Eco-friendly junk removal methods for smarter cities

Benefits and techniques for sustainable waste management to benefit the health and the planet

As the world is drowning in the ocean of junk, some cities are coming up with some creative and eco-friendly junk removal methods. Improper dumping and waste management come with incredibly harmful effects for the planet. Here some facts and benefits of smart waste management in cities.

Most people are shocked to learn that the world produces 1.3 billion tons of waste every day. Contributing to those numbers is a staggering 57 million single-use plastic straws produced by Canadians. Surprisingly, this nation is the biggest producers of waste per capita in the world. Improper removal of junk releases toxic gasses and chemicals into the air. Landfill sites produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that have led to climate change. 

Improper waste management has many harmful effects on the planet, including polluted air, land and water. As well landfills also affect our health from the skin and respiratory issues to congenital disabilities and cancer. 

It’s time we commit to healthier waste disposal including:

  • Recycling
  • Reusing
  • Composting
  • Donating instead of tossing
  • Using sustainable energy methods
  • Using 100% recyclable cans instead of plastics
Countries around the world are finding new ways to manage waste 👉Indonesia: Trading trash for healthcare 👉Sweden: Converting garbage into useable energy 👉Uganda: An amusement park made of rubbish 👉Hong Kong: A former landfill being… Click To Tweet

eco friendly junk removal

With 85% of the world’s recyclable solid waste remaining unrecycled, we can each make an effort to stop contributing to landfills. In fact, around the world, countries are finding new ways to manage waste, such as: 

  • Indonesia: Trading trash for healthcare 
  • Sweden: Converting garbage into useable energy
  • Uganda: An amusement park made of rubbish
  • Hong Kong: A former landfill being turned into a park

One year. 4,490 plastic items. A bold experiment uncovering the recycling smokescreen

Don’t underestimate the benefits of eco-friendly junk removal. You can help save 250,000,000 trees each year by simply recycling your newspaper. Eco-friendly junk removal also helps reduce air pollution and environmental toxins, which means the air is clean, and our environment becomes safer for food production. Waste is reduced, which in turn can reduce the size and need for landfill sites. This can eventually provide more valuable land that can be used for more productive purposes. 

eco friendly junk removal
Infographic Source

A quick look at our infographic illustrates the importance of proper waste disposal. When each of us does our part to remove junk in an eco-friendly manner, we help fight climate change.

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