4 tips on how to extend the battery life of your electric car

Boost the range of your electric vehicle

The biggest block for people acquiring an EV is the electricity reserves. However, with battery technology improving over time electric cars can travel further on a single charge than ever before. Now here are some good tips on how to extend its range.

Many people that are looking into buying an electric vehicle, or already have one suffer from a syndrome called range anxiety. This is because many vehicles have a limited amount of mileage they can do between charges. Since charging a vehicle takes a lot longer than simply filling a gas tank, it can really affect how you drive. 

The reality is that most people needn’t worry about the limit as they are very unlikely to exceed it during their normal daily driving routine. There are times when it can be an issue, however. In times when you have a lot of driving ahead of you, it pays to have some range extending tricks up your sleeve. 

4 tips on how to extend the battery life of your electric car

In this article, we will go over several ways that you can extend your range limit to get to where you need to go. 

1. Be careful with heat and A/C in your electric vehicle

Everything that you use in your car is going to pull power from the batteries. Heating and air conditioning are the two biggest draws and can severely impact your range. 

Remember that your listed range for the car is only for the best-case scenario. There are many things that are going to lower the range. Make sure to keep your windows open when it’s hot and only run the air conditioning when absolutely necessary. As far as heating goes, you can add layers to what you’re wearing to stay warm. 

If you do have to run them, then look for electric car charging points UK located where you need to stop so you can charge up a bit on the road. 

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2. Check the tire pressure of your electric car

Read up on the owner’s manual for your car make and model for what the proper tire pressure is supposed to be. Then, once a month check them using a tire pressure gauge. 

If your tires are low on air, then there is more friction on the road which causes the engine to work harder to get up to speed. Keeping them at the correct pressure will take some of the work away from the engine and give you better mileage. 

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3. Drive smoothly your electric vehicle

Your driving habits contribute to how much your range will be. If you are accelerating quickly and braking hard, then this is going to use more of the battery than you realize. Likewise, if you are always driving over the speed limit. 

Make sure to accelerate at a normal speed when driving from a stop like at a light or stop sign. Then, brake gently as you approach a stop. It takes anticipating when you need to brake and also giving the cars ahead of you some space. 

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4. Don’t overload your electric car

Make sure that your boot is empty when driving so as to avoid adding extra pounds that can slow your car down. When you get your cargo to its destination, unload everything that doesn’t need to be there and you will see your mileage return to normal.

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