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Have you ever booked a holiday to see the magnificent nature and animals living on our planet? Wildlife tourism has become a popular thing to do among travellers. Sadly, mass tourism is damaging and unsustainable. But here we present the most sustainable travel platform!

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries, causing a huge global impact. While for many countries tourism provides employment and wealth, the use of finite resources would be the origin of an adverse impact on the environment.

Another fact is that the wealth distribution can be very unfair: over 80% of the money travellers pay for an all-inclusive package holiday goes to airlines, tour operators, and other international companies, rather than to local workers and businesses, leaving the in-country staff wages extremely low.

Sometimes travellers try their very best to find experiences that are fair and respect the sustainability of the environment. But every time more we find that ecotourism is camouflaged by tour companies that do greenwash, and this is why this is one of the biggest challenges that ecotourism faces today.

Ecocompanion is a platform that has started to solve these problems just by showcasing eco-friendly trips that will sustain local communities, natural habitats, and wildlife.

But how can they possibly rate all the trips available around the globe?

Ecocompanion has created an innovative tool called the World Rating System that evaluates the sustainability standards for each trip with the initial information provided by the company, under five ecotourism pillars: socio-cultural, economic and environmental sustainability, conservation impact and education.

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But the final, and most important rating are set once the traveller verifies the experience as truly sustainable. This way, Ecocompanion harness the power of to the worldly, progressive and knowledgeable community of travellers, to create their eco-army.

Ecocompanion believes that ecotourism has the potential to transform the modern-day travel industry: to stimulate economic growth, protect natural resources and local people, and educate a community of globally conscious travellers along the way.

Sames as us, here at Ourgoodbrands we believe that travellers through their individual decisions can collectively protect the local people and environments, rewarding them fairly for their valuable contribution.

Travel. Make the footprints in your heart but not on the Earth.

Watch this video if you’d like to discover how easy it is to book your next eco-tour.

Protect the natural world simply by booking your next holidays!

All the trips at your fingertips.


Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below and we will make it happen!

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