?


To support all these amazing businesses and give them the voice they deserve. We as a collective, the devout eco-groupies, need to place a microphone in the small business hand, let them take the stage with our actions of support and be their amplifiers to create a reverberation through the mainstream populous that becomes impossible to ignore. A most famous example would be that of Justin Beiber, yes the Beibs, I’m going there. Stick with me.

Just a young, small boy with a passion for music. He was a multi-instrumentalist with a beautiful voice, achieving great things in his local community. His mum gave him the support he needed, she uploaded his videos to YouTube (the platform) and Usher’s business partner just happened to click his video (albeit by mistake) and the rest is a seriously amplified history! Beiber was following his passion, he didn’t really change anything he was doing, he wasn’t anyone different from the day before he got signed to the day after. He was just given a voice by someone that believed in him, he was heard and pushed into the very bright global spotlight. The crazy thing is I’m not so sure Beiber could ever change the world for the better! Certainly not like the eco-hustlers out there waiting for their moment!

We live as one

So how can you help? How can you bang on the eco and ethical drum? We’re in a very fortunate age where the media no longer dictates what we as the public mass see and hear anymore. We are more socially connected and networked than ever before. Just by a click of the share button, an upload of your story, a download of a blog, the play of a podcast, movements can gain momentum and become momentous!

Just think, would we have heard the Amazonian’s voice if it wasn’t for Instagram? Possibly, but the Brazilian government wouldn’t have been forced into action. We have the power to move people, to make governments listen and sing songs for a better Earth. There are so many platforms and ways of getting the Eco-warrior onto the world stage and if we see an opportunity, then it must be taken.

I hope someday you’ll join us

This is my dream, my passion. Whether you are a sustainable rock star, gigging wherever you can as an eco-amateur, a local green fan or someone just getting into the scene, I honestly hope if you see an opportunity to shine a stage light you will take every opportunity you can. I’m marching to the sound of my Eco Drum, the stage is set and it begins with my Eco-friendly Gift Guide, hopefully, some of the amazing businesses in them are launched into the main stage to change our perception of what is mainstream. With a voice and a platform to be noticed, we can literally change the world!

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Petria Field

Petria is the founder of Coco Rose Interiors and her goal is to inspire people to live their life in a more natural and eco-friendly way. She does this by sourcing sustainable furniture and decor and also building community awareness by creating Eco-friendly and Ethical gift guides.

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