Finally! A brand that serves water in a biodegradable plastic-free packaging

Pure water. Simply packaged in an eco-friendly, recyclable carton.

Exciting times. We are just one small step towards a more sustainable future. With brands such as Carton & Co Water plastic bottled water may one day be not an option. Cartons are a natural choice for water. Carton & Co Water is lighter on the planet. A biodegradable plastic-free packaging water alternative.

save the oceans with a biodegradable plastic-free packaging

Australia is a country surrounded by water and nature. The founder, born in this beautiful country, realised how much the natural environment had changed over our lifetimes due to pollution and the amount of plastic in the oceans. It became increasingly important to her to do a bit to reverse this trend.

It would be idealistic to imagine a world where no one needs to buy packaged water. In our busy lives keeping our take away bottle always full of fresh water can be complicated. And while water is the most important daily essential for our bodies to function, at some point, there’s no other alternative but buying a water plastic bottle from the supermarket.


Because the reality is that there are not many alternatives for water packaging but PLASTIC.

Carton & Co water is trying to stir up this idea, with a cardboard box that is entirely recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Basically, because there’s no such as hidden plastic layer between the cardboard – such as the ones you can find in the so-called “recyclable coffee cups”. It’s also BPA-free, avoiding that horrible component that pollutes our bodies (some researchers say that it was found on up to 93% people tested).

save the oceans with a biodegradable plastic-free packaging

As part of the commitment to give back to our environment, the water is sourced in the very same Australia. Which means that the carton packaging comes flat packed from Europe; so less room for transport and producing way fewer carbon emissions than those who import fully bottled water from overseas. Totally unnecessary!

Where does the water come from?

Pure from Perth. Carton & Co water takes out the fluoride, salts and iron. Triple filters of carbon, reverse osmosis and UV to give you the most lighter, better tasting water. And because the packaging is a carton, it will also stay cooler than it does in plastic bottles.  

If you live here in Australia or New Zealand and can’t wait to go sustainable, order online (link). But if you rather have your local cafe and retailer distributing a more eco-friendly option, a truly biodegradable plastic-free packaging, suggest them to contact these amazing guys directly! They will be delighted to stock-up the local outlets this summer so you can give the carton a try!

Want to learn about more alternatives to plastic bottled water? Or just into home filtered water options?

Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below and we will make it happen!

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