Why Charging Electric Cars Is Easier Than You Think

Guidelines to charge your electric vehicle at home or charging stations

With the increase of electricity’s price, there are some increased concerns on how to address charging electric cars easily. Here’s what you need to know about it!

Electric cars are a feat of magnificence. They are set to change the auto industry for the better and ensure everyone gets around safer and cleaner.

Still, despite the extraordinary accomplishment that is the electric car, there can be some pessimism around having one. The criticism is largely focused on their charging, with some claiming there’s snail-like progress over installing charge points nationwide.

In response, the expansion of charging infrastructure has become a priority. ACP commercial EV charging stations, along with those from ChargePoint or Tesla, are helping to drive this development as these companies are not only increasing the number of stations but also improving their accessibility in both urban centers and remote areas. This concerted effort is making it increasingly convenient for electric vehicle owners to find reliable charging options, easing concerns about their practicality. This progress is important for the continued adoption and enjoyment of electric vehicles, ensuring that the future of transportation is both sustainable and user-friendly.

There’s rightly an adjustment period for accommodating electric cars on the road, and a few growing pains were inevitable. However, the credibility of these comments becomes lesser with every passing day. Here’s why.

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Charge Time Varies for Electric Cars

Critiques of new technology can sometimes be blown out of proportion. Such is true for electric vehicles, with the worst critics exaggerating charge times.

Start with knowing how to charge an electric car in the most optimum way possible with guidance from ElectriX. After all, they acknowledge that the time it takes can depend on where you are, the type of charge point utilised, as well as the model and age of the vehicle. 

Why Charging Electric Cars Is Easier Than You Think
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They explain standard and rapid charging processes and what to expect with the units of electricity. Moreover, ElectriX notes that the charge can slow at 80%, which is why many people don’t wait to reach 100%. You could save yourself some time by finishing up early.

Of course, things can seem slower if you don’t know why things are taking a long time. If you’re reliably informed about standard charge points, you can then better adjust your expectations and plan your schedule around the charge accordingly. Otherwise, you can utilise a rapid charge point and charge your electric vehicle to 80% in minutes.

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Law Changes on Electric Car Charge Points

The law is changing to rapidly accelerate the availability of charge points. When these measures come to fruition, the conditions for charging electric vehicles will improve.

From June, most new homes and buildings in England are required to install charge stations, and new developments with associated parking require the same measures too. All of this will fast-track access for drivers of electric cars and, hopefully, hasten the change that’s already occurring in the auto industry.

Of course, there’s always the argument that these changes could have come sooner. Moreover, it may be a while before the charge points are widely available, as the construction of buildings can take time. Still, regulations are now in place, and charging electric cars is no longer an afterthought but a priority.

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Home Updates for your Electric Vehicle

While charge points are being added to new builds, it doesn’t mean you can’t install your own today. It’s recommended that you do, too, so that you can leave your vehicle charging overnight.

Dedicated companies like ElectriX can help you get a smart home charger. Also, landlords can apply for grants that can cover up to 75% of the installation cost, so it may be worth bringing these opportunities to their attention if you’re a tenant. After all, homes with charge points will sell for a higher price, so there are plenty of incentives to include them.

Charge points for electric cars are no longer a costly, seldom-seen luxury. They’re becoming more commonplace, with flexible usage and pricing options. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for an electric car.

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