#GoalsForChange A showcase of social and environmental business action

Small business that commit to the Sustainable Development Goals

Small businesses are ready to lead the change while committing to the Sustainable Development Goals. For a month, a group of changemakers have come together to showcase how social and environmental business action looks like. It’s easy to join the #GoalsForChange campaign and pledge for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Are you in?

Small business owners are renewing their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals this July, through a social media campaign designed to inspire others to learn about the SDGs and make a positive impact in their home, work and businesses. 

#GoalsForChange is a collaborative project between members of the Ethical Hour community – an online support network that helps purpose-driven business owners learn how to make more income and impact through ethical marketing.

Community member Claire Lyons, Founder of The Frugal Family – a website that promotes ethical living for families on a budget – was inspired to start the campaign when she was looking for ways to make more impact:

“Initially I found the Sustainable Development Goals overwhelming. I wasn’t sure how I could make a difference to global poverty or hunger, but once I started looking into them and talking to other small business owners, I realised that as individuals and consumers, we do have more power and impact than we think.” says Claire.

“A lot of people are struggling with eco-anxiety and overwhelm at the moment – I wanted to create something that would inspire people and encourage them to take action.”

Throughout July, business owners will be sharing their insights, impact and practical tips across social media to show people how they can get involved in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Claire will also be interviewing business owners for The Frugal Family’s YouTube channel. The campaign launched on 1st July with an interview with Ethical Hour Founder Sian Conway, an ethical marketing strategist who works with SDG-aligned brands.

Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action

Sian has co-authored a book about the Sustainable Development Goals as part of the B1G1 network, which will be released later this month. “Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action” showcases how business owners around the world are making an impact for each of the 17 goals, and includes practical tips to inspire others to get involved.

“The Sustainable Development Goals provide us with a practical roadmap to solve the global problems we’re facing and create a better world. We could be the first generation to end hunger and poverty. The generation which saves the planet from climate change. It’s really inspiring, and we all have a role to play.” says Sian.

“Your legacy isn’t just something you leave behind. You can live a legacy by creating positive change in the world. The Sustainable Development Goals show us how. That’s what the book is about and that’s why the #GoalsForChange campaign is so important – we need to inspire as many people as possible to get involved and do what they can!”

#GoalsForChange sustainable development goals

In the first week of the campaign, business owners have showcased their impact to reduce poverty, tackle global hunger, promote good health and wellbeing and build a world where everyone has access to quality education.

Alongside The Frugal Family and Ethical Hour, participants in the campaign include sustainable coffee brand Coromandel Coast, Fair Trade homeware brand Boho Homes, newly founded vegan pet supply company Lamina Animal, Ethical Business Buddy Jo Salter and ethical marketer Jessica Lohmann from Ethical Brand Marketing.

Ethical Hour has celebrated the campaign by providing 31 days of education to disadvantaged children in India, through their partnership with B1G1.

Business owners can get involved and share their impact for the Sustainable Development Goals on their social media channel of choice throughout July, using the hashtag #GoalsForChange.

Legacy will launch on 23rd July 2019 with a panel discussion about how businesses can support the Sustainable Development Goals. Book a free ticket here.

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