How to Drive Sustainable Business Growth

Eco-friendly practices in business to align with a larger mission

Since many companies are using mission-driven practices to drive sustainable business growth, we have learnt that these corporations thrive with the sum of eco-friendly initiatives. Here is a practical summary to make it happen.

Ensuring your business is environmentally friendly requires you to plan carefully, and it takes commitment to your goals. Becoming more eco-friendly is not something that will happen overnight. However, the rewards can be worth it because many customers are looking for businesses that implement environmentally friendly practices. 

There are several things you should know about making sure your company is more appealing to those looking to be more sustainable. These are things you can implement over time as your organization grows.

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Hire People Committed to Your Goals

Your business can only do as well as your weakest employee. Make sure you hire people who understand your overall mission when it comes to sustainability. This should apply to every employee you hire, no matter how much or little responsibility they have. 

Everyone should be on board with your initiatives. They should be willing to comply with all your requirements. You could also consider hiring someone to head up a sustainability department at your organization. Depending on how large your company is, you may hire one person or a team of individuals. 

No matter who you hire, they should be able to take charge of your company’s mission and make sure everyone contributes properly. They can enforce compliance with your standards. If your company is small enough, you may even consider taking on this role yourself. 

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There are several ways to prepare for this type of work, including getting your degree in a related field, like environmental science and sustainability. If you are thinking about taking some classes, you can find scholarships online. Using Going Merry scholarships tools let you find everything you need in one place.

Apply for Rewards in Your Industry

Applying for awards in the area of eco-friendly business growth can help you build your reputation as a company that cares about the environment. You can be exposed to a larger audience, which will help you attract more customers who care about what you are doing. Plus, getting awards can give you the needed support to run your company. When you receive an award in this area, you can show your passion for this area.

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Consider Getting Certified

Getting certifications can show that you are committed to your goals, and it allows you to gain more insight into the responsibility that comes with sustainable business practices. Getting certified can also make your company more appealing to environmentally-conscious clients. 

There are many certifications out there, so take some time to do your research. Which certifications does your competition have? You’ll also want to weigh this with the ones customers are most likely to find important.

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Work with Sustainable Suppliers

The companies you do business with matters because it impacts how sustainably sourced your products are. When you are looking for one and learning how to know if a brand is sustainable or not make sure you see how they source their raw materials. You’ll also want to investigate the way they track emissions, whether they use clean energy, and how they manage waste and recycling.

Another thing to look for is certifications or credentials. If a manufacturer has these certifications and credentials, they are more likely to be committed to sustainability. If you are not sure where to start looking for a company to work with, consider attending trade shows. 

There are also online tools that will help you source and find the best partners for you. You can work with current suppliers as well. They may be willing to implement more sustainable practices if it means keeping some of their long-term customers.

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Build on Your Goals

One of the most important parts of building an eco friendly business is your goals behind it. While being sustainable can help you appeal to new people, it should not be your biggest goal. Make sure you understand why you are pursuing this goal. 

When you understand why you do what you do, your initiatives will come from a more meaningful place. Customers can tell if a company’s motives are genuine or not.

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Reduce Your Use of Paper

Consider switching from paper to online billing. This allows everyone to win because it can reduce waste. Going paperless means you will have more storage space on the premises. Instead of sending paper receipts, consider sending the customer an electronic one. Of course, it may be impossible to completely eliminate your use of paper. You may need paper for note taking or some information printed out. 

For the paper you do use, consider finding recycled paper that has been responsibly sourced. If you can go with a local vendor, that is even better because then you will know it did not travel a long distance to get to you. When you have finished using the paper, make sure you recycle it. Place clearly labeled recycle bins around the office so it is easy for your employees to do the same thing.

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