7 Eco-Friendly Luggage Brands for Sustainable Travel

Pack for the planet: stunning eco-conscious & ethical suitcase collections

Who doesn’t love to travel? One of the best ways to ensure you’re considering your footprint is by opting for eco-friendly luggage brands committed to ethical practices. 

In this eco-friendly luggage guide we showcase sustainable suitcase collections in a variety of colours, styles, colors, and sizes. These brands are committed to fair trade practices and reducing the environmental impact. Most importantly, these eco-conscious luggages are made to last, with high quality, so that you can travel with them for years to come.

By choosing products thoughtfully created to reduce the environmental impact and ethically made under fair trade standards, you can not only make a difference but also have an eco-friendly luggage that’s going to last a lifetime!

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So let’s explore in the most stunning collection of sustainable suitcase brands:

1. Patagonia

Patagonia is a brand most people have likely heard of. It’s a company known for making outdoor clothing, but its bags are also notable. They’re 100% recyclable, from their body fabric to their linings. They’re also perfect for any sort of long-term or short-term travel.

One great thing about this company is it guarantees a product will last. It also offers repairs to keep your Patagonia items good as new.  When brands have a strong impact on people, they can influence their consumers. Patagonia — being a commonly-known brand — has influence over its audience. By supporting Patagonia, you help them in their mission to make environmentally friendly bags and materials the norm.

Price Range: $100+ for larger bags

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7 Eco-Friendly Luggage Brands for Sustainable Travel
Brand photo: Patagonia

2. Nisolo

Nisolo’s website features a handmade leather bag and other sustainable leather goods. The company partners with Peruvian artists to create products that are pure luxury. The weekender totes have enough space for every item you need, while falling within the weight limits for your flight.

The best part about this brand might be that every item you buy is a climate-neutral purchase. Every item ships with a sustainability facts label that details the company’s environmental impact and ethical working conditions.

Price Range: $150+

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7 Eco-Friendly Luggage Brands for Sustainable Travel
Brand photo: Nisolo

3. Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek features sleek luggage for someone who wants a professional look and to give back to the environment. The brand has been around for over 40 years, so it knows the ins and outs of travel pretty well. Its items are made with recycled materials and it also offers in-house repair to keep your bags fit for all sorts of adventures. It’ll protect your luggage from any kind of functionality damage so you can travel with peace of mind.

Price Range: $200+ for luggage and $30–$220 for packs

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7 Eco-Friendly Luggage Brands for Sustainable Travel
Brand photo: Eagle Creek

4. Paravel

Bag manufacturing is inherently bad for the environment, as the process typically releases harmful materials into oceans, harming human, animal and plant health. Paravel understands this fact well and it makes its products in a unique way. The company recycled five million plastic water bottles into negative nylon, which is then used to make its packing cubes and backpack. You’ll also find this negative nylon as the interior of the Aviator suitcase. It has many designs and color schemes, so you’ll find something that fits your aesthetic.

Price Range: $500+ for luggage travel sets

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7 Eco-Friendly Luggage Brands for Sustainable Travel
Brand photo: Paravel

5. Solgaard

Having things neat and organized can put you in a more positive mindset, while clutter can do just the opposite. Solgaard clearly stands by this policy, too. Its carry-on closet product is an organizer’s new best friend — these suitcases have built-in shelves to help you sort your items easily and plan your outfits ahead of time. Even better, every item sold leads to 5 lbs of plastic waste removed from the ocean, so you can support aquatic ecosystems in style.

Price Range: $295 for a bestselling carry-on closet in large

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7 Eco-Friendly Luggage Brands for Sustainable Travel
Brand photo: Solgaard

6. Uashmama 

Uashmama is a family-owned Italian brand whose founder Marco Marconi also has a sustainable footwear line. They specialize in lightweight weekender bags made from a washable paper called AGGO. It works like a textile and has a fun, luxurious aesthetic. These bags have enough space to pack all your carry-on essentials for a safe flight, like sanitizing wipes to protect you from illnesses and chargers to keep your devices powered through the flight.

Price Range: $199+ for weekender bags

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7 Eco-Friendly Luggage Brands for Sustainable Travel
Brand photo: Uashmama

7. Samsonite

Many companies are taking the initiative to become eco-friendly, as the world needs their efforts  to survive and host many different species. Samsonite is a perfect example of a company that features regular and eco-friendly products. Its sustainable collection is made from recycled materials and built to last, so you likely won’t have any issues traveling from Point A to Point B.

Price Range: $200+ for luggage and $180+ for packs

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7 Eco-Friendly Luggage Brands for Sustainable Travel
Brand photo: Samsonite

Change the World, One Trip at a Time

You’re making a difference by purchasing from brands that care about the world. When your money goes to a business that cares for the environment and works toward sustainability, you can feel good about acquiring new items and mitigating your carbon footprint as best as possible. 

While you can’t completely negate the environmental effects of travel, you can make better choices about where you go and shop from brands that support the environment. That way, you’ll make a difference while enjoying your time abroad.

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