FUNDAMENTALS: A sustainable fashion brand for men in the heart England

An up and coming sustainable fashion brand for men. We caught up with founder Sim, who told us what motivated him to start this wonderful project.

We all know how expensive clothes shopping can be. You can end up spending ridiculous amounts and not even realise! So, wouldn’t it be great if we all knew about a sustainable fashion brand that is not only eco-friendly but is available at an affordable price?

Sim, the founder of Fundamentals, said: ‘I used to go and buy £80 t-shirts and they would be good quality, made sustainably however they were £80. So, I wanted to do all the hard work and make this sort of quality available at a better price’.

sustainable fashion brand for men uk london

Fundamentals has recently gained an ethical accreditation. Every item of clothing is made using sustainable cotton from reliable GOTS sources (Global Organic Textile Standard). No idea what that means? It is a worldwide recognition that means everything from harvesting raw materials to the labelling of the garments has to be done ethicallyit’s a big reassurance to consumers!

Although it is male clothing, Fundamentals are soon wanting to offer a wonderful selection of sustainable homeware too! Sim continues: ‘In the new year we are launching new products based on a peaceful home. The products will carry the same sustainable qualities of the clothing, and we’ll be trialling these in the new year’.

Rest assured guys, even the packaging doesn’t contain plastic, maintaining a high level of sustainability.

It’s great that we now have access to sustainable fashion brands like Fundamentals. They even outlay part of their profits to sponsor children in India through the charity ‘My Name Is Kumar’.

Fundamentals began in November 2016. It’s definitely a brand to watch out for!


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