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Harmonising humanity with this collection of handcrafted women’s hemp clothing

Arraei Collective | Leading conscious innovation with natural and organic Hemp textiles

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Arraei Collective is to be a leader of conscious innovation, creating awareness and encouraging change. Empowering people to effect a massive positive global impact. With hemp, a material that, as unknown as it is, could be one of the most sustainable in the world. Arraei presents its first chic capsule collection of handcrafted women’s hemp clothing made in Canada under fair-trade principles with natural and organic hemp textiles.

This brand is not just a collection of handcrafted women’s hemp clothing but a platform where hemp will be the leader. You will soon discover all the benefits of hemp, as well as the beautiful story behind Arraei.

“Arraei will be my voice, our voice, and it will speak the truth. It will facilitate the union of responsible thought with action, by providing a way for us to connect with ethically and sustainably made products that uplift humanity, and allow us to take action to effect positive change on our planet.”

It all started when Natalie, founder and designer of Arraei Collective, went on a trip to India. She spent most of the time travelling by bus; as she says “Big Buses. Big Thoughts.” It had been a while since she had the tremendous desire to effect positive change.

handcrafted women's hemp clothing arraei collective ethical fashion sustainable
Photographer: David Karnezos photography | | Instagram: @davidjackbarry

“Our planet, its inhabitants and the delicate balance in which we all exist have been so strongly revealed to me that it has provoked an overwhelming feeling of responsibility. I now go on this quest, to quietly shake the world. I want to be a human of action.”

Natalie had always longed for effecting positive change, but this time in India helped her make sense of HOW to do that, and everything fell into place.

Hemp marvel: the vehicle for change

She then discovered Hemp. As we already had the opportunity to find out more about hemp with the brand Mandala Dream Co., it is a plant with endless properties. Same, at Arraei collective hemp is the vehicle for change. For a more sustainable future; to sustainably innovate and consciously influence. To change peoples lives, to create this ripple effect of positive change.

The reason why Natalie’s hope is in hemp is that of its unlimited sustainable properties. A plant with a great potential due to its high yield, fast growth and minimum water consumption. Hemp does not require the use of pesticides or fertilisers as it is resistant to insects and disease. On the top of that, the plant is a soil nourisher, a fact that makes hemp even more sustainable.

hemp plant clothing arraei collective ethical fashion sustainable

When it comes to hemp used as fabric, it is extremely durable and breathable. When cold, hemp clothes can act as an insulator; and when it’s warm, it helps the body maintain a cool temperature. Even more interesting, hemp is UV resistant and hypoallergenic. Last but not least, the more you wear and wash it, the more comfortable it is.

The chic capsule collection of handcrafted women’s hemp clothing

One of the big features of Arraei clothing is the use of high-quality hemp as the main textile, combined with silk and organic cotton in few of the garments. This translates into timeless pieces, with a natural look.

handcrafted women's hemp clothing arraei collective ethical fashion sustainable
Photographer: David Karnezos photography | | Instagram: @davidjackbarry

Between the Arraei collection, you will find the Twa Trench, using as only fabric hemp oatmeal canvas. It is designed for all occasions, from exploring our natural world to roaming the urban jungle. Minimal and chic, made to last a lifetime.

Then, the Dawn Dress, a combination of Hemp and Cotton denim contras fabric. It was born with the rising sun. Classy and elegant meets an outdoor summers day. Free and formless designed for fun.

handcrafted women's hemp clothing arraei collective ethical fashion sustainable
Photographer: David Karnezos photography | | Instagram: @davidjackbarry

The Cai Camisole, a combination of hemp, silk and organic cotton; and finally the Wae Wrap skirt, combining linen and viscose – which represents a celebration of other beautiful natural fibres.

“Hemp is our future. And we are as loyal to hemp as we can be, but due to limited availability of quality certified eco-hemp, I chose this linen to complete the collection to uphold our ethical and sustainable standards. Currently, we have sourced a much bigger range of hemp, and have a whole lot of new fabrics to play with for next season. The future of Arraei will be 100% hemp-based (from paper & packaging to garments), and since our world is changing this could be possible sooner than we think.”

handcrafted women's hemp clothing arraei collective ethical fashion sustainable

Furthermore, the materials are biodegradable and organic; there are two worldwide certifications the brand has earned:

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, an independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.

Also, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

handcrafted women's hemp clothing arraei collective ethical fashion sustainable

If you feel aligned with this philosophy and hemp as a material, we recommend you to stay in touch and visit Arraei Collective’s website. The brand plans to expand and collaborate with all kinds of artists, designers and creatives.

If you want these beautiful handcrafted women’s hemp clothing now, here you will get free shipping code to USA and Canada!

“We aim to create a community within Arraei that facilitates innovation within the realms of ethical and sustainable living.”

handcrafted women's hemp clothing arraei collective ethical fashion sustainable
Photographer: | Instagram: @davidjackbarry

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