How sustainable are electric cars? 9 reasons why you should think about buying one

Are you ready to see more electric cars on the road? With the release of new and amazing electric car models each year, their popularity is bound to increase. Though electric cars are certainly amazing, they are also very sustainable. There are clearly many factors which make electric cars sustainable and admirable.

Not only are electric cars sustainable and admirable, but they are also trendy and downright wonderful.

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1. They are more cost-effective

Who doesn’t want to save money? Electric cars are more financially attractive in the long-term. Initially, they might seem more expensive, but they are more economical due to lower running costs. With electric cars, petrol costs can be evaded. Moreover, their overall energy consumption is lower than that of a conventional car. All these factors add up to make electric cars a more cost-effective purchase.

These electric cars also have fewer moving parts than their conventional counterparts. The fewer the parts that move, the lesser the need for the car to get repaired. Not only do electric cars have lower running costs, but they also require lesser repairs over a lifetime. Economically speaking, electric cars are a great choice.

2. You get incentives from the government

Governments across the world have encouraged and appreciated the use of electric cars. Purchase subsidies, charging stations and exemptions from various vehicles fees make electric cars more price competitive. Countries like China, South Korea, India, and Germany have offered various sorts of incentives to encourage consumers to consider electric cars.

Since governments are encouraging their citizens to buy electric cars, it is clear that electric cars are here to stay. This much is clear. With time, more and more countries will offer incentives to encourage the use of such cars. If you’re interested in taking advantage of these government incentives, getting an electric car is the right option for you.


3. No need to get fuel

Freedom is great. With electric cars, car owners don’t need to worry about long lines at the fuel station. Not only does this lack of needing fuel translate into lower costs, but it also translates into more leisure time. The lesser the demands over your time, the better. Isn’t it?

Since fossil fuels are bound to run out someday, electric cars just might be the right answer for the future. The more we prefer electric cars, the better options there will be available in the future.

4. They produce lower lifecycle emissions

A study has shown that electric cars emit 50% fewer greenhouse gases than their conventional counterparts. Moreover, electric cars are known to produce a quarter fewer emissions than diesel in countries like Poland. These cars are just the right tool we need to tackle emissions.

Who wouldn’t want to reduce the level of air pollution in the world? With an electric car, you can play your role in this regard.

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5. Electric cars are better for the environment

Electric cars play their part in reducing air pollution and fighting climate change. This unique position of electric cars is further strengthened by how they are produced. There is a trend of using more eco-friendly measures and materials to produce them.  Not only do they function more effectively, but they are also produced in a way that is eco-friendlier.

6. They are better for the air we breathe

It is our responsibility as the citizens of this world to make more ethical decisions. With an electric car, we can play our part in making this world more environmentally friendly. With reduced local air pollution, we will get exposed to cleaner air around us. This priceless advantage that electric cars offer is great for our health.

Buying an electric car is a great way to invest in a healthier environment. A good decision today can translate into a healthier tomorrow for our generation and the generations to come.

7. Charging them is more convenient

Instead of heading over to the nearest petrol station, one can charge their electric cars at home. This clearly makes them a more convenient option. Moreover, governments are considering establishing more and more charging stations across the country. The number of charging stations is bound to increase.

sustainable electric car vehicle eco-friendly charge home

8. They are great at tackling noise pollution

Electric cars drive beautifully. They can glide wonderfully without being a nuisance to ears. The electric motors in a car do not produce a noise like the traditional car engines. Though the impact of loud sounds has often been overlooked, tackling noise pollution is important.

With electric cars, we can expect a healthier environment that isn’t full of unnecessary noise.  A day when traffic is soundless might just be across the corner.

9. They are a safer mean to transport

The serene electric cars are also safer to use. They are known to have a lower centre of gravity which makes them less likely to roll over. This means that electric cars can improve the level of safety individuals are exposed to in vehicles.

With such an array of benefits offered by electric cars and their improved safety, electric cars should be preferred more.


Regardless of the higher initial outlay, electric cars have proven to be a more sustainable and economical option. In terms of being more environmentally friendly and more financially attractive, it is clear that you should buy an electric car. Moreover, it is just a matter of time before all conventional cars will be replaced by electric cars.

Are you already using an electric car or thinking of getting one? Share your experience with us on the comments below!

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